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  1. Hello, I've recently acquired the UCR-ST-B8 router from Unitronics. The set-up was easy but it won't communicate with other devices. My goal is that the router is connected to a PLC through a direct ethernet cable and that the PLC can read the status of the router, effectivly making the router a slave of the PLC. I also want to recieve SMS messages on the router and the PLC to read those messages. *Note I did change the IP from to With a cable in LAN 1 of the router and the other end in a laptop we can connect to the webUI. Here (Services-->Modbus) I've configured the router as a modbusTCP slave and did save the settings. After this I close the webUI and connect to the router using QModMaster (https://sourceforge.net/projects/qmodmaster/). With this program I should be able to read the registers of the router. (I know this works as I've used it before) But when I try to read the registers it doesn't get a return signal. After this I've tried it using a PLC. But I am not really familliar with the Unilogic enviroment so I'm having a bit of trouble setting it up. As stated earlyer I want to read the data from the router and recieve SMS messages from the router and read those using the PLC. Would I need to setup the router as a router or as a modem in the Unilogic enviroment? Further if I set it up as a router would I need to take extra steps to read out the UCR-ST-B8 or should I be able to read all the data immediately? So the questions I have are: How do I read out the router? What settings need to be configured. Is it possible to read the data using a PLC? I'm using a USC-B5-T24 and how would I do that. Should I use ModbusTCP or Modbus RTU rs485?
  2. My less than graceful great dane got his foot caught up with my communication cable to my UniStream. Needless to say he pulled the cable out of the controller along with the jack that the cable plugs into so the USB device connection is screwed. I'm trying to connect to the UniStream with an Ethernet cable and am having no luck. I plug an Ethernet cable into my laptop and into UniStream and port lights do light up. I went into UniApps to obtain the IP address to enter into PLC-PC communications to connect using Ethernet and I am having no luck. What am I missing? Also, is it possible to send the panel back for repair of the USB device jack? This panel is brand new, I didn't even pull the plastic of the screen yet
  3. Hi I am using Jazz JZ20-R31 and MJ20-ET1 I need information on how to implement the communication between PLC and PC over a local network ethernet. Can anyone show a program example, and command structure (ho to read memory integers, inputs or MB) to be send from PC to PLC. How can I use, for example, Ethernet Configuration in the Project Navigation in the U90Ladder Thanks Unnsteinn
  4. Hello World, please does anyone have an experience with sending files from Vision to a FTP server? Our client asked for that function. I downloaded the FTP client example to my V700 but I am not able to send data. I am testing the communication with local FileZilla server. Login of user works properly. Switch to PASSV works, too. The last command is STOR, FileZilla responds correctly. Nevertheless, when Vision starts sending data (function block TCP_RAW SEND), server did not recognize data as a stream but rather as an unsupported command. At the end, the file with proper name appears on the server but without any content (zero length of file). What am I doing wrong? ======= FIleZilla output: (000029)14.8.2020 13:29:34 - (not logged in) (> USER shcontrol (000029)14.8.2020 13:29:34 - (not logged in) (> 331 Password required for shcontrol (000029)14.8.2020 13:29:35 - (not logged in) (> PASS ******** (000029)14.8.2020 13:29:35 - shcontrol (> 230 Logged on (000029)14.8.2020 13:29:37 - shcontrol (> PASV (000029)14.8.2020 13:29:37 - shcontrol (> 227 Entering Passive Mode (10,100,0,111,252,170) (000029)14.8.2020 13:29:37 - shcontrol (> STOR TEST.CSV (000029)14.8.2020 13:29:37 - shcontrol (> 150 Opening data channel for file upload to server of "/TEST.CSV" (000029)14.8.2020 13:29:37 - shcontrol (> 2020.08.12 15:54;79.812;76.457 (000029)14.8.2020 13:29:37 - shcontrol (> 500 Syntax error, command unrecognized. (000029)14.8.2020 13:29:37 - shcontrol (> 226 Successfully transferred "/TEST.CSV" ======== (I do not append source code because it is just slightly modified example V700_FTP_client.vlp from VisiLogic Help menu). Thank you, Michal
