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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, Is it possible to sync the RTC time and date with a server, i.e.. on the internet. This to keep the PLC time correct. Now I can see only the possibility to sync it with the PC time by using Unilogic. But I want do this i.e. daily by using a sync with the internet time. Can somebody give me support if it is possible or not. Regards Leen
  2. When I download a new copy of the plc program the RTC shows the day wrong. Example attached the date is 23 Jan 22 and the day is shown as Saturday. This corrects it self after a few hours of the download. Also attached is the region number of software. I have seen this issue on the forum but it advises the issue was corrected a few years back. Any hits on how to address this would be appreciated.
  3. I'll explain the problem I had, maybe it helps somebody. I have several controllers that need to have synchronized RTC, and there was a problem that time update didn't work properly. After some troubleshooting I found that "Status" variables need to be defined in order for function blocks to work. This does not work (usually): This does work: Both cases compile the same without error or warning. UniLogic version 1.28.34 PLC USP-070-B08
  4. Hello, I'm having trouble setting time and date using function "set plc time and date" from network. The time and date are read from the network but not written to the PLC. version: unilogic: 1.28.34 panel: 1.28.58 I used the example: "UniStream_070_RFC_1305_UDFB._419_bck.ulpr". Thank you
  5. Hello everybody, I'm new to the Unitronics world. I have to synchronize the PLC clock and the idea is to read the time zone and the UTC from the MySQL database and set the time with the Set PLC date/time elements. However, sometimes the updating functions hang, with the status 1, and date and times are not set. The tags RtcDateSql, RtcTimeSql and RtcTzFromSql contain the right values, and they are updated correctly everytime RtcQueryTrigger is pulled up. I have done some test, anyway I wasn't able to find the reason this function sometimes works and sometimes not. Am I doing something wrong? The PLC is a USP-070-B08 with the USC-P-B10 CPU, no I/O or COM installed. CPU OS 1.28.35, Panel 1.28.58, UniLogic 1.28.34 Thank you for your attention
  6. I'm faced with a task that I can not implement yet. We have a chemical process that is controlled by a PLC (Samba). It lasts more than 24 hours. If the power fails, then it's possible to continue it normally only for 15 minutes without energy. After a switch-off period of more than 15 minutes, the process must be interrupted. It is clear that I need to copy the clock values to the variable every minute, and then, after re-switching on the power, compare the time passed with the value of 15 minutes. The question is how to calculate the shutdown duration, since the real-time clock goes to 00.00 and it is possible that the process can be shut off exactly at 24 hours and no crash will be recorded. I have seen on the forum a way to determine the length if the distance meter is overflowing. If in my case operate time in seconds then may this method work? Of course it is necessary to take into account the change of days in the calendar. Is there an easier way?
  7. Im looking for some assistance in a program I have set up for a scheduled heat / AC program. The way it is set up, the user has four time setting options to be able to change the temperature four times throughout the day. I am using the digital time wheels with an RTC struct for the way to input the time settings and then converting the RTC to an ASCII string so that the user can see all of the settings in the data table which is displayed on screen. The problem I am having is when I extract the time strings back out of the data table I have no way to compare to the System RTC to trigger the automatic temperature change. To further explain, I can't store RTC data in the data table and I can't convert the system RTC to a string (only RTC structs that I made). I've kind of reached a mental block on what to do from here without writing a ton of code to make it all work out. So if anyone has any ideas please let me know. Thanks in advance!
  8. I need to output a time/date stamp to a DTI in the format dd-mmm-yyyy hh:nn:ss. I am able to output the time/date stamp using the "Date Time to UTC" function, but this outputs in a numeric format, which I believe is Unix Time. Is there a way to then convert that format to my desired format?
