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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, Trying to install UniOPC Server 2.0.19 on a Windows 10 box. Sometimes the application will work, but I often get this error that indicates some permission issue. The Windows user profile has admin privileges, and I right-click on the application and choose , "Run as Administrator." Anyone ever run into this?
  2. Tengo un problema con UNIOPC, me aparece un mensaje de error '462' en tiempo de ejecución, servidor remoto no existe o no esta disponible. Que hacer?
  3. Hi, I have two Jazz JZ20-J-T40 PLC-s, and one V130-J-TR20 PLC. I am using zView SCADA. I tried to connect them via Ethernet by using switch, but I cannot use two different PLCs on this SCADA. Then i tried to connect them to SCADA via uniOPC, but communicating is just too slow. I have just one bit that goes from 0 to 1 in 0.5 seconds, and back to 0 in 0.5 (1 second pulse), just for testing, still it's too slow. It runs normally for like 2,5 seconds, and then just stops, and changes in 4-10 seconds, or just freezes for 2-3 minutes, and then changes. My PC Spec are not in the way of this, I am sure of that, i have tried it on my weakest and strongest laptop, still exactly the same results, too slow with just one bit for each of the PLCs, that is 3 bits total. Does anyone had the same problem, is there a way of fixing this? Regards Nikola Ljubinkovic
  4. Hello, I'm trying to help a customer set up UniOPC Server on their end to work with our equipment; this is my first time using UniOPC Server. I was able to install and run the UniOPC Server on my own PC (Windows 7 64-bit with UAC turned off) without trouble, and I saved my .upc configuration file and send it to the customer. They installed the software on their end (I believe also Windows 7 64-bit), but after loading my .upc file, when they clicked "RUN" an error dialog popped up saying "Run-time error '339': Application-defined or object-defined error", with only an OK button, which I believe closed the Server. At my suggestion they uninstalled the software, disabled UAC and reinstalled it, and then ran it as an administrator, but still got that error when clicking RUN. They even installed the UniOPC Server on a second computer (again with UAC disabled) and manually entered the channel and PLC parameters instead of loading my .upc file, but even on a second PC, got "Run-time error '339'" when trying to run the server. Does anyone have any idea of specifically what run-time error 339 signifies, and why they keep having this problem when clicking "RUN"? For reference, here's a cut-and-paste of the settings I had them enter manually: Click the "Channels Collection" button on the toolbar. In the Channels Collection window, click the "Add" button. Enter these PC Communication Parameters: Connection type: TCP/IP (Call) Remote IP: Remote port: 20256 Click "OK". Click "Close". Click the "Add PLC" button on the toolbar. Enter these PLC parameters: Name: IV Monitor Type: Vision Unit ID: Direct Connection Channel: TCP/IP (Call): Enable: Enabled checked Click "OK". In the "File" menu choose "Save" to save the configuration. Click the "RUN" button on the toolbar to start the server.
  5. Hi to all, Is there a way to monitor the tag values in UniOPC? I can communicate the v350 to its visilogic simulator and view all the tag values, but I need to know if the UniOPC sees the value and pass it to the SCADA connected. My problem is that the SCADA(iconics) always show an uncertain quality and a value of zero which is not the real value. Now, I would like to eliminate if my registration in SCADA is wrong or I have a problem in UniOPC(does not submit the value to SCADA). Whenever the SCADA run, it successfully add the tags I registered, but in SCADA software, I cant obtain the PLC value. Any idea of this problem, I also use OPC Quick client to test the V351 tag value but the Tag quality status is Bad, and the values are all 0. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hoping someone could help me on this.
  6. I have a signle PLC over Ethernet configured in UniOPC. Why if I set Update Rate to value higher than 3 sec, (00:00:03:00) after couple of seconds values in UniOPC freezes and stop changing?
  7. Hi, I am new in UniOPC in Windows2003 operating system. Here is the scenario, I have a V350 OPLC that I am communicating in SCADA. I can monitor the OPLC value via Visilogic, but I cant see its value in SCADA. I think my problem is the UniOPC tool, it shows that the tag value has a bad quality. Does anyone have an idea how can I make UniOPC work in WIndows2003? Thanks. Best Regards, Raymond Santiago
  8. Hi, Is there anyone who already used uniOPC with iconics genesis32 scada? I am having trouble with communications. The PLC tags were added in the OPC during runtime of the scada but the value that I could get is all "uncertain quality". I am currently testing the connection with V350 and using on MB and one MI as a data tags. Does anyone have an idea with the problem? Any help is greatly appreciated. Regards, Raymond
  9. I have a problem when configuring UniOPC for a customer. Target machine: Windows XP SP3 I set up the permissions for UniOPC according to the manual. The UniOPC server is started by the Merz OPCtoDDE software. We use OPCtoDDE because an old system component does not support OPC2. When I'm logged in with an Administrator account, everything starts normally and communication works OK. Always. When I log in on the User account, which should have all the necessary permissions as I have followed the manual "by the book", the UniOPC fails in one of two ways: 1. If the UniOPC server was not started when logging in on the User account, a dialog appears with the message "Runtime Error '70': Permission Denied" and UniOPC stops. It then tries to restart the UniOPC every once in a while (every minute?) with the same result. 2. If the UniOPC server was already started before the login, e.g. by a login to an Administrator account that resulted in successful communication over UniOPC, then the UniOPC server is running OK but the communication does not work. Questions: * In case 1, how do I set the permissions to make it work? * In case 2, what could be the problem as the communication was in fact working in the same session but with another user?
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