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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, I'm working on my final year project at universty. Topic is SCADA systems based on wonderware Intouch and Schneider PLC and I need help :D. Could anyone tell me how can I manage recepies? For example, I have to make a recepie that put one component in tank, than mix it for some time, and after that add second component in tank, so my recepie must contain time pause between adding compnent1 and component2. I couldn't find anything on yt, Google, or user manual, so can anyone help please. Thank you.
  2. Hello, I am new in unitronics, I saw they have so called virtal HMI. Can I make plc program and make in Virtual HMI graphics and then use this HMI in desktop like scada actualy running this HMI on desktop? And user will not have acces to the code just run icon for HMI if dropes?
  3. Hello, I have an issue reading the values of HSC by Ignition SCADA. PLC type: SM35-J-R20. Shortly, there is a simple logic calculating the total output from the machine, PNP proximity sensor is used to measure the number of the passing products, and it is connected to HSC input of the PLC. SCADA monitors the current and the previous value of the counter, and in case the counter has been reset when the batch is being changed (the previous value is bigger than the current value), the previous value is memorized and it is added to the current counter value, at the same time a tag value is incremented by 1 (this tag is like a flag, a proof that the counter has been reset) . Now, the problem: without reset of the counter, the flag shows increments, and the output is not calculated properly. The most important: 50% of the machines are equipped with SM35-J-R20, and the rest - with Omron CJ1M; the problem never has been faced on Omron machines. The communication protocol used for both type PLC is Modbus TCP. Any ideas what might be the root cause?
  4. Hi. We installed 3 x V570 plc's running on ethernet network. Also connected Indusoft scada system to system. Delta vsd run also on same network. All working fine and then sometimes comms to scada stops. Also comms to VSD's not constant. If comms to scada laptop fails we have to restart plc's to get comms again. Any suggestions or help will be appreciated
  5. Hi I am trying to connect a 350 PLC with Inductive Automation's Ignition SCADA using Ignition's Modbus TCP driver. The PLC program image is attached. I do get a connection established in the Ignition software to the PLC but I can't read any tags. The following are all the settings I have in the Ignition SCADA I have tried Ignition's Modbus TCP, Ignition's Modbus RTU over TCP, Kepware's Modbus TCP driver all to no avail. I already have 2 other PLCs connected to the SCADA system via modbus TCP so I know that the Ignition's Modbus Drivers work. PLC program is also attached. Please advise. Kind Regards Rafe MOdbusTCP.vlp
  6. Hi, I have two Jazz JZ20-J-T40 PLC-s, and one V130-J-TR20 PLC. I am using zView SCADA. I tried to connect them via Ethernet by using switch, but I cannot use two different PLCs on this SCADA. Then i tried to connect them to SCADA via uniOPC, but communicating is just too slow. I have just one bit that goes from 0 to 1 in 0.5 seconds, and back to 0 in 0.5 (1 second pulse), just for testing, still it's too slow. It runs normally for like 2,5 seconds, and then just stops, and changes in 4-10 seconds, or just freezes for 2-3 minutes, and then changes. My PC Spec are not in the way of this, I am sure of that, i have tried it on my weakest and strongest laptop, still exactly the same results, too slow with just one bit for each of the PLCs, that is 3 bits total. Does anyone had the same problem, is there a way of fixing this? Regards Nikola Ljubinkovic
  7. Hi, I'm using Unitronics PLC JZ20-J-T40, and ZView SCADA. I have successfully downloaded my program into PLC, and tested communication via usb (Serial), and via Ethernet (MJ20-ET1). It's all working properly. Problem begins when i try to connect my PLC to scada PC. With USB everything is working normally, but it's not an option for me to work with usb connection. I want to work with Ethernet communication between PLC and SCADA. What should i do to make it work? Regards Nikola Ljubinkovic
  8. I'm developing SCADA graphics, and was just supplied with an address list from the PLC programmer. After looking over manuals/webinars/forum posts I'm looking to get some verification on whether I got the Modbus addressing correct or not. This is my first experience having to interface with an Unitronics PLC... I'm used to AB or SCADAPacks mostly...
  9. Hi. Try to read values from v570 on modbus tcp from omron cx supervisor scada. When i view port on plc it show that it is connected but dont get any values in the omron scada. Any help from some one that used omron scada with unitronics. Thanks.
  10. Hi all, I am looking for the input/output modbus address range of the expansion module "io ai 4 ao 2" for the V430. How do I go about finding these digits? Thanks in advance. D
  11. Hi to all, Is there a way to monitor the tag values in UniOPC? I can communicate the v350 to its visilogic simulator and view all the tag values, but I need to know if the UniOPC sees the value and pass it to the SCADA connected. My problem is that the SCADA(iconics) always show an uncertain quality and a value of zero which is not the real value. Now, I would like to eliminate if my registration in SCADA is wrong or I have a problem in UniOPC(does not submit the value to SCADA). Whenever the SCADA run, it successfully add the tags I registered, but in SCADA software, I cant obtain the PLC value. Any idea of this problem, I also use OPC Quick client to test the V351 tag value but the Tag quality status is Bad, and the values are all 0. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hoping someone could help me on this.
  12. Hi all, I have a question regarding slave adressing on Modbus. We have a V130 which we want to use as a slave on a Scada system. When I read about slave adressing in the help file the pointer value offset is given for each data type, no problems. However, when I read the examples (and also different topics regarding modbus here on the forum) another offset seem to occur. For example when writing a 3-bit vector of outputs starting at O8: "SCADA as the Modbus master to color PLC: Convert the HEX address to DEC. In the SCADA application, set the Slave: Start of Vector parameter to 46393 (30001 + 16384(4000h) + 8) and the Force: Vector Length parameter to 3, enabling the Master device to write to O 8 - O 10 within the slave Vision controller." Where does the 30001 come from? The 4000h is obvious since it's mentioned in the help file. A similar offset of 40001 seem to appear when reading/writing MI:s, 400001 for MF:s and so on. I must be missing something fundamental since I can't find any information about this offset. A couple of words around this would be much appreciated. Cheers from Sweden Anton
  13. Good day to everyone! Got an issue trying connect to v1040-t20b via modbus serial. I'm initiating data exchange through usb port (and starting to realize that, eventually, there is no any response from Uni, 'cause com1 supports only PCOM). Than i looked through info mode menu: com1 - pcom, com2 - pcom, com3 - modbus. And at the side panel there are port1 and port2 only. So, there is no such as 'port3' or... com3. How can i configure usb port to recognize modbus commands?
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