  9. Hi Having used the V350 - TRA22 for a number of years successfully on a variety of projects and now I have a new project that unusually for us needs a RTC. I'm struggling with this, I want to be able to enter or update the RTC on the screen and basically every thing I try fails dismally. The clock runs, counts down, I can update via the tools, but not update via the HMI screen. The Help files are at best vague on this subject and none of the examples seem to have the feature I need which is press the RTC on the screen , enter a new value, HH,MM that's all we need. Sounds simple, and probably is but I can't work it out. I haven't included any sample ladder code, because nothing has worked so far. Anybody, somebody must have idea how to do this, all assistance much appreciated. Thanks Andy Brown
  10. Hello, I am using SAMBA PLC (4.3 and 7.0 as well) for historic car rallies, in order to calculate ideal distance based on time and a given average speed. I have noticed that the RTC has a strange behaviour. I syncronize my PLC RTC with an accurate digital clock, and after a few minutes, I can notice already, a small difference (e.g. 3/10 of a second). But after a while, the two clocks are syncronized again. I tried also the following. I used the SB 15, which comes true 10 times per sec, and I increase a ML15 every time SB 15 is true. In parallel, I created a bit (MB6) which comes true, every time the RTC seconds change. Based on it, I increase ML10 by 10 this time. I compare those 2 values every second. If everything was ok, the difference of these values should always be 0, or at least something fix, but in fact I see that this difference is changing, from 0 to 5 (means max difference 0,5 sec) Why this occurs, and is there anyway to avoid it? In fact I need an accurate RTC, which will always be synchronized with the rally organization clock. Thank you in advance
  11. Hi, I am facing troubles while trying to log and later display time using Jazz2 controller. So, I'm trying to make an error log. When the error occurs I store current content of SI31 (RTC time) to MI (MI33 in this case - so far it's working). Then in order to display the error I pass MI33 content to MI41 (MI41 is linked to Time Function variable (in CT format) that is then displayed on HMI) . You can see the whole process in images below. The problem is that in the end, the content of MI41 (decimal 1500 - which I corresponds to 15:00 time) is then displayed as 05:DC on the HMI display. I guess the problem is caused due to DEC/HEX conversion. Any idea how to fix this ? Thank You.
  12. What are the "UTC to Date Time" and "Date Time to UTC" function blocks for? Could not locate reference in the textual help. I know RTC= Real time Clock and guess UTC is universal coordinated time? What sparked this question is that I was wanting to have a data tag that would show the date in MM/DD/YYYY for display in an HMI element to use as a "counter reset last on date mm/dd/yyyy" . The RTC date stuct parses out the elements of the date as a whole, so I'm guessing I would have to piece it together with logical functions? Just wondered if there was an easier way (I'm always looking for those). Thanks -hw
  13. Hello, First I would like to apologize for my bad english. I'm working on program which is completely controlling system of solar panels, as a diploma work. I've got few problems but this one makes me sad. I can't figure out, how to correctly setup real time clock. I've tried examples in visilogic directory, searched the whole help at the program but after 2 days, still can't make it work. The best way possible for me would be having DW with real time information about time, such as DD.MM.YY and HH.MM.SS ... If it's even possible, because, I'm having many operations which will need to write time when it happened and only one DW with time would save me much space in ladder. But, I will be satisfied with any other working option. I've found SI30-36 but they are read only, so I can't use them to write there down todays time. Since I'm still beginner with ladder programming, can someone please give me an advice? I'm really desperate. I will give more information, if needed. Just leave me here a message. Thanks in advance for help. Best regards Martin P. EDIT: I may find a way but I can't figure out how to increase DW by 1. It increasing something but more then it should, like 50 per sec. Is there way to do it? Thanks again!
  14. Hi I have been looking into the new UniStream equipment and I am very impressed! Can someone shed some light on the Date / Time / UTC structs? It currently seems very long winded to use a date or time function within the ladder, but the help folder says that an included date / time struct is available. Can someone point me to where this is? I'm looking to write the date to a data table, with Visilogic this was a simple RTC to ASCII task.
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