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Found 20 results

  1. Hello everyone, Does anyone have any idea why the snap on i/o module is not being pick up on the plc? Its a v1210 hmi/plc and a v200-18-E3XB i/o module.
  2. I received an interesting task related to the movement of a part using two axes. X and Z axes will work alternately. The only requirement is to use a large Vision V1210 screen (no snap -in present) and two powerful stepper motors with built-in step and direction drivers once purchased by the customer. Should I buy another TR34 or TRA22 PLC in addition to the existing one or order and wait for EXF-RC15? There is also a way to buy a motion control module and send tasks to it from the panel. What do you think is the most simple and effective solution of this task with present customer hardware? p.s. The stepper driver is not hybrid - therefore, it will not work to use the signal for a high-speed counter from its built-in encoder.
  3. Hi Team I am stuck with a V1210-EXA2X-TO16-TO16 configuration which has worked for 4+ years and now stopped working after an update. #ausman, I saw too late your sound pinned advice (linked below) however, I am here now with a non-function system on a client site and desparately seeking advice to fix: Short Story - after an update, the two TO16 output modules do not seem to be sync'd anymore via the EXA2X to the V1210. Their status lights show GREEN FLASHING, I am expecting these to be GREEN STEADY. I have tried removing all modules and then re-adding them in HW Config : Something that's a litttle confusing is that I dont have the option to add the EX2AX expansion adaptor, but 4+years on from original config, I dont recall if it was there in the working version. I have powered off and on.. reloaded software.. all to no avail, the output ports stubbornly ignore everything. Is there some setting, option, config, that will force the system to recognise these modules? It's been some weeks now and I have been unable to get any advice direct from support and we've lost our local support due to ill health. Slightly longer story: update was as a result of a client changing battery leading to (possibly) corrupt / missing app, I tried to reload but Visiilogic appeared to be forcing an update, which I did, this led to a requirement to update OS (which was now incompatible with app) and then reloading the app. Going crazy here! 🙂 Many thanks Mal
  4. Hello, I want to use this first time PTO output like stepper. I use electronic on 5v to controll stepp motor. I send 5V pulses on stepper drive from mcontroler output. That works with mcontroller but I want to make it with plc. On this unitronics high speed output voltage level is 24 or is it 5V? Can you post some shema how do you controll stepp motor with this, like nema 34 for example. And how many steps per second can this output give? Thanks
  5. Hello All, I've got a V1210 controller and I've been using Visilogic 9.8.91 to look at an OEM program. This is on a Windows 10 box, running as admin, UAC off. I've been able to use ethernet Direct Connection to go online and view values. I've also modified the program and have been able to download to V1210. Things have worked fine. Recently I've been trying to use UniOPC Server and it has not been successful. Now, I'm unable to get online with the controller. When I go to Direct Connection, I get this error. I can ping the V1210 and others on the LAN. I've ensured the cables currently work. Is it possible I'm trying to go online with the wrong program that's currently loaded into controller? Just not sure why it was working and now isn't. I've power cycled V1210 several times, I've unplugged and plugged the ethernet cable. Checked SB 314 and it's not set. I can post the program if that will help, too. Appreciate your time and help!
  6. Hi, i'm trying to control a DC fan which needs a 25 kHz control signal. The control line is connected through the NPN output of an EX-D16A3-TO16 expansion module which is connected to a V1210. But one thing isn't clear to me at the moment: The expansion module can send a frequency of 1Hz - 32 kHz. So a MI should be enough for the job. But when I look in the help file under "Configuring a High-speed Output (PWM) > Frequency (F)", it says that the Software Units of a V1210 are 0.1Hz (500Hz = 5,000). This would mean that an MI would not be enough because a value of 32,000 would mean I only send a frequency of 3,200 Hz, instead of 32,000 Hz. I cannot select an other operand than a MI, so can I not use this expansion module for sending out an 25kHz signal to my fan?
  7. Hi All I purchased a new V1210 for a customer and have been developing a chunky bit of code to drive 64 pumps in various modes. The date time is becoming reset to 1st Jan '06 It also only happens on power cycle, not on reset or when downloading new code. I've checked all the obvious stuff: 1. Put in a new battery 2. Checked the battery status bit is fine (in fact I've built in a small piece of code that checks it if is set and the plc starts beeping and a battery icon flashes) until the user presesses confrm at which point I do a reset. Either I hadnt noticed or it has only started happening recently (about a month into development) - I reckon its the first option though; I have just started working on the shcedule bit that triggers on time so ony now am I paying attention to the time. Any thoughts anyone? Could I somehow be inadvertently triggering some state that resets the date/time? Many thanks Mal
  8. Hi all, I would like to know how to send a value of a MI trough email. I'm using v1210 PLC. I tried to send this value using the option "Indirect mail content" but an strange icon appears. Can I send more than only one value in the same email? Thank you!
  9. HI All - I seem to have all the quirky ones (see my clock issue So this issue: I have a V1210 + Expansion Module + 2xTO16 - all was working fine for client; I recently recovered the set up to develop and implement new features. On returning the setup today I (for the first time) connected everything up only to find that the expansion module is not communciating with the PLC. : 1. On startup there are some brief flashes on teh comms LED 2. the TO16 just keep flashing. I loaded my empty test programme which is set up for same hardware config. No change until I did an Iniatlise/Reset (Thanks Ausman) and behold evryting was talking again. I reloaded my client's software and nope, it will not see the perpheral devices. Tried Initailise reset - still no joy. I have checked and rechecked the hardware config and it is correct. Is it possible to somehow disable hardware in code? The only thing I can think of is that I did update tle PLC OS on Joe's advice (relating to the clock issue); If I update the OS do I need to do something else to ensure compatibility? Man this PLC is jinxed ! (see my clock issue) Many thanks in advance of any ideas on this. Cheers mal
  10. Hello all ! I'm trying to get data from a V1210 using DataXport. When i try to get OPLC information i got this message : "Communications could not be established due to failure to open port. Port maybe in use by another application or device." Or this port seems to work perfectly and is not used by other application... Can somebody help me ? Regards, Gaël.
  11. Hi everybody. I need some help because I have an issue, trying to use a Beckhoff BK5120 | CANopen Bus Coupler with a V1210 PLC https://www.beckhoff.com/BK5110/ with the next configuration 4 KL1114 DIGITAL INPUT (4 SINKING) 2 KL1408 DIGITAL INPUT (8 SINKING) 1 KL2134 DIGITAL OUTPUT (4 SOURCING) 2 KL2408 DIGITAL OUTPUT (8 SOURCING) 1 KL3061 ANALOG (0-10V) INPUT https://download.beckhoff.com/download/Document/Catalog/Main_Catalog/english/separate-pages/Bus_Terminal/KL3061.pdf The issue that I have is that I've never used a Beckhoff KL3061 ANALOG (0-10V) INPUT and I don't know how to set up the Unitronics V1210 PLC CANopen configuration in the VisiLogic Software. Also, I'd like to know which function can I use to read the analog input. Does anybody did that before? I'll appreciate your help. Thank you.
  12. Hello, I am currently checking an installation of a Flow meter model: Hoffer HIT-2A. I would like to calculate in my PLC the Volume flowing at real time. This kind of valve has 2 outputs, 4-20 mA for the Flow Meter and a Pulse with 62.5 msec signal. Should I create a High speed input or can I use the next structure for the Volume Calculation in real time. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance
  13. A short clip showing the Unitronics V1210 in action with a customers application, checking to see how tender the peas are before harvesting.
  14. Hi, Would someone explain me how can I send correctly variables type REAL (MF`s) over Modbus-TCP? I am working with a PLC V1210 with Internet card V200-19-ET2, it talks to an Anybus X-gateway ( AB7629-F) which is Profibus-Master and Modbus Slave then the Anybus will send the data to a Nachi Robot CFD controller. I already set the comms between all devices and I can send/receive data to each other. My problem starts when I try to send the variable with decimal point (i.e 1.5) to the robot. But let me explain where I have got so far. Before send it to the robot I get the MF0 and copied to a DW0 variable with COPY MEMORY function with the following parameters: COPY MEMORY FUNCTION MF0 = A 0 = B DW0 = C 0 = D 4 = E When I store the value 1 to MF0 my DW0 displays the value 16256 and the Robot gets the same value 16256. However when I start to change the values into MF0 the robot starts receive different values. I have tried many things but I believe I have missed some information in terms how to convert these variables type. Obs: The robot program side gets block of 32 bits and then convert to a DINT variable and after that /100 and store the result into a variable type REAL with decimal point. If there is anyone who could give me a explanation how to deal with this problem would be great. Thanks for now and this is my first topic. I already set the comms between all devices and I can send/receive data to each other.
  15. Hi, A subroutine in my program uses a few timers. However, when the first timer starts it then stops after only 0.15 seconds have elapsed - the preset value is 10s - and the program flow does not progress beyond that ladder net. Attached is a screenshot showing the relevant part of the ladder during runtime. Sorry if the solution to resolving this is really obvious, but please could someone suggest how to correct this? Many thanks in advance. - James
  16. Machine has 4 load cells (30klb each, 2mV/V) into a Summing Box, then the single output from the summing box going into LC2 on an I/O LC3. The Load Cells are measuring clamping force of a bolted joint and, as such, there is no real way to put a reasonable known weight onto the LC's and hit "Calibrate." Eventually we'll have a calibrator come out with a through-hole Load Cell to dial it in, but we need to get it in the ballpark to get started. In this application, relative values are more critical than accuracy so if we're off 5% no big deal. I used some simple math to determine that it should take 111,000 or so pounds to reach 80mV/V output which is the top of the scale. Question is, if I use Edit Calibration Point and fake in a Zero and a Full-Scale Output point, will that get me reasonably close to accurate? I thought it seemed workable - theoretically 0.8mV (80mV/V * 10V Excitation) should end up at a Raw value of 8,388,607. But, when I was looking at data the Raw values were about 1/8th of the pounds I was expecting to see, so that kind of shot my theory up a bit. Anyway, hopefully this makes some sense and someone can shed some light!
  17. good fellow, I present below a video (in Spanish) of the application made ​​in cúcuta / Colombia. a counter tile production system where, thanks to a network of sensors installed you can post all production was implemented. part of this is calculated among other things: machine cycles lost time effectiveness square meter format produced break caused ton consumed in production lifespan of punches, dies Spaces within the furnace mimico of production in the end visualize all this is possible through web server sms OPLC email and scada done by my using dde excel and vba successes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObB3oenmYFQ&feature=share&list=UUIDHP3ZVEBlfVoyINIjvqJw
  18. Hello! I'm using V1210 to control and monitor a container datacenter. The monitoring protocol used by the client is snmp. But there's a problem, the PLC responds only 5 variables per request. If prompted more than 5 variables, the PLC crashes. Is there any way to improve it? It is possible to use the memory card to increase the response buffering snmp?
  19. