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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, I am using several 0808THS cards and on one of them I have both blocks 1 & 2 set to PWM. So output O0, O1, O4 and O5 are normal PWM outputs. O1 & O2 are working great, f = 3 kHz Duty Cycle at 50 the control is very smooth. On O4 & O5 with the same settings the motors are spasmodic in starting and stopping. (I mean too fast motor operation). Why on the first set of outputs the Duty Cycle at 50 is so smooth (slow motor speed) and on the second set the same Duty Cycle does not work out the same? Anyone faced a similar problem? thanks
  2. Hello everyone I am currently working on a project for a packaging machine. The objective is to turn on a servo controlled by a driver for that reason I need three data: enable, frequency and percentage of util, in the attached image you can see the programming to generate the pulse train, however, the reference to the driver is not reaching . the module used is a UID 0808THS which has block 1 configured in PWM. What should be the correct configuration and programming to generate the pwm for an output of the module? image : https://drive.google.com/file/d/11qWhvxxzjiBgqkMM_-2XtnRRP0yG9yK9/view?usp=sharing
  3. Hi, i'm trying to control a DC fan which needs a 25 kHz control signal. The control line is connected through the NPN output of an EX-D16A3-TO16 expansion module which is connected to a V1210. But one thing isn't clear to me at the moment: The expansion module can send a frequency of 1Hz - 32 kHz. So a MI should be enough for the job. But when I look in the help file under "Configuring a High-speed Output (PWM) > Frequency (F)", it says that the Software Units of a V1210 are 0.1Hz (500Hz = 5,000). This would mean that an MI would not be enough because a value of 32,000 would mean I only send a frequency of 3,200 Hz, instead of 32,000 Hz. I cannot select an other operand than a MI, so can I not use this expansion module for sending out an 25kHz signal to my fan?
  4. I had to upgrade the control system of the plastic extruder. V700 + V200-18-E46B used in application. The system has been operating successfully for over 2 years. However, a separate installed dosing system that determines the color of the plastic has failed. It has a stepper motor, a driver and a failed control board. I quickly connected the input of the motor driver to the output of the O0 npn PWM and programmed the change of the PWM frequency depending on the speed of the screw of the extruder. Everything worked, but there was one problem. Sometimes the stepper motor must be stopped for a few seconds without stopping the extruder (for cleaning). Accordingly, the stepper motor that started smoothly with the extruder to a certain speed must stop and then accelerate again. And here I find a problem - the output of the PWM which perfectly controls the stepper motor when starting from 0 speed does not want to start smoothly from another source. That is, the variable recorded as the PWM frequency changes smoothly to the setpoint - but the PWM output signal to the stepper motor occurs only after 2-3 seconds and with a frequency that has already reached the required value - respectively, the motor does not start because the frequency is too high. This part of net is controlled by START STOP STEPPER MOTOR BIT. I try to use it for accelerate stepper motor after stop and if it is slower then calculated frequency setpoint ML6. ML11 - PWM frequency, MI61 - frequency change step. I do not know why PWM signal output is paused for a few seconds (i try to disable all other net for test). If MI61=1 - pause is approx 5sec after ML11 reached setpoint, if MI61 = 50 - pause is shorter 1-2sec. If i use MI=200 - pause is short but stepper motor do not start sometimes. I try to see PWM frequency in Info Mode - it is changed correctly but PWM output do not start after PWM frequency variable start to increment. Any ideas for stepper motor start stop controlled via V200-18-E46B PWM output frequency?
