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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I would like to ask you for help with connecting the GSM module Cinterion BGS2T via RS485 (modbus). Does anyone have experience example of how to connect GSM SMS sending via RS485 not RS232. Thank you Tomas
  2. Here's a great one - Clean drinking water for a remote village—without electricity. Learn how University of Johannesburg’s School of Engineering used Unitronics programmable controllers, a Vision1210 and a Jazz PLC, to accomplish this project and monitor ongoing status locally via the built-in HMI and remotely via GSM modem. Read about it here!
  3. Hello, I have a V350 on the field. The PLC is connected to the internet with a DTU modem which acts like an IP to Serial bridge. The DTU is a transparent serial bridge betaween my computer at the office and the PLC on the field. On my comuter I have a virtual com port which directs all the communication to the serial port of the DTU whcihis connected the COM1 of the V350. I have no problems reading data from the V350 using my SCADA software. But when I try to download a new software using Visilogic. If there is a communication error with the V350 during the download, the Visilogic is trying to "Reconnect" at this time I see that the V350 communication speed changes from 38400 to 57600! After monitoring thecommunication I found out the when the Visilogin is "retrying"is actually send the following command to the V350: "/00CPC1T0AFFFF44". This command causes the V350 to change baud rate. The problem is the if the V350 changes its baud rate the DTU doesnt! So i cant communicate remotlley with the V350. How can I prevent the Visilogic from chnaging the V350 baud rate? By the way the same problem exists with U90 and Jazz controllers. Best regards, Itamar.
  4. Hello, I use the Unitronics V350-35-T38, where port 1 is RS232 and port 2 is the ethernet card. When I had setup GSM modem on the port 1 and I had tried to download the program to the PLC I had got a message that I had to change the firmware (OS) in the PLC to the version which support ProfiBus and dial function. So I did that, but then the ethernet card was unavaible. I need both - GSM modem and ethernet card. I tried this in the latest version of Visilogic. Then I tried 9.6 version of Visilogic because in the past we used both and we used this version. I do not know why now it is not possible. Could you help me? Thank you in advance.
  5. Hi I have V430-J-T2 and two GSM modems Enfora (GSM-KIT-41J). I would like to remote access operands, data tables,... from PLC. Both modems are initialized properly, on PLC SB80 = 1 (modem initiailized on COM1). But any remote access failed. Also COM port is properly initialized in ladder. But when I dial there is always either "Dial timeout exceeded" or "No carrier". SIM cards are enabled for GPRS data transmission. One more thing - in Help there is written that Enhanced Vision (like V430) should have baudrate = 57600. But in that case there is never succesful PLC side modem initialization. Only in case that baudrate is 9600 initialization of PLC modem is succesful. PLC OS is up-to-date. Can you prepare an example that remote access with such hardware configuration is working.
  6. I have a ETM 9440-1 GSM modem connected to a V1040, with 6 recipients in phone book for each SMS to send -the modem initializes OK connects in the V1040 PLC program. When a "SMS send" block is run, the modem sends the message to the first recipient in the address book OK , but then "Status Mesages" for modem return "8 - Unknown modem reply" and fails to send to remaining recipients in phone book? The modem is a Cinterion PH8-P engine, I have used Cinterion MC55i in "Init block" on startup with custom init AT commands AT&F ATE0 AT+CPIN=^XXXX^ WAIT 3 AT&C1&D1&S0Q0S0=1V1 ATX4 WAIT 3 AT+CNMI=0,0,0,0,1 AT^SCFG="Radio/Band",211,1 AT+CPMS=SM,SM,SM AT+IPR=9600 AT&W0 ATI Does the "SMS Send" block have different commands to the modem depending on what modem is selected in "Init block"?? Any help or ideas please. Matt
  7. I can not activate modbus in V570 via GSM. I am using same software routines that work fine with V120. Modem initialises fine in COM 1 (sb80=1), modem also connects fine when connected/called from modbus polling software (SB 86=1). However, the modbus traffic doesn't initiate. The polling software says "Connected" and then "Modbus request failed". Modem status in PLC (SI 80) lays with value 2. When connected, the value is 4, then chages to 1, then back to 2. The polling software should be fine, it activates modbus OK with V120. So there may be some software problem in my V570 ladder code, even it works in V120. Same modems and cables are used and V570 com port dips are in RS232. What can prevent modbus traffic from being activated. I have used the Modbus config, SCAN, SCAN_EX and Porotocol config function blocks but looks like I must be doing something wrong - even they work with V120. All ideas greatly appreciated!
  8. Hello, i have a project where i have connected v570 to a wavecom gsm modem. The gsm modem sends alarm messages for liquid gas levels. There is option if you send sms to the modem, it will send you feedback (status) message with all the measured parameters. After few days working the system stops sending messages. If I send sms to the modem i get the confirmation that the sms is received, but i don't get the feedback message. If I restart the PLC and the modem it will work few days and then the problem occurs again. During the problem the modem isn't busy.
  9. Hello, I have a project where I have to send sms messages from a jazz plc (JZ10-11-T40) using a MC55i Terminal modem, however the modem does not respond to plc and i get the error message 2 in SI70. The same setup seems to work fine with the MC35i model, but when I try to connect the other model, it just doesn't work. I can communicate with it using PC and it responds to at commands, but not to jazz initialization commands. When connecting to modem through PC I'm using the same communication setup (9600, 8N1) as the jazz. Is there something extra that I should be aware of or is there a problem with this type of modem?
  10. Hello, Is there a way to read/write (send) data between 2 plc's via gprs modem, using pcom? I'm using V130 and Siemens TC65 at both ends Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi, Does anyone knows how to check the credit balance (prepaid sim) using modem such as enfora, siemens TC35. I dont have enough knowledge regarding AT command. I am working a test program where in a plc can check prepaid balance. The sim network provider that im using is GLOBE Prepaid sim particular here in the philippines. Furthermore, to check balance on such prepaid sim is by sending a text message BAL to 222 specifically. I've search to net that it need some editing on modem AT command, particular AT+CUSD, but i dont know how to implement this command on the program. Any comment are greatly appreciate regarding this matter.. thanks Regards, Nouy
  12. good morning fellow: pardon my English because I am Colombian and I'm using the google translator .. the reason for my query is that I am implementing a production accountant on a ceramic floor, I'm using the module OPLC V280 v200 18e2b, now I want to enlarge the possibilities of this equipment by installing the modules communications and internet gsm / sms, for I have understood that the internet has module is used is the v200-19-rs4-x ^ 3 but for communication for gsm module not to use or purchase equipment that I work with this OPLC,, it is clear that I need to work in this region of Colombia where manipulating 3GSM sim card ... no more waiting for me thankfully dismissal prompt and satisfactory response
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