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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, I connected the plc and outputs as in attached file. But there is no voltage on any outputs any help ? The PLC outside the outputs works correctly (the LED on outputs are lid when they should bo no V ). Thx for any hint or help.
  2. Hi, I am using several 0808THS cards and on one of them I have both blocks 1 & 2 set to PWM. So output O0, O1, O4 and O5 are normal PWM outputs. O1 & O2 are working great, f = 3 kHz Duty Cycle at 50 the control is very smooth. On O4 & O5 with the same settings the motors are spasmodic in starting and stopping. (I mean too fast motor operation). Why on the first set of outputs the Duty Cycle at 50 is so smooth (slow motor speed) and on the second set the same Duty Cycle does not work out the same? Anyone faced a similar problem? thanks
  3. One of my customer need to replace old clutch controller. I try to use V130-33-TR20. START and BRAKE clutch + motor hardware with encoder (300 ppr) and home sensor present in my lab. Then i try to program ladder for stop rotating shaft in zero position. O0 (RUN) relay output - for START, O2(STOP) relay output - for BRAKE. Result: 1. When only START clutch (RUN output) is used - overshoot is 110-120 pulse (1200 pulse per one shaft rotation present). 2. When use START clutch and BRAKE clutch (RUN and STOP output) - overshoot is 17-20 pulse. 3. When use START clutch and BRAKE clutch, 2.5ms interrupt and immediate input and output -overshoot is 10-12 pulse. 4. When use START clutch and BRAKE clutch, 1.25ms interrupt and immediate input and output -overshoot is 7-10 pulse. Relay outputs for clutch control do not have sufficient durability. Then i use two solid state relay and try to use npn outputs O6 and O7 for control START and BRAKE. And result So the question is: how to recognize which of the PLC transistor outputs support the immediate output? As i see HS output in V130-33-TR20 is not immediate output, however, is this the rule for all Vision PLCs integrated output and SNAP-IN output? Yes i can write program for different PLC and compile for test ... but maybe some document present with transistor output possible modes.
  4. Hello, I'm struggling to understand why do I need to connect +VO and 0V to the outputs, how shows the image: I tested here and only with de +VO (24V) worked well.
  5. Hello, I am struggling to understand Visilogic's MODBUS tools. Say I would like to turn a light on and off from the master PLC, while the output is attached to the slave PLC. What would be the best function block to do this? I keep using the FB #5 and I will get the bits set high, but then they will stay high. I am practicing so I can use PTO utilities to control steppers instead of lights. First, I need assistance in understanding why things like MODBUS FB (5) sets and doesn't reset. The attachments are just HMI lights telling you if you get the commands from the Master PLC. (You get them only if the 2 bits begin in RESET using the online mode) Otherwise, O5 in the picture is the LED I am trying to turn off and on from the master. Thank you! MASTER MODBUS TEST.vlp SLAVE MODBUS TEST.vlp
  6. Hello, I have some problems in getting out analog output from my JZ20-J-UA24. This is a PID controller, which heats, and cools a tank, and I want it to send out during the heat mode a voltage of 5V, and 0V during cooling. I did all the necessary hardware configurations, but I'm not getting any pulse out. Do you think anything is wrong with the code?
  7. Looking for a piece of advice here. I put safety contact on wire that brings power to outputs, and noticed while testing that sometimes PLC loses serial connection with laptop when safety is activated. This made me wonder is any circuitry in controller powered from this side and is this good practice or should I change it? Jazz controller is on the picture but I also noticed this on Vision.
  8. Hey! Sorry for my bad english i'm french I need to do a projet where I need to use a output on my unitronics V350 TRA22. So I use visilogic. I need to send information to a variator for move forway and move forback when I press a bouton on the tactil screen, and I really don't know how I can do this. For conclude I need to use output for send a power in volt, it's possible ? Thank for your help
  9. Hello everyone, I'm new on this forum. Yes I made many searches and found nothing. I have a project with V350-35-TA24 and I have to remove all the direct references to I/Os and replace them with MBs, so that I can do the I/O mapping. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.
  10. Hello! I have a very basic question, I am not sure if I don't know something or the PLC is broken. My PLC is the M90-T1 model. When can I measure the 24V on the output side? I have measured 0V on the main output... I also installed a sample program which would blinks a lamp on output0... that doesn't work. Thx, Andras
  11. Hi there, I would like to know if there is a special function similar to the "Copy vector of inputs to a register" for use with outputs. I would like to be able to copy the current state of outputs to a MI register. An alternative would be to use a bunch of contacts and coils to link the outputs to MBs then use the "convert MB to MI" special function. However this does not seem like the tidiest solution. What I am aiming to achieve is having a screen to display the current state of all inputs and outputs. The user will be able to navigate up and down the list of outputs and see their current state. The aim is to achieve this using a single display in the UI. I have already achieved what I want for the inputs. Using the "Copy vector of inputs to a register" function, I can copy the selected Input value to an MI and display that on the screen. It appears that there is only a "Copy MI to output vector" for outputs which is the opposite of what I would like. I would really appreciate any suggestions.
  12. Hi all, I'm brand new to the Unitronics Vision line after about 6 years on AB ControlLogix and PLC5, so pardon what might be some "noob" questions. I couldn't find my answers after a forum search and maybe I am overlooking something in the documentation. I'm used to the relative ease of being able to indirectly address mostly anything from my PLC5 days, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to perform some similar operations in a Vision 130. I need to loop through a routine that will control 12 valves. I'm going to utilize an MI register as my loop pointer / index and loop through with a Jump / Label. I've decided to store configuration bits and buffer the valve commands into a series of MIs so that I can indirectly access a particular bit. I really have 2 questions: 1) I'd like to indirectly address the output bit for the actual valve using a register (MI) that contains my valve commands. MI 400 is my valve pointer. MI 402 is my output pointer MI:401 is my register for valve 1. Bit 0 is my output bit. Other bits in the register will correspond to other status indicators (NO / NC, Valve failure, etc...) Here is an example of how would have coded it in "Allen-Bradley parlance" using the vision naming convention. What would the equivalent be with Vision? I have a feeling it may be the Numeric to Bit vector instruction? So in this example, MI 400 = 401, and MI 402 = 1 MI [MI 400]/0 O[MI 402] ---| |---------------( ) 2) Is it possible to indirectly address a timer? I have some timers associated with each valve and I cannot find a way to start a timer indirectly. I'd like to avoid copy and pasting 12 times over. It's not too much work to directly address them but it will look nicer and fit within the loop. Thanks!
  13. Hi Thanks you in advace for your help. I am a newbie with visilogic and I am struggling with the last subroutine of my program. I will explain what I want to happen: As HMI loads, O3 to automatically open until a set pressure is reached (103 mbar) O3 then closes and remains closed whilst a leak test is undertaken - if the pressure drops below 103 mbar during the test time, O3 should not re-open. As the set pressure is reached, a timer should be activated to start the leak test timer (10 seconds) At the end of the 10 seconds, if the pressure is below 100 mbar then HMI FAIL should load If the pressure is above 100 mbar then HMI PASS should load. When the program finishes, all timers shoudl be reset ready for the next run test. This is working ok the first time i run through the program, but when I restart the routine the timer is running before the set pressure is reached. I also cannot lockout the O3 control. Can anyone help?! I have attached screenshots of my ladder. Thanks Russ
  14. I'm a new user of Ladder Logic and M91 PLC's. I'm trying to debug a program I have uploaded off of an old PLC. I understand that in U90 there is no way to force input/output states. Considering this how can you check that your logic is correct? E.g. how can I check that a certain combination of inputs will cause a change of state or particular output? [i don't consider a red flow of logic sufficient, especially as I can only see it for the power on state.] Thanks
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