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  1. Gentlemen I'm want to embed a video to the hmi screen for real time streaming, but don't seem to have the video element under the Media tab., only PDF viewer. Appreciate if any one would guide me on how to get the video, Audio Player and usb camera. to the Media.
  2. Dear authors, There are two tips for feature I would like to mention 1. It would be pleasant if there is an function in Unilogic, which will export all HMI screens to say png files with a filename corresponding to the name of the HMI screen. This is very useful when I write an user manual for the end customer (and, as a C# programmer, it is not a lot of work I suppose :-)) 2. Last screen action is a pretty good feature, especially when the screen is accesible from more than one HMI in the program. Typically user options should be reachable from several screens. The problem is when I am debugging my code and download a new version of my code to the PLC, being at HMI, where is a button "back" attached to action "Last Screen" the variable "Last Screen" is undefined become undefined and there is no way to jump for example to the Default screen. Is it possible to make an option (button) in UniApps like "Jump to the default screen". Or maybe in UniLogic. Now I have to reboot the PLC and this is annoying. Thanks Jan
  3. Hello, I'm looking for a way to go about doing this, I just need to be able to read the pH every 24 hours then have it record the value. Then on the HMI be able to see the recorded values for the past week. If you know how to start this, it would be very helpful. I already have the program for pH going into the PLC, so no need to worry about that. The PLC I will be using is the V120-12-R1. Thank you for your help, Abby M
  4. Hello, I ran into problem where I had a screen with two instances of the same Custom control (see picture). Parameter to the control on left is TestFlag1 and on the right it's TestFlag2. Accordingly THe light on left shows TestFlag1 ad the other is TestFlag2. When a button is pressed, a message box pops up and when OK is pressed there the value of the parameter (TestFlag 1-2) is toggled. Problem is that it doesn't matter which button I press, there is only the value of TestFlag2 which gets toggled (i.e. light on right toggles no matter which button I press) If I skip the message box and do the toggle directly in the button press, the correct flags are always toggled. Am I missing the correct way to do this or is it just something I have to work around ? Thanks, Bjarni
  5. Dear all UniLogic developers, a big thank for the latest 1.33.210 update. I appreciate the screen saver (feature I have implemented programatically past times) and loops features. My feature request (or, better say a wish) is a possibility to change properties of several selected elements when editing HMI screens. For example, if I select several elements of type simple text, to be able to change their font and alignment at once. Something along the lines of LINQ var CommonProperties = from j in SelectedObjects where (j.Type == Font.Size) select j; And further - Bind CommonProperties to PropertiesExplorer; etc. Because the most annoying on PLC programming is making the HMI interface 🙂 Logic is icing on the cake. But to be honest, this evening I have finished about the fiftieth project in VisiLogic or UniLogic and I really like it, notwithstanding some (to me) missing details thx Hans
  6. Hello! It seems like the font gets either increased on the HMI, or there's some kind of a resolution mismatch. I could just make all the fonts smaller, but since that would have to be done one by one manually, I'd prefer to leave that as the last possible option. Perhaps I missed something in the set-up, or perhaps its a bug. I've taken photos of 2 examples where the text gets cut off/moved, but the file size is too large, so I've also placed them in an Imgur album: https://imgur.com/a/7j2qZvr 1 of those examples is attached with this post. Thank you!
  7. Regarding the "element restriction" property of TREDNs - The help message shows various options, but the only option I can choose is "invisible". However - I need to make it visible but "touch disabled" - Is this possible ? Eitan (I'm working with Unistream US5-B5-T24, Unilogic 1.32.98)
  8. Hello, The file browser widget seems to be identical the SD file browser found in the memory section of uniapps. There is button on the top right to eject the DOK/USB. This functions as expected in Uniapps and a pop-up appears with the typical "safe to remove" message and any files from the DOK that were visible in the right side pane disappear. With the HMI widget this button does not appear to function. It is enabled (not greyed out) but pressing it does nothing. Files from DOK still show in the right pane, no pop up, etc. If the DOK is removed it does result in a disk error and when inserted in a computer one is prompted to "attempt to repair the drive". I installed the latest software/firmware/OS and retested but same result. I'm not in need of any help on this I just thought I should post it since I could not find anything related already on the forum. My apologies if this is not the appropriate place to post potential bugs. By the way, I have just completed my first project on this platform controlling a 3rd party position indexing servo using modbus TCP and i am absolutely loving this product. Outstanding. I have one suggestion for consideration: When selecting multiple items on the HMI design screen it would be nice if the properties window showed all properties that were common between all things selected. That way one could adjust a color or a tag, text size, font or element size dimension, position, etc of all of them all at once rather than having to edit each one individually.