  5. Hi, I'm a new user and I've been trying to get a PTO pulse signal from one of the high speed outputs of my V130-33-TR34 to send to a stepper motor driver. I just got the PLC so it's set to default jumper settings. I pretty much followed the webinar on the Unitronics site and I'm pretty sure I did the wiring right (pin 1 on the transistor outputs to driver, pin 5 to PLC ground). Hooked it up to an oscilloscope and I don't get anything out. When I run the PTO move command, it turns the MB on for "PTO Move Success." Tried going into the HW Configuration and trying to get a PWM signal out by setting up one of those and initializing Frequency to 500, Duty cycle to 500 (50%), and then downloading a program with just ---|SB2|---(MB0)(S) where MB0 is the PWM "Run Bit" and still nothing. Anybody see something simple I overlooked or something I did wrong? If not, any ideas what might be going wrong? Thanks in advance
  6. Dear all, I have US5-B5-TA30 PLC with UIS-WCB2 modules and expansion adapter. I want to use PWM HSO for step control and set duty cycle, frequency and Target. In VisiLogic this was easy in HW Configuration setting High Speed Output (Step Control). In the attach you can find the example I made in VisiLogic. (LEVO - means left, DESNO - means right, on the display in the example). I am having troubles configuring the HSO on the WCB2 as PWM with target. I am relatively new to UniLogic, so please help. Thanks, BR HSO Proba - SAMBA.vlp
  7. Hey guys, I'm currently on a project using a US7-B5-TR22, one idea is to use the PWM output to command the frequency of an inverter. I know outputs needs to be enabled as a PWM output so I made a button to activate them when I use the inverter. The thing is that I don't have the inverter here to run some tests, and I wanted to see if the signals were as I wanted them to be. I measured them with an oscilloscope to verify and I can see that the output has the correct frequency, but the signals are about 2mV and of course really noisy. I'm wandering if I'm missing something here or if it's just normal ? In the documentation it doesn't say anything about it. Any idea ? Thanks you guys. Louis
  8. Good night. First I sorry for english. I'm have working with the PLC V350-J-TR20. I need help with PTO functions, especially with creation of channel. When download a error appears saying that on (PTO: SET Move "The channel is not initialized"). Follow the prints. PTO move: MI 8 status PTO=3 PTO stop: MI 9 status PTO=3
  9. I am running a V570, v200-18-E5B, and IO-D16A3-TO16. the high speed outputs on the snap in and the expansion are both running identical stepper motor drives and motors. the motor that is controlled by the snap in has a long lag between button push and when it starts moving. It will not run at a constant speed and some times even stops and restarts with the button still pressed. the motor that is controlled by the expansion runs at a constant speed, stops and starts immediately with button commands, and runs must faster than the snap in controlled motor. stepper motor drives are set up the same (smooth 400, ect). the only difference between the 2 motors is the length of wire between the out puts and the motor drives. the snap in wire is 14' long and the expansion wire is about 2' long. Any ideas on how to smooth out the operation of the motor that is controlled by the snap in? CB v14 EOB 5-29.vlp
  10. Hi, I need to soft start a 1KW 48VDC Motor. I am thinking of using solid state relay with the V350 built in PWM function. I believe the use of SSR with DC motors is not recommended. Could anyone advice what hardware may I use?
  11. I am running v280, v200-18-e5b, and io-d16a3-to16. I am wondering why the high speed outputs are different between the snap in and the expansion modules? In the hardware configuration the snap in asks for 3 operands and the expansion asks for only 2.
  12. Hello, Iam new here, recently i started use Unitronics for my projects, so i have question. 1. Can i use PWM FB for not-high speed digital output? I want control heater. Cycle time will be about 10s, duty cycle depends from PID output. I read examples, some forum threads..but i did not found accurate answer . Iam asking for a help. Best regards
  13. Dear all, I have an application of cutting machine. I am using M91-2-T1 to control the rollers synced with micro stepping motor for feeding the probe. The Stepping is controlled by PWM output as well as the feedback is given to the HSI to stop HSO after reaching the exact preset value. The probe should be cut at 20mm,40mm & 100mm lengths with +/- 1mm. But sometimes the tolerance value comes -2 to + 4. How could I attain the expected tolerance value(+/-1mm)? Is there any programming trick to reduce the scan time? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi I am new to visilogic and PLC's in general so excuse me if my question is a simple one. My PLC is a Vision 130, which has high speed inputs and outputs. I understand that with the use of PID function blocks you can produce a PWM output signal but I am looking to interpret a PWM signal from a device to the PLC. The device is a synchronisation relay to synchronise a generator to the grid. It produces the following: data is pulse width modulated SYNC: 8ms high 1: 4 ms high 0: 2 ms high ; a data packet consists of 10 bits data: first sync 8mS high then b0-b1-b2-b3-b4-b5-b6-b7-b8-b9 I want the controller to be able to read this 10bit data packet so I can use its analogue value within the program. Is this possible with the high speed inputs I have or will I need to convert the PWM signal to an analogue signal seperately and just use one of the analogue inputs on the PLC? Thanks in advance Adam
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