  5. Has any one ever set up a UniStream to communicate with an Ethernet/IP IO-Link Master block? or accomplish what is described below. I can communicate with the block and configure the block itself, however I am unable to set parameters in IO-Link devices connected to the block using an explicit message. I need to send a message with the following: CIP Service: 0x32 CIP Class ID: 0x96 CIP Instance ID: 1 Attribute 0x03 (read) 0x02(write) Service Data 0x41 (Index I want to read/Write) followed by the data I want to write if I'm doing that operation Rockwell has a message composer that allows you to set all this up, I don't see it available in the UniStream nor have I found a way to do it as the Get Single and Get All are 0x0E and 0x01 service codes, which looks like: Soure Elemenets are data I'm sending (Index to be read or write+data to write) Destination is where the data I'm reading gets put. Here are the messages using an ODVA tool Read Write Links to Balluff documentation and their technotes(which are all AB related and all their tech support could provide) Balluff Ethernet/IP Master Block BNI006A https://htmsensors-my.sharepoint.com/:b:/p/cameronm/EVAORRXz3UFIop2JuGVA_IEBmGORnCL_G8tLOIrm60Tp7w?e=VRd0vH Balluff IO Link Module BNI007R https://htmsensors-my.sharepoint.com/:b:/p/cameronm/EYJtc4q22K1Ai4TSbhiR2qwB_EWZ6cms43TnJ0y_e0eiMw?e=OcrPz4 Balluff Technote https://htmsensors-my.sharepoint.com/:b:/p/cameronm/EYhgfHdOL1hIk3Z1r8poKDoBLp1NROuyrQZbASe--i5ESw?e=QhVkIh
  6. Dear Sir Any Softwere available for accessing SD Card via Ethernet cable in Unistream PLC withouting FTP Sever ??????????????????? Please suggest me ??????
  7. Good day everyone, I have a project with 20 Ethernet/IP scanners running on a unistream 15.6". The machine network is separate from the plant network and goes through a layer 3 switch with VLAN port. I also have 6 Modbus TCP devices running on the machine network. I noticed when debugging the program I was having some bugs from what I assumed was network clogging with cyclic communication. By lengthening the RPI on some nodes I was able to resolve most issues. I also have a lot of disconnecting issues when trying to monitor in Online mode. I notice in the Help file under the Scanner Node Struct there is a Uint16 for the RPI. 1st Question: Am I able to Write a value to this "on the fly" and not have to reset the plc? Not everything on the machine needs to run at the same time so I would love to be able to transfer higher RPI to nodes when not in use and lower RPI to those nodes in use. 2nd Question: Am I able to use the "Enable Node Bit" (in the same struct) in the same fashion on the fly? if so, does the device stay connected and you would be able to turn on or off cyclic communication in one ladder scan? Or would there be a delay (greater than the RPI) after the node was Enabled before communication would begin? Thanks, -Swervomotor
  8. Hello, I am quite new at PLC's in general. I am using Banners DXM 100 to communicate with a Push button, which in turn all talks to the PLC. I am having trouble navigating on how to connect the DXM using UniLogics software. The PLC is already connected via Ethernet to the DXM. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. I am getting the following error when trying to initialize/go online for the first time with my V570. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- "Communication over TCP/IP could not be established due to one of the following reasons: - cable connections are not secure - incorrect TCP/IP settings (IP address, Protocol type, Port number) - the connection is currently being used by another application. " ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Right now the first net in my main routine is checking SB2, following by Set PLC Name, followed by a TCP/IP - Card Init, (setting IP to, and then a Socket Init (using socket 1, TCP, port 20256, and client set to server [slave]). In communication and OS I have tried my connection as both TCP/IP (Call) & TCP/IP (Listen), I am using a favorite with the same name and IP as specified above. My local machine IP is set to I am connected directly to the ethernet port on the V570 with the V200-19-ET2 ethernet com port I am trying to "stop-download-reset" to go online and I get the above error consistently. I'm sure this is a basic question but I have watched all the tutorial videos and read the help files and I believe I am doing everything I am supposed to, any advice would be great!
  10. I need to communicate with 2 IO-Link masters via Ethernet/IP. The manufacturer of the IO-Link masters provides an EDS file for this devices. I don't find a possibility to import them in to the configuration of the Ethernet/IP protocol (like I normal do for Canopen). Is there an other way?
  11. Hi, I am seeing Ethernet/IP connections issues on multiple Unistream panels with the latest Unilogic firmware 1.26.90. On some systems i will see random disconnection errors that were not seen on the older 1.18.60 firmware. On the current 1.26.90 if i purposefully disconnect a Ethernet/ip device and reconnect to the Unistream it will not automatically connect. I need to cycle power/ reset the panel for communications to re-establish. Anyone else experiencing these issues?
