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Found 23 results

  1. Hello, I'm using the V120-22-RA22 plc, I have switches connected to some inputs then connected to a 24V power source. But when running the plc, with the switches to test it, they are not responding. My guess that I would need to connect the CM, but I'm not sure. I checked the jumpers and they are all set to be digital inputs. Any advice would help, I'm not very familiar with this plc. Thanks, Abby Moore
  2. Hello everyone, I have a problem whit pulse train output, I use PTO to control servo drive . On this application i have a two segment of one step. First step have 400 pulses and 1500 velocity. Second segment have 800 pulses and 5000 velocity. The problem is on delay between first and second segment. This delay is acc 0.75 sec. I configured two function block whit above note mentioned parameters. I detected this problem when connected oscilloscope on high speed output on IO card. I need to make application to work continuously without delays . Do you know what is happened ? Could you please help mi to solve a problem? Thank you in advance!
  3. I have Unitronics HMI and I/O modules at home but not the actual machine (it wouldn't fit in my kitchen).I would still like to edit and test the software. I can't force the analog I/O and test the software. I can tell that the alarms for pressures and levels are working :). How can one force the analog I/O?
  4. I have a project with a USP-104-B10 and several URB remote I/O modules connected. When I add an IN or OUT module on the USP-104-B10 and then I export the IOtags to Excel, then the modules are not ordened anymore... the last added IO module is putted at the end of the excel file...even this is the first module of the project isn't it possible to export the IO/tags in order they are on the PLC ?
  5. I have connected the 24V to respective 1 and 0V. A constant red light showing on the module. I replaced the unit with a new one, same result. Unable to get the valves to function.
  6. Hi engineers, I'm working with a US5-B5-RA28 PLC, i would like to known the meanings from "On board IO.IO" error codes, cause i'm facing some issues with this plc model. This PLC is running but sometimes the PLC gets On board IO.IO Status = 16 , after that all the digital outputs are freeze with their last state and the analog signals have wrong values, but the HMI go on working OK Any ideas? Thanks Cheers.
  7. We been having issues this modules. Work for sometime. Then all sudden the module fails. Reading from the input starts to jump all over the place. It turns out one the inputs causes it. Removed the input. We have this set up to read from the source. Is there something causing this fail. We have replaced bunch of the AI8. Never have issues with AI4 modules. Thanks
  8. Hello, Im new in Unitronics. I'm programming my first project with unitronics and came to the following issue: I have added a digital input and output module and now i cannot compile the project, so it's a software issue , not on the PLC itself. The error is: IO Config 'Config 1': There are too many I\O modules without any extension cable between. I have a 7" integrated panel with an expansion adapter : UAG-CX-XKP300 on the expanisons i have 2 modules a uis-08TC and a UIA 0402N With this both the system has worked fine. Now i need more digital inputs and outputs, so i have insert at the end a UID 0808R. As I insert on the Unilogic Software the 3rd module and intent to Rebuild , Compile or Download, the error listed above apears and I'm not able to update the unit with this new Module. Can somebody help me with this issue ? Thank you Miguel
  9. Hello all, We have created a small program with REMOTE IO using US5-B10-B1 OS 1.26.51 and we connected IO modules on a URB TCP. Everything works perfectly but if you switch off URB-TCP and switch back on, then CPU cannot find the REMOTE IO (even if we restart the CPU). The only way to find it is to download the program again. We have tried both ways setting the IP for URB-TCP (dip switch and BOOTP) but the problem still remains. We created a program with the same configurations with US10 and we do not have this problem. Any suggestion ? Thanks.
  10. Dears, I am using the module UIS-WCB1; I need to use the two analog input for a 4-20 mA range, with the output value between 0 to 16383 ; at the moment I donpt have the sensors the the inputs are "free"; in this case I have the status of 0x10, that is ok, but also I have a value of 308 in both inputs...exist a way to define, directly, a value when a "problem" is present?..or I have to store the input value in a tag and, checking the value of the status, forse a value in case of faulty? thanks
  11. Hi, What a solid red status LED means on a UIS-08TC? its reading -32768 which means connection fault and it reads that even when there is no thermocouple connected. Thanks. Help is much appreciated.
  12. Hey, so I've connected my thermocouples to my UIS-08TC module and im getting a reading of -32,768 which indicates connection fault. Everything is configured correctly and I connected another thermocouple to see if the one I was using was faulty but still got the same error. Im using the watch feature to try to just at least get a temperature but again im getting a connection fault. Also My status LED is solid red which isnt on the spec sheets.
  13. Hello, I'm trying to understand the behavior of the I/O bus of a USP-156-B10. I connected all my modules to the PLC with Local Expansion Kits (UAG-XKP), with a RJ-45 cable, and wanted to know what was the communication protocol (or fieldbus) inside this cable. Is it Ethernet ? Thanks in advance, V. Mamet
  14. How does the UIS-8TC module handle Cold Junction Compensation for example on a type J thermocouple?
  15. I Have 4 weighing systems, identical hardware and software, one of which has a weight display issue. The reading whether empty or loaded fluctuates. I have measured the input to the IO LC1 card and it is steady to within a 0.1mV. What am I missing? the system has been calibrated, but doesn't improve it. The other 3 system work fine.
  16. Hi all, new to the forum, fairly new to PLCs in general.. I'm trying to set up 8 analogue inputs (from thermocouples using the 08TC module). I've managed to configure the hardware and have changed all inputs to TC_type_K, and then set them to degrees. The problem is, I can't see any element in the toolbox that represents an analogue input? Is it possible to have an analogue input in the ladder diagram? I would like to log temperatures over a 24 hour period, and to set a reference temperature which if exceeded, will open a contact. If anyone has a downloadable example of this, that would be very useful! As I said, I'm new to this, so layman's terms please! thanks PLCsLOL
  17. Is there a list that defines the various tags inside the program generated STRUCT associated with a given IO Card? For example: adding a UIS-WCS1 module will create a User Defined Tag structure "UIS-WCB1_1". Not every tag has a description associated with it.
  18. I have a 7" UniStream plc that is controlling and communicating between power supplies, electrical testers, shunts, and multiple IAI linear actuator controllers (all via ethernet IP and Serial COM) which took me two months to program and get working correctly. The last step was to swap out a touchscreen button bit, which simulated the binary state of a safety interlock, with a link to the safety switch on the equipment. Simply, its an external push button that passes through -24V DC. None of the IO bits are changing state in the UniApps IO tags screen when this "push button" is pressed. We have verified (with a digital multi-meter) that the signal and push button are functioning correctly. We have also tested multiple input ports just to make sure we didnt have a bad port situation. I am anxious to get this project wrapped up. I cant believe one simple physical input is defeating us here. See attached image for our hookup to the UID 0808R (Sink method). safety interlock - 0808r wiring-min.pdf
  19. Greetings, this is my first experience with Unitronics and I am also a beginner in PLC's, so I apologize in advance if I am asking stupid questions. I am using a USP-070-B10 with a UID-W1616R. I`ve wired the inputs using this configuration: And I`ve wired my outputs using this configuration: I`ve written a simple test program, to test if all the inputs/outputs are working properly. On the back of the UID-W1616R module, I can see the inputs and outputs coming on and off as per the created program and I can hear the relays inside in the PLC switching on and off, but I am not getting the 24 volts out of the outputs. How do I fix the problem? Thanks in advance!
  20. I need 70+ analog inputs and want to use the Vision 1040. What are the best expansion modules to accomplish this?
  21. Hello everyone, Is it possible to export and import I/O hardware configuration between projects ? If yes, How ? I can't find solution or trick. This functionnality could be very useful. Thank you by advance, Jérémy
  22. Are there plans to do a higher resolution analog I/O modules such as 16, 18, or even 24? I know we have several applications that would benefit from the increased resolution.
  23. Hello, I want to use in my application controller HMI touch panel UniStream. I want to measure the three analog values, and visualize it on a graph. I want to connect the printer to panel. Can I print these trends? What functions to use to print my trends? Marcin
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