  9. Hi all, Question: Is it possible to turn the backlight completely OFF in Unilogic by ladder?If I try to control the brightness by ladder; Actions - > "Change Brightness" and link a UINTThe help-file states: So this seems to be normal behavior. But if I use Uniapps -> Display & Audio; Sliding the brightness-slider to zero, does turn the display completely off!According to Version Changes, this is the case since Unilogic 1.8.51, Unistream OS 1.8.9, October 2014 Nevertheless, it would be ideal (for me and others too I think ) if we could get complete control over the backlight, from 0-100%, by ladder. In my application, the PLC will be present in a livingroom, controlling lights, heating, etc. Even at a percentage of 10%, the display is still quite lit up in a dark environment. To avoid being distracted by the lighted backlight watching tv eg.. and to save the precious backlight for prolonged life, I would like the possibility to completely turn of the backlight by ladder if the display hasn't been touched for a predefined time. => Is there a work-around without the need to open Uniapps or am I still missing something? PS. Updated the PLC and Unilogic software to latest releases, being OS 1.15.11 and V1.15.70 at the moment. Thanx in advance, Steven
  10. Hi, Is there an funtcion that the HMI goes back to his main screen after a setted time? Normally it goes to the main HMI after powerup, but it would be nice if does also after i.e. 10 minutes no use of the HMI Otherwise I can make it in the software to set a bit to activated the main screen. But I was wondering if there is already an option that I can activate Regards Leen
  11. Hi, We are using password for doing service i.e. remotely. Therefor we using the function 'Password Box' as a function on the HMI. When go remotely with VNC to the HMI. Then we can go into service by give the service code by clicking on the service button and give in the code. Only we have to give in the code by the numeric keybord at the HMI. Then everyone who is there locally can see what code is given in. Is it possible that we can give in the code evenso with te keyboard remotely. This is also easier to give in than by VNC using the mouse and clicking in the code. Kind regards Leen
  12. Hello, I am having trouble with my hmi screen (USL-050-B05) connected to the plc (USC-B3-R20). When I download the basic program and hmi screen into the plc/hmi using Unilogic. A clear yet grey film sits on top of my hmi. This is not allowing me to press any buttons on my HMI, It is completely unresponsive. When I enter online mode on my computer, the hmi screen become grey as well. UPDATE: I have found the solution. I assigned the tag (which was not active at the time) and it blocked the button from being pressed. In the properties window under Tag: touch Enabled.
  13. Hi UniLogic ver 1.31.146 Please help me.How can I delete this. All connections to the HMI have been delete. Thanks. Greetings Antal
  14. ¿Is it possible to change background or font color to numeric box based on different values? I want to show a process value with different colors based on limits (Lo-Lo, Lo, Hi, Hi-Hi), something like numeric range in Visilogic
  15. Due to previous, failed attempts to enter the correct password for this project, The Upload option has been disabled. Contact Tech Support. How can we reset this error? Thank you.
  16. Hello, I am just getting started on unilogic. I am having trouble communicating my USC-B5-B1 PLC with USL-070-B05 HMI. Can anyone guide me through the communication process ??
  17. I am wondering if there is a way to determine which panel is currently being displayed by using the ladder? I want to perform an action if a specific panel is being displayed. I know in u90 ladder it's a comparison check with a system integer value, but couldn't find anything similar in Unilogic. Thanks! 🙂
  18. Hardware is Unistream USP-070-B10, 7" HMI Is there a way to completely turn off the lcd after a certain amount of time has passed without the touchscreen being touched? Right now I have an action to dim the lcd (lowest it dims is 10% brightness) after X time passes without touching the screen and then it raises the brightness back to original value once screen is touched again. I would like to be able to do the same thing except by turning the screen off instead of lowering the brightness. Any way to do this?
  19. Hi, Where do I find how to change the data table font size appears in the HMI screen?
  20. I Have a system that I am using two sensors to located my x and y position within a predefined area. Lets say for the sake of argument that my x and y both range from 0 to 100 meters. Is there a way I can show my position in real time on my HMI screen?
  21. I have a message box show when you press a button to turn on a heater saying " check pump" I don't want it to show up when you turn the heater off using the same button as a toggle. Is it possible? Or do I have to make two buttons "on" and "off" to make this work?
  22. Hello, I have been wondering. Has anyone ever needed to enable the end user to somehow print the screenshots from graphs? If yes, then how did you manage to make it work? From what I found out, one can send messages to the printer, can send txt files, but so far, I have not found a way to make it print the screenshots. I already asked support, and seems there is no official way. Or is the only option to send it trough mail and make the end user print it from PC? Edit: If having more info is ever gonna make a difference, I am using UniStream PLC USP-156-B10 with an HP LaserJet printer M203dn, connected trough Ethernet, which supports PCL 5, PCL 6, and (pen plotter control command ) HP-GL/2, also FTP printing, LDP printing, 9100 Printing, IPP printing, IPPS printing, AirPrint, WS-Print. I have sent text messages trough the TCP Printer Example, and trough the FTP client example successfully to be printed.
  23. maybe I missed something obviously, but how can you put a 2 line text in a button, or even in a fixed text on the HMI ? In visilogic, this is not a problem..... but in unilogic I don't know how to do this
  24. This may already be possible, but I can not figure out how... Control Layer visibility via ladder to show and hide elements during operation. Example of use: Maybe I would like to stack a few layers of element groups (ex. buttons, text elements, whatever). Then depending on a selection or process needs display a different layer with the pertinent elements. For now I am staking buttons, text, etc and displaying them based on process needs via the visibility tag. Which works but it would be great to group them and change visibility together. Just a thought! Thanks😀, Rich
  25. Hi, How to function the layer in HMI screen? Is it possible to change visible images with layer?
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