  12. Hello, I am looking for help with ethernet/ip on a unistream 7". I am intermittently connecting to a Mettler Toledo scale. It will connect very quickly and immediately disconnect. I have attached pictures of the eip scanner node struct tags for both scenarios. I have also attached my program. I have looked at multiple scanner eip samples and followed the unitronics ethernet/ip video on youtube. I have still not had any luck keeping a connection. I am not getting any error on the scale controller either. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Scott
  13. Hi; Unitronics Supports Ethernet/IP, but cannot import the EDS Sheets. Assembly Structs have to be built manually. Anyone done an Ethernet/IP Setup for the SMC EX600 Valve Banks ? Willing to share the Basic Structs? Dan
  14. Hai Guys, I have add Ethernet module(V100-17-ET2) in my V350 controller in order to communicate with one additional HMI . It is working fine with a short cable (2 to 3 metre). But when i connect long cable, more than 5 meter, even LEDs for indication itself not working. The same cable is working fine between my PC and HMI. But not working between my PC and V350 Controller. Please advise me to solve this ASAP. Thanks Regards Abilash Singapore.
  15. Hi, I'm trying to force inputs off or on that are coming from a Ethernet/IP 8-port junction block. Is this possible? Thanks, DonH
  16. Hi, (Edit: For convenience, the final solution of this issue is at the end of this first post) I am having problems with ethernet connection on V130 (33-R34) OS 4.4 (31) with V100-17-ET2 ethernet module. Problem is that sometimes (mostly random) connection somehow breaks and I am no longer able to communicate with V130 (using Visilogic) via Ethernet. To be more precise: Ethernet connection sometimes breaks after downloading the project (after RUN command is send). I don't have the data on how the Ethernet behaves when PLC is running for a long time - this project is new and I have been able to test it only for some days. But as for now I have never get disconnection while running "Online Test" mode or while downloading the project (just right after downloading). But while programing V130 and testing the project/program (for the past week or so) I noticed that after downloading the project sometimes Ethernet would work right away but other times wont. This even happens if there are no changes to Power-up setup of Ethernet. There is no difference If I Burn the project or just Download it. It happens when the PLC restarts and it’s about let’s say 80% chance that it will work and 20% that it won’t. Which is really frustrating because I cannot rely on this to be able to program or control the PLC remotely. What usually works to reestablish the connection is to power off and back on the PLC (not great) OR to just un-plug the Ethernet cable, wait a few sec and plug it back in. Sometimes I need to wait ~2sec before plugging it back in and sometimes ~5sec for the connection to work again. My initialization process is presented in attached file. I had shuffled the “PLC NAME”, “TCP/IP” etc. blocks in all combinations and nothing works. Maybe it’s a network thing (but if I recall it correctly I had similar problems when I started using V130 and learn how to use it on my home network, but I shrugged it off as “beginner problems. Nonetheless I added PLC IP and MAC on my DHCP list (as static address assignment), but this didn’t resolve the issue. How can I fix this issue? Any help appreciated. EDIT: Parameters of above presented blocks: It's pretty much the "default". Physically the other end of Ethernet connection is a router (build-in switch), right now I am using Visilogic (via wireless) to connect to PLC and sometimes Remote Access. EDIT2 (22.10.2018): I apologize for delayed responses but my replies are moderated and need to be approved by a moderator. Solution EDIT3 (19.11.2018): After hours of testing, downloading, changing cables, making cables I decided to try more routers. As is often the case, the problem was "easy to solve". It appears some routers aren't friendly with PLCs network card. I tested 4 routers: ASUS RT-AC1200G+, Fritz!Box WLAN 7360, Buffalo G54 and LevelOne (only a switch). All of these devices don't cause any problems while only PCs, Printers, TVs are involved. Everything works as it's suppose to. But, three of them: WLAN 7360, Buffalo G54 and LevelOne are not compatible with V130 PLC. If I connect V130 to any of those I get problems that are described here in this topic. LevelOne, Buffalo G54 were my old devices that is why I was having problems with ethernet when I started learning with V130. ASUS is my latest upgrade so I decided to bring all of these 3 devices to the site where V130 is installed and test all of them (WLAN 7360 was already on the site). It is strange that 3 out of 4 devices didn't work. Maybe there is a problem with some old devices or sth. Newer device (ASUS router) worked perfectly, right away with no modifications to the program. Debugging this kind of problem is tedious because one does not simply have 4+ routers to test with on remote sites. I am pretty sure this is a solution because I didn't get any error in one week of testing. Thank you all for your guidelines and solutions.
  17. Hello, I would like to connect my UniStream to the internet via Ethernet cable that is connected to my router. This is to send SQL statement to my SQL database. Right now I am able to download/upload ladder logic to the PLC via the current communication setup I mentioned. Is there any settings that I need to do before it is able to go online (internet) in order for me to send the SQL statement? Thank you.
