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Found 5 results

  1. I am working on a project that has a somewhat involved communication routine to read multiple values from an instrument. This requires that I have several long messages in message composer that I am using to both request the data and also to parse the response. I will need to use this technique in several different projects. Is there any way to export the messages from the message composer and then import them into a new project? It takes several hours to manually rebuild these messages in each new project.
  2. I'm working on a scanning project that scans barcodes of 2 parts during assembly to compare them. I'm using 1 scanner connected to the serial port. I need the operator to scan the first barcode, then he should be prompted to scan second barcode, then compare the 2 strings. I need help on how to prompt to second scanning after handling and saving the first input. Should I just fill the buffer with 000 then put a rung to receive data through the port again?
  3. Hi, I am trying to read and log the output of the third party device (in this case a LGR trace gas analyser connected to a value manifold also controlled by the PLC) using a US5-B10-T24 PLC. The device returns 31 columns of data as a 521 character hexademical message. Of this I need to record at least columns 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8. The first column is a timestamp formatted as "dd/mm/yy hh:mm:ss.sss" and the subsequent columns are data values in scientific notation in the format "x.xxxxxe+/-xx" e.g. 1.56789e-01. I am able to use message composer and parse message to store this information as integers. For example for each of the data columns I populate data tags for the integer value (i.e. 6 digit integer, int32), decimal position (one digit, unit8) and the value of the exponent (sign and one digit, int8). I can then reconvert this information into real numbers. During testing this works fine for a message containing up to 5 columns of data, however, when I add a 6th column I encounter a strange problem where by the decimal position data tag for the 1st column appears to inherit the value of the integer data tag for the 6th column. Addition of a 7th column then extends this problem to the 2nd column and so forth. I'm either unable to see a silly (and repeated) mistake in my program or I guess I'm reaching some limit in the PLC's memory. I don't have a good grasp on the processing structure for this device (a hazard of GUIs maybe), so I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me identify the cause of my problem. I have attached here two programs (split between this and the subsequent post due to size limit), one (lgrC2-C6red) for 5 columns of data and one (lgrC2-C7red) for 6 columns of data. Examples of my problem are as follows: Examples lgrC2-lgrC6red program 5 columns (C2 - C6) with each linked in message composer to an integer (lgrC2-6_int), decimal position (lgrC2-6_dec) and exponent (lgrC2-6_exp) data tag works fine. When receiving the message; C2 = 2.2e2, C3 = 3.3e3, C4 = 4.4e4, C5 = 5.5e5, C6 = 6.6e6, the PLC displays lgrC2-6_dec = 1, lgrC2-6_int = 22 to 66 and lgrC2-6_exp = 2 to 6. 5 column hexadecimal message with control characters 20 20 20 20 32 2E 32 65 32 2C 20 20 20 20 33 2E 33 65 33 2C 20 20 20 20 34 2E 34 65 34 2C 20 20 20 20 35 2E 35 65 35 2C 20 20 20 20 36 2E 36 65 36 0A lgrC2-C6red program 6 columns (C2 - C7) each linked to an integer (lgrC2-7_int), decimal position (lgrC2-7_dec) and exponent (lgrC2-7_exp) data tag does not work. When receiving the message; C2 = 2.2e2, C3 = 3.3e3, C4 = 4.4e4, C5 = 5.5e5, C6 = 6.6e6, C7 = 7.7e7, the PLC displays lgrC2_dec = 77, lgrC3-C7_dec = 1, lgrC2-7_int = 22 to 77 and lgrC2-6_exp = 2 to 7. 6 column hexadecimal message with control characters 20 20 20 20 32 2E 32 65 32 2C 20 20 20 20 33 2E 33 65 33 2C 20 20 20 20 34 2E 34 65 34 2C 20 20 20 20 35 2E 35 65 35 2C 20 20 20 20 36 2E 36 65 36 2C 20 20 20 20 37 2E 37 65 37 0A Thanks in advance for any input or suggestions, Sam lgrC2-lgrC7red.ulpr
  4. Hi, This is -hopefully- a relatively simple question, but I'm a bit out of my depth so apologies if I manage to confuse the situation with imprecise terminology! I need to read (and ultimately log) the serial output of a third party device to a Unistream PLC. The device outputs six values (e.g. 5.10945e1 1.00361e2 -2.58244e2 -1.2803876e-1 8.77776e1 2.5464391e-1) as string (hexidecimal, length 70) that ends with a return (OD) and new line character (OA) e.g. I can read this string into a buffer tag using the Com Rx function and I can see in online mode that the data arrived bit tag is updating at the correct rate and that the hexidecimal values received by the buffer tag seem to respond sensibly. However, I'm stuck trying to understand how to go about defining the contents of the buffer tag as a message in Message Composer so that it is recognised by the Parse Message function. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions about how to do this or resources that might help me better understand my problem! I have found useful information here and in the video tutorials but I'm obviously still lacking some critical piece of knowledge! Ultimately I would like to end up with 6 data tags containing ASCII values that I can append to a .csv file created elsewhere in the program, but I'm not at this moment clear on the steps in between. Hopefully the above makes sense, if not I'll try again! Many thanks in advance, Sam
  5. Is there any chance of the future holding a feature that would compose reports to printers? something to the likes of the email message composer. put in text, variables, etc and have a ladder FB that when triggered would send out to a printer via USB or TCP? I know there is an example file for a TCP printer, I've looked it over, not live tested yet. It's complex to say the least. I would love to get my Unistream client daily reports printed out direct from PLC. The old Foxboro round paper charts with the red ink go in the garbage on most upgrades, the onscreen displays (trends) and emails are great, however some still like/require that data on paper. Paper: that nostalgic, almost extinct white stuff.
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