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Found 25 results

  1. Hello, I have 2 alarms that set off a buzzer. But I need to place a Silencer button in the program using one of the HMI keys. I also need to have after 8 hours unattended, the buzzer shuts off. I need help trying to latch the key input to shut the buzzer off. And after 8 hours has timed out it needs to shut the buzzer off and stay off until someone gets to it. I'm thinking it will need to be set and reset. Is there a better way of doing this?
  2. Hello, I want to create a time meter on my program. The principle would be to activate this time meter only when my pump Is working I don't find how can I make it on Visilogic.. Can you help me ? I'm working on a Vision V570 Thank you
  3. Hi Guys, I was thinking that it will be very useful to have min and max value limit entries option for the timer Preset entry for Vision series. In the following star-delta motor starting example, i use T1 as a delay in order to make sure that star contactor will be de-energised before delta contactor is energized. Even though i use electrical interlock circuitry to prevent short-circuit, i always prefer to provide also an electronic safety. Since response time of the PLC outputs is much faster than the response time of the contactor coils, T1 delay is required. Today i had a call from one of my customers saying that there is something wrong with the motor of his air pressure booster which is controlled by a V130. The problem was that someone changed T1 preset value from 00:10 to 10:00 by mistake (10sec instead of 100mS). Just a practical example of a problem in the real world!
  4. Today I had a problem with a timer from a big program made in Visilogic. 2 months after downloading a new program into the V130, a timer changed itself from to The timer is only used by one contact and one coil. Did anyone ever experienced this too? And how can I prevent it from happening again? Thank you!
  5. Has anyone created a stopwatch in Visilogic? Here's what I am trying to achieve: Machine jams, Stopwatch starts, Operator clears jam, Stopwatch time is recorded in bit, Stopwatch Resets Right now I am using Accumulating Timers to simulate, then calculate this during an entire 12 hour shift, but would like to have something appear on the display that resembles a stopwatch with the jam message.
  6. im struggling now i have a plc unitronics visilogic so i want a timer TON TOFF for 10 s can anyone help me
  7. Hi. I am new with a vision120. I need to know how long a condition is activated. (chronometer). and that when it stops being active it starts at 0. increasing and I can not find the solution. thank you very much.
  8. Hi All, I am using a timer for 5 seconds, that all the time get connected and running, what is the 'lifespan' of timer at M90. Jazz controller? please advise, sagi
  9. Greeatings. I do one aplication and i have some problems with timers . I make one preset timer , i set the value of timer form hmi , for example i set 5 min but when i acitivate my aplication timer is ON can someone explane me where i do mistake. Thank you
  10. Hi, As another user, i'm tring to read a timer value by using com driver .net and I 've got an exception (see the attach file). Have you got a solution. Thank you
  11. Hello, I need a proposal how to make TA for more than 99h. Simple to have a service hours counter for blowers or etc. When the blower starts - timer starts. When it stops - timer stops. I'll be glad if you have any ideas Best wishes, eng. Nikola Gramatikov
  12. Hello there, I'm new here, programming with U90 PLC I need help with something, I don't know how to create a total run hour on display, can somebody help me with it?
  13. Hello, is there a posibillity for reading and writing a timer value (not only MB or MI)? I am using unistream 10 as a master and v700 as a slave.
  14. Given two temperatures and a time span, I want to create a timer that counts down to either add or subtract one from the current temperature (making a ramp). I am correctly setting TD 29 to this value (s/ 1 degree C), but the timer is never triggering the block of code. How can I fix this? Have you seen other solutions to a smooth temperature ramp?
  15. Hi new to this. I am trying to create a countdown timer. F6 starts the countdown from a keypad entered number Hours and Minutes. F7 Pauses timer. When the timer is in the on state ie. counting down I wish for a relay to be activated. I'm using a V280 with a V200-18-E2B i/o snap in. At a later point I'm going to require the total time multiplied by a predetermined Current reading as a total in milli-amp hours. I've read just about everything posted about timers but can't seam to find anything relevant.Attached is my effort.It doesn't work I can change the numeric value of the timer but it won't Start. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Martin
  16. Hello, When reading timer value as numeric data type (TCL or TPL) the result is always 0, while reading it as a string returns correct value. I don't know what's the problem. It probably isn't syntax because OPC reports syntax errors, I tried all numeric data types and the result is always 0. Reading value as a string isn't that much of a problem because substrings for minutes and seconds can be extracted. But when writing the value into PLC some code gymnastics is required which takes time. So my question is can timer values be treated as numeric variables? I use "WinLog" SCADA from Sielco, example of tags that I use: Transport.TPL0 (this returns 0) Transport.TP0 (this returns correct value)
  17. Dears All, In my project I have create few ladder function; each ladder function is enable when I select the related HMI page...and automatically te others will be disable. In some ladder function I used few single timer...and as you can see in the attached pic in the rung before the TON I use a Treset of it. What happened...I see that when I add two more TON (with same timer) and I enabled the page/ladder function ALL the timer set itself the current value at the preset value (but the BIT remain 0)...and the timer reset doesn't works...it means that the counter doesn't start and the BIT don't become 1...if I add two more TON (with different timer) all works fine.
  18. Hi, A subroutine in my program uses a few timers. However, when the first timer starts it then stops after only 0.15 seconds have elapsed - the preset value is 10s - and the program flow does not progress beyond that ladder net. Attached is a screenshot showing the relevant part of the ladder during runtime. Sorry if the solution to resolving this is really obvious, but please could someone suggest how to correct this? Many thanks in advance. - James
  19. Hello, I'm developing a project which toggles connected devices on and off. The program toggles itself on 8AM and off after 4PM. Mode works automatically by default. It can be manually forced on or off for five seconds. It will revert to automatic-setting after set time. Right now I'm able to change current mode between values 1, 2 and 3. I have yet to find a proper way to set timer back to automatic. Suspected problem is timer applying itself multiple times when chosen. Attachments include: - Current copy of a project - Screenshot from main routine and subroutine. office_IV.vlp
  20. Hello, I am designing a rig for a very fast, time sensitive experiment. The end result is to have a plot with pressure change versus time, so it needs to measure on the order of miliiseconds. I have a Vision 570, and the newest software. I already am able to take ~10 ms increment data and store it into a data table. Is there any way to record the RTC in milliseconds and store that in the data table as well? The system Integers don't seem to have that precision. Note: I do NOT want the scan time resolution, I want the actual time the data point is being taken, so I will need either a timer or real time clock that has this precision. Thanks in advance!!
  21. Hi guys, I'm using Vision 130 PLC- V133-33-T38. When I'm using in the logic timers (for ex. TD), when I excite the timer, the time is not elapsing. I have created a coil itself...not working, then coil and contact...not working. I'm using simple network (for ex. when MB30 is 1, start TD4 (TD is set to time 10sec)). When time elapsed activate MB31. Simple as that. Does anyone has an idea why this is not working? Thanks,
  22. Hi all, I'm brand new to the Unitronics Vision line after about 6 years on AB ControlLogix and PLC5, so pardon what might be some "noob" questions. I couldn't find my answers after a forum search and maybe I am overlooking something in the documentation. I'm used to the relative ease of being able to indirectly address mostly anything from my PLC5 days, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to perform some similar operations in a Vision 130. I need to loop through a routine that will control 12 valves. I'm going to utilize an MI register as my loop pointer / index and loop through with a Jump / Label. I've decided to store configuration bits and buffer the valve commands into a series of MIs so that I can indirectly access a particular bit. I really have 2 questions: 1) I'd like to indirectly address the output bit for the actual valve using a register (MI) that contains my valve commands. MI 400 is my valve pointer. MI 402 is my output pointer MI:401 is my register for valve 1. Bit 0 is my output bit. Other bits in the register will correspond to other status indicators (NO / NC, Valve failure, etc...) Here is an example of how would have coded it in "Allen-Bradley parlance" using the vision naming convention. What would the equivalent be with Vision? I have a feeling it may be the Numeric to Bit vector instruction? So in this example, MI 400 = 401, and MI 402 = 1 MI [MI 400]/0 O[MI 402] ---| |---------------( ) 2) Is it possible to indirectly address a timer? I have some timers associated with each valve and I cannot find a way to start a timer indirectly. I'd like to avoid copy and pasting 12 times over. It's not too much work to directly address them but it will look nicer and fit within the loop. Thanks!
  23. All, I need to write to a timer preset and am getting an 'object' error using the .net driver. I'm sort of between a rock and a hard place... THanks in advance. Below is the 'function' that attempts to write - Public Function Write_TimerPreset(ByVal tmrIndex As Int16, ByVal TmrValue As integer) As Boolean Dim values As Object() = New Object(2) {} Try values(0) = DirectCast(TmrValue, Object) Catch System.Windows.Forms. MessageBox.Show("One of more of the values are not valid") Return False Exit Function End Try Dim wo As WriteOperands = New WriteOperands() With wo .NumberOfOperands = 1 .OperandType = OperandTypes.TimerPreset .StartAddress = tmrIndex .Values = values .TimerValueFormat = TimerValueFormat.SecondsFormat End With Dim rw(0) As ReadWriteRequest rw(0) = wo Try plc.ReadWrite(rw) Catch Dim ErrorMessage As String = "Could not communicate with the PLC" & vbCrLf & "Error # " & Str(Err.Number) & " was generated by " _ & Err.Source & vbCrLf & Err.Description 'Display the message as a critical message. MsgBox(ErrorMessage, MsgBoxStyle.Critical, "PLC Connection Error") CaptureErr(EquipmentPK, "Unitronics Class", "Write_TimerPreset", Str(Err.Number), Err.Source, Err.Description, Now(), EmployeePK, 0) Return False End Try Return True End Function
  24. Hi Thanks you in advace for your help. I am a newbie with visilogic and I am struggling with the last subroutine of my program. I will explain what I want to happen: As HMI loads, O3 to automatically open until a set pressure is reached (103 mbar) O3 then closes and remains closed whilst a leak test is undertaken - if the pressure drops below 103 mbar during the test time, O3 should not re-open. As the set pressure is reached, a timer should be activated to start the leak test timer (10 seconds) At the end of the 10 seconds, if the pressure is below 100 mbar then HMI FAIL should load If the pressure is above 100 mbar then HMI PASS should load. When the program finishes, all timers shoudl be reset ready for the next run test. This is working ok the first time i run through the program, but when I restart the routine the timer is running before the set pressure is reached. I also cannot lockout the O3 control. Can anyone help?! I have attached screenshots of my ladder. Thanks Russ
  25. I would like to know with the M91 if can I use a potentiometer plug into the analogue input (0-10V) to setup the time of a timer? Thanks
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