  18. Hey, I am trying to connect an IO-Link master to a Unistream 7". I configured a Scanner node. Everything is going well, except when I try to configure the Configutation assembly, I am receiviong the "EthernetIP Connection Status Message": 0x0020. This message is not in the list (the list starts with 0x0100) I need some help, please. Kind regards. Jan
  19. Hi all, I have hit a roadblock and am asking for guidance. I have a V350 with an Ethernet module connected to a wireless gateway (RV50). The RV50 uses Modbus (socket 2, port 502) to connect to the PLC and port forwarding to allow remote communication (socket 1, port 20256). This communication is great and has been successful for several months. My challenge begins when we want to control the outputs on a separate wireless gateway (GX450) with AT commands from this PLC by using the Protocol TCP/IP Function. The catch is that the GX450 will be in a remote destination and we will not be able to use serial communication. I have configured and initialized socket 0 to use Protocol TCP/IP on port 20255, SB 142 and SB 143 come on, but SB 147 does not. The static IP of my GX450 is and I'm not sure what my remote port # would be (MI1007). I have attached my file and the rungs are under Protocol TCP IP Test except for the Sock Config under Main Routine. 1.) Does this sound possible or is there an easier way? 2.) Has anyone done something like this and could offer some insight? Note: We are using the Sprint network for both the RV50 and the GX450 and have been told by Sprint that they do not offer SMS messaging on the GX450. This is the initial route I wanted to take. Thanks, Josh Goen V350 TR20 Mnet-4-30-18.vlp
  20. We are trying to connect to a Vision V700 unit by ethernet for remote access, and to confirm the ethernet is working before starting the program block where we will be sending commands to another device over ethernet. The model I am trying to connect to is as follows: Every time we try to connect over Ethernet, we get the following error message: I have checked the cable connections, confirmed that the PLC Name, IP address, and port number set for the PLC match those that the computer is looking for. I cave confirmed that the UnCmDrv1.dll driver is installed on my computer. its last log message, timestamped to match my most recent remote access attempt, shows the following: Trying to read the SB values over a USB remote lin does not help much, as many of the bits assigned to ethernet protocols and statuses are annotated (not relevant for V700). What am I doing wrong? Why won't an Ethernet-capable PLC connect to the company Ethernet network? Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  21. PROBLEM SOLVED! Needed a new Firmware update Hi, I'm trying to connect a 8-port M12 Digital Input Hub, I have all the IP settings correct as I can use the web browser to connect up to the device as well, It says Assembly Instance Input: 100 / Size: 4 (8-bit) Assembly Instance Output: 112 / Size: 2 (8-bit) Assembly Instance Configuration: 128 / Size: 0 I've created a Structure for this with them being two things Inputs INT8(0..3) Outputs INT8(0..1) While watching the Data in the EIP it shows that it's trying to connect as the Device names blinks on for a split sec then goes off a couple of seconds. I've tried the RPI setting from 8 all the way to 1000, with no change. Any one know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks, Don
  22. Hallo, I'm doing Ethernet IP communication with Keyence Cameras (CVX-400) and SMC motor Drivers (JXC91 series). Everything works very well, but it took me a long time for SMC drivers to be checked: Use Run idle for O2T. I would like to ask why and what it means. I did not find explanation in help. Well thank you.
  23. I'm currently in the process of trying to order the V100-17-ET2 ethernet card but I'm having some issues figuring out the prices and availability of it. The main site that I thought to look was MotionUSA and of all the ones that I've checked (M.A.Selmon, Colterlec, and Radwell being the other main ones), it did have the cheapest price at $86 base with $25 shipping added to it which seems a little ridiculous for what it is. I guess my main question is does this price make sense, and if not is there a better source I should be trying or an alternate card that would work with the V350 that my work uses. Thanks ahead of time, -Chris
  24. Hello, could you please advise me on the following: I would like to approach the SD card of a Vision 130 PLC . We developed a PC program in DELPHI which controls several PLC's via MODBUS TCP. This works fine however we would like to have a native module in this program to be able to download files from the SD card (not using the SD card suite). Please advise me how to tackle this issue. Thanks, Ad
  25. Hi, I have a problem with aplication. My Jazz should works a few minutes as Master after that switch to Slave mode ( in the loop). It works, I switch to Slave mode till set SB25 (Ethernet Connect / Listen Request), after that Jazz turns to Master (write 0 to SI214) ??? Someone can help me ?
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