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  1. Hello, I'm having some trouble loading a DTI from file. I get a -5 status (Read File Error). The table is 150 rows. The file name tag value was "Recipe Master Table" but when i looked at the files on the SD card in the DT folder the file name was "Recipe_Master_Table" so I changed the tag to that but still get -5 error. Thinking it was file name related I tried different iterations like "DT/Recipe Master Table" or "DT/Recipe_Master_Table.udtf" , etc but still get -5 error. For a bit of background, I load the DTI from SQL using a query. If that fails for some reason i load it from the SD card which was saved to the SD card after the last successful query. The SQL logic all works fine but when i purposely disconnect from SQL to test this function thats when i discovered the -5. I check the file on the SD card by using the utility to convert it to excel. File seems fine. All the data is there. Anyone have any ideas on what may cause a file read error? Thanks
  2. Hi all, After downloading my latest changes I get a message on the screen saying "CPU Error Detected. Communications with the CPU cannot be established..." See attached screenshot for details. I have tried resetting the modules, have checked all the wiring, grounding etc. and can't find anything amiss there. Also, I can revert to an older version of the PLC and it will run for a short time before getting the Error message again. I'm not an expert with Unitronics but can't seem to find anything relevant in the forums or online. Can anybody shed some light on this? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi there. I have a problem with a data table. I adquire the values of some variables in real time (presure and temperature) . and those are saving in a data table to after going to be printed. But sometimes my program save the last parameter with another "time" Example is the here the las rung has a diferent time. the time should be 3 minutes after of the last rung. It is a no repetible o predictible problem... sometimes it ocurrs and here is a correct data table. i am programming with unilogic 1.29. I hope that someone could help me with this issue. thanks in advance.
  4. Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to pass data from an excel table to a store string. to later send it to a raw data and send that data to print. for example I have a row with the following data 25 sterilization and the date. I want to send this data to print separately, is it possible? Thanks in advance
  5. Dear All, i found this error during after finish HMI drawing. Is there anyone know the causing reason? All my tags is under Global scope.
  6. HI, trying to convert an ascii based string of numbers into an integer form using the STRING TO NUM block but im not getting any integer at the output tag. what really should i pay attention to when using this STRING to NUM block
  7. I am wondering if there is a way to determine which panel is currently being displayed by using the ladder? I want to perform an action if a specific panel is being displayed. I know in u90 ladder it's a comparison check with a system integer value, but couldn't find anything similar in Unilogic. Thanks! 🙂
  8. Hello, I was interested in the "modbus set slave ID" block with its name, but I do not know how to work with it and what it does, I also wanted to understand - is it possible to change the slave ID in Unilogic?
  9. Hello, I am writing a file handler that should prevent the need for my users from needing to use unitronics File Manager hmi widget, the only problem is I don't see a way to eject the USB stick from the PLC from the ladder logic program. Is this even possible on v1.31.125 or would this be possible in the latest release?
  10. Hello, I'm a beginner in software development. How use the box String to Num ? What is the FACTOR ? Thank you.
  11. hi have created 2 data tables but really struggling to write to them have watched the videos but still struggling help !!!!!!!!
  12. Hello all, this is the first time I am writing to this forum. We were using vision plcs and now is the first time we are using unistream. We have connected the cards through USP-TCP. For the analogue input we are using the card URA-0800O and we set the input 4-20mA. The sensor we are using is 4-20mA 0-150oC. We tried linearization but the output value is wrong. In X1 we entered the value 818 and X2=4092. in Y1 we entered the value 0 and Y2=1500 but the output value is 0 and does not change. When we change the Axis values (y1=818,y2=4092,x1=0,x2=1500) in linearization, shows an output value but is 10-15 degrees less than the actual temperature. Are we doing something wrong? Thanks
  13. Hi, I'm trying to build a log for my system using the Store DTI to File function. This runs after the struct containing the date is inserted into row 0 of a table, which should be appended immediately to the log file. The writes are sufficiently spaced (~30 minutes) that the SD write interval isn't an issue. I've found that when using option 2 "Only CSV" for the "Create CSV" input (F), the file is simply overwritten, and only ever contains 1 row. Option 1 "Create CSV File (All - udtf,csv,csv.zip)" does append correctly. In both cases "Append to File" (E) is set to 1 "Data will be appended to the file". This looks like a bug to me, and combined with the missing documentation for those options, I've wasted a little more time than I'd like trying to figure that out. Option 1 is an acceptable workaround, so I don't need further support, but this should be fixed. Sandy
  14. Hello, I am new to Unilogic, and I have been through many of the unilogic tutorials, but I can't seem to find much documentation on working with strings. I want to write a program where the user types a string via the hmi and the logic of the program determines whether or not what was entered matches one of several options. For example, the options are 'red', 'yellow', 'blue'. The user types 'blue', and the program displays that they have selected blue (in a practical setting this could be linked to an action). Additionally, if the user makes and error and enters 'blur' instead of 'blue', the program shows an error.
  15. This may already be possible, but I can not figure out how... Control Layer visibility via ladder to show and hide elements during operation. Example of use: Maybe I would like to stack a few layers of element groups (ex. buttons, text elements, whatever). Then depending on a selection or process needs display a different layer with the pertinent elements. For now I am staking buttons, text, etc and displaying them based on process needs via the visibility tag. Which works but it would be great to group them and change visibility together. Just a thought! Thanks😀, Rich
  16. Hello, I would like to change the CPU IP Address via code, not HMI. It looks like General.CPU IP Address is the only way to view the address but it is read-only. Is there a way to accomplish this or should I be using Panel IP instead?
  17. I need help, I want to know if two arrays have identical values. What are possible outputs values of this function (F - Result index) and what is the meaning of these values? Thank you
  18. I decided to use Internal Control Bit Arrays 2 x(255) on this large project to keep the global tag list manageable. I need to reset all these bits with an HMI button. Is there a way to reset an entire bit array? I get compile errors when attempting to use the reset coil. I really really don't want to have to put reset coils in for 500+ bits Thanks in advance
  19. Hi, I am using US7-B5-TR22 and the UniLogic program. In the ladder diagram , i am trying to use bits manipulation on information i read from a Modbus Slave. The information i read is a 16 BITS long and according to the slave component's datasheet i should divide the 16 bits information into 4 nibbles (4 bits each) by some bits manipulations . Every nibble contains a different type of alarm For example : If i receive the following information : 1110 0010 0011 0001 the MSB nibble is : emergency stop alarm. the second nibble is : Low Oil Level the third nibble is : High Coolant Temperature. The LSB nibble is : Low Coolant Temperature. So let's say that i would like to check the Low Oil level alarm's status, Therefore , according to the datasheet , i should Right Shift Register by 8 and then multiple the result by a 16 bits mask. which supposed to be : 0000 0000 0000 1111. As i'm new to UniLogic i need a little help on how to perform those manipulations in the ladder diagram. Thanks in advance.
  20. Dear All, I would like to store a variable to an other, but I can not find a direct solution. In ST it shows like this Var_a : structMachine Var_b : structMachine Var_a := Var_b
  21. Hi, I've written a program which has a 'save user settings' and 'restore user settings'. Unfortunately, the code I ended up with is really complicated and I worry that future programmers will have a difficult time understanding how it works. I've included a small snippet below for reference. Is there a way to save settings on the SD card and load them back in without writing it into ladder logic, or other ways to achieve the same objective? Thanks in Advance- Zac
  22. Hello, I'm wondering if my problem is a software one or hardware? And what kind of issues could be causing it in each case. The system is alright when at rest, but when put to work (triggered with input) it works fine for maybe 10-20 seconds and then I get a "CPU in stop mode" message on the screen" and few second later a message about CPU error. I've removed the CPU unit and put it back on, but with no luck. Does anyone have some hint for me? Thanks, Bjarni
  23. Hi, I am facing one issue when adding strings into the 7th row in the index data table, with no issue before that. The error message is "Value is not available". What does this mean? Thanks, Charles
  24. Hi All, I have recently started a project controlling a servo motor for re-rolling labels. I have some mild PLC experience using Siemens but I have never set one up from scratch myself. Never used Unistream either. At this point in time I'm just focusing on sending a HSO to the servo using the Pulse Output on the URD-02PU. I have searched around but as these modules are so new I am having troubling finding information. https://support.unitronics.com/index.php?/selfhelp/view-article/Remote-IO-Pulse That is really all I can find. I'm unsure how I am to utilize this module to set up step & direction control. My understanding is: - I need to allocate a Binary output from the Module to set Direction (High = Clockwise, Low = CCW) - Write a number to either the "Pulse Quantity Output" or "Frequency Output" to set the "steps" - Send that required number to the servo via one of the outputs. Is this basic summation correct? Hopefully you can help. Or even some form of detailed description for this module would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if you need more information. Thank you. Cheers, Jacob
  25. Dears All, i am concatenating 4 String UTF-16 formated; between the strings I insert a ";" separator (also UTF-16 formated)...so...I am able to have the end buffer properly filled with th einformation...but I am not able to have a "new line" when I try again to append the buffer at the SD file. I tried to insert, at the end of the buffer, a lot of characters (u\2424; u\000D; u\000A...etc alone and conbined )...but nothing works...or better...with the file saved as TXT and with the u\000D in the "windows note pad" I see the right lines...but if I use "notepad ++" or i try read this as CSV i have a long single line. how to have a "new line" ? thanks
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