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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Since upgrading to UniLogic version 1.33.210 the "History" button on the trend component on the web pages does not list the history data set files. Works fine on the HMI pages. All the files are on the SD card. I have tried recreating the web page but still not listing the list of history files. Any suggestion to get this working?
  2. I have a bunch of USMP files (trend data). Not all have ended up as zipped CSV files. What format are the USMP files? Looks like XML in the header, but I can't crack the encoding used for the actual data. Is there a file converter available for USMP files?
  3. Hi! First of all I'm attaching a photo: Why are the max values equals to 1? All the curves format settings are equal and all of these are INT16. What a hack am I doing wrong??? Please let me know before I freaking out 🙂
  4. Hi All, I'm using a VT570 to log some data to SD card. I realized a single Trend with 2 curve for 2 sensor. My goal is to log on a monthly basis this data on a file. File name is "MMYY.utr". Sample rate is 1 data every 5 minutes. When I export data from SD to Excel using the appropriate tool I always have DateTime column rollback in a strange way. All the datetime are correct till to 25th of month and then they are wrong (even if the logged data continues to be correct). Here under you can find some screenshots that I hope explain the issue better than my words. Ladder code is simply and It is essentially a copy of Visilogic example to save Trend on SD Card but I'm not able to understand where is the error. Any help or advise will be very appreciated. Regards Golzione
  5. Hello world, connected to a remote PLC via Remote Operator, the object "trend" is often not displayed correctly. Only a part of the curves on the right side of the object are visible. Left part is invisible and can be displayed only by clicking the "M" button. Did you observe similar behavior of the trend object? Is it possible to get rid of this phenomenon? Thanks, Michal.
  6. Hi!, I try make some progres with following problem. I need to display 2 curves on one trend window (Visilogic, Vision 1210) and I want to rescale y axis once for a while to fit data inside For example: I have two curves, both can change form 0 to 1200, operator need to see both curves but on y axis he need to see only 200 points (from 0 to 200, then from 100 to 300 etc.) I created some logic to find present max and min value from both data and use it as an input integer (M|) for trend ymin and ymax. The problem is: after trends refresh and resize y axis, first curve displays correct but second act like crazy. Goes up or down. It behave like it works on history axis. Im asking for help, maybe someone resolve this problem before.
  7. Hi, I'm trying to get trend from SD card to display on a V700. I cannot get any trend to display. I have checked that the trend does exist in the SD card via SD explorer and shows correctly in SD manager. I have stopped the writing of the trend when I loaded the HMI page with Trend from SD variable. The trend load error bit of the Trend SD variable is showing 0. The only anomaly that I can find is SB119 is constantly showing 1. I cannot find any literature about why SB119 is always on. Please help. Regards, Qinsong
  8. Hello, Can you help me with the autoscaling trends/graphs. Does v1040 have this implemented by default. I am runing on: Visilogic 9.8.9 Build 0 V1040 Hardware Version A, OS: 3.9(48) Thanks
  9. My PLC is V350-35-T2 I have been having trouble displaying in my PLC a trend written to my SD card. I am able to write the trend to the SD Card and view it in the SD Card Manager but I am not able to view it in my PLC. I write the active Trend to a file called InnUt.utr When I try to use the "Trend from SD" variable in another display, it displays nothing. When the file "InnUt.utr" does: -exists the "Trend load error bit" is "0" -NOT exists the "Trend load error bit" is "1" So I must have the filename and folder correct in my program. Can anyone help me figure out how to display the the Trend in my PLC?
  10. Hello, I am working on a project that requires recording the trending data from 4 separate trends to the SD Card. They want to record the data "no less than once every 5 minutes". I based my code off of the program in the examples file in the help menu and was able to get a single trend screen to record (I did it on the v570 for testing) based on a series of timers. The code worked fine however when I used the identicle code for the v1210 (setting up a single trend screen for recording) my start->trend SD Status message reads 256 which I assume is "failed to open file". Does anybody have any pointers on getting the trends to record to the SD card for a v1210? I would export the subroutine and attach it to this post but it won't let me export due to "elements that refernce Named Constants"
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