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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, I have a problem with a V350, when establishing communication with it, it shows me the model as V350-35-XXXX and when loading the program to the PLC, the WARNING 987 "Incompatible hardware configuration definitions: between project (PCModelXXX)" appears. & PLC (PLCModelXXX", could you tell me a way to fix that, thanks
  2. Hello I'm using USC B10 TR22 with UAC CB 01RS4_0 as modbus communication dev. I am communicating with HAMILTON VisiFerm DO Arc 120 but the Modbus status is 3 and thus there is no connection. I checked with HAMILTON programmer and the modbus in sensor is working correctly (image 1). I checked with the Logic Analyzers from Saleae and the commands from PLC are "going" but there is no reply from sensor. Is there anything wrong with my program ? (imige 2,3,4,5);
  3. Hello, I connected the plc and outputs as in attached file. But there is no voltage on any outputs any help ? The PLC outside the outputs works correctly (the LED on outputs are lid when they should bo no V ). Thx for any hint or help.
  4. I'm new to the software, and I have a project that requires using Visilogic. I watched the tutorials provided by Unitonics' youtube channel for a kickstart. But come the "communication & OS" step, I kept, and keep getting the error 207 (shown in the pic below). I have no idea what to do nor how to solve it, HELP ! PS : I'm using Vision 570 for the hardware, and visilogic 9.8.79 BETA (downloaded from Unitronics' website) S : I 1st suspected my laptop to have an issue, so I used another one, and still got the same error. Any help and steps to solve this, and explanation of this issue would be a great help. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello, I want to create a time meter on my program. The principle would be to activate this time meter only when my pump Is working I don't find how can I make it on Visilogic.. Can you help me ? I'm working on a Vision V570 Thank you
  6. Hello again everyone, So I'm still trying to understand visilogic more to start programming my V570. And I want to ask you : what if the diference between a subroutine and a module ? Yes I know that a subroutine is a part of a module, but I want to know WHEN and HOW to use a subroutine and when to use a module ? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hello everyone, for 20+ years I have been into computer repair and misc electrical repair. I have started working for a company that Has many Unitronics PLCs and need to learn ladder logic and all i can on how to fix and program them. The support from Unitronics has been awesome and in my opinion I would never look elsewhere for a PLC solution. So what im hoping is if anyone has any ideas on how/where I can learn both the hardware and programming side it would be highly appreciated. My first step is to write the simple code to set the password on an sd card so I can create images of or PLC's for backups. It is pry a simple task but for someone who is new to this its over my head at this moment. I have an extra v570 that I can use to play with as I learn so im hoping to be able to write the ladder put sd card in it set it then use that sd card to clone one plc then do it again with another sd card until I have backups of all plcs in our building. Thank you for any Help or guidance your willing to share.
  8. Hi! I have in my system a SM43-J-R20 PLC and A Frequency Inverter from Vacuum (Schmersal). I jus want to show the frequency of the motor on HMI. Think in using I6 as analog in, i did the JP8 and JP9 both to B (current) The thing is, I don't kwon how to wire it. See the manuals below. PLC/HMI Frequency Inverter Manual Terminal 18 (Analog Out) Terminal 5 (GND) Terminal 13 (Digital Out Comum) Anyone can help me? Thanks!
  9. Hello, I'm trying to comand an output with a button, but when I'm on online mode, the direct contact I use in the transition refer to the output don't work. I don't understand because it's a simple action. Bits are high but transitions don't go forward. Furthermore, there are some coils which stay activated without reasons. Thanks for your help
  10. Dear Community, I couldn't find anything in the UniLogic help files about array functions. Is it just me or is the help section grossly incomplete in UniLogic ?! Visilogic seems to be very comprehensive in help topics with examples for every FB in the software. Feel some uncertainty without help topics on select functions, especially with the differences in terminology from Visilogic. Example being: a vector copy of 30 MI's in Visilogic is equivocal to "copy array part to array"?? Failed to find help topic with example. I tried to build a UDFB last night to function like Visilogic's vector linearization function and gave up. Just stacked individual linearization functions instead. I get the feeling the authors of UniLogic were not the same people who composed Visilogic. Old dog learning new tricks, I'll get there.
  11. Any idea if/when the Unilogic help database will be updated to include text/diagrams of every unilogic function? The array's section has functions that I can NOT find specific descriptions/examples in the help files. Maybe I am missing it. I learned PLC programming on AB MicroLogix and started using Visilogic with ease. Talk about hitting the ground running (sprinting even). My first project in unilogic is proving to be very challenging. There are several features I realize are superior in Unilogic and appreciate! However I am finding several functions that were present in Visilogic that are NOT in Unilogic. I understand progress and advancement have a precedence to keep a competitive edge in the market. In my humble opinion when you roll out something new it's nice to have all the function and utility of it's predecessors (Visilogic). I miss the MODBUS R/W mixed data; while not a standard defined MODBUS function it greatly simplifies data exchange in a system that is built exclusively with Vision PLC's. No more drum sequencer. No more Function in Progress bit. Granted these functions can be logically constructed in Unilogic, I don't see how this saves me time in project development. Guess this is the feedback you get from an old school guy who is a PLC programmer and NOT a computer (C language) programmer. P.S. Some kind of field descriptor on the function blocks where tag entries go would be awesome. A,B,C,D,etc... Don't mean much to me. Ezample: the linearize block, had to go to the help to see what goes where. In leiu of A,B,C,D fixed descriptirs like IN, X1, X2, Y1, Y2, OUT would be nice. All blocks have the alpha field desrciptors and they can mean many different things. I guess as it stands until you get on top of the learning curve unilogic is not quite the time saver it is once you have intensively read and memorized the help files.
  12. Hello, I'm just wondering what is the best way to log some informations. I will need following: Login/logout, battery low - switched to charging mode and so on. I will need to have separate display and the log should have time and thing that happened. It will probably have to be in table because it suppose to have "history" feature, like you can list back in time and see what happened. I've been searching for answers in help feature, but i still don't know how exactly do it. Any advices are greatly welcome! Sorry for my bad english. Best regards, Martin P.
  13. Hi I am a newbie to Visilogic and I am really sturggling to reset me TD timers to the preset value after they have counted down (in this case 15 seconds). I have attached a screen shot of the visilogic screen of my current configuration of the timer. Please can someone help and tell me what I am doing wrong as I am pulling my hair out! Thanks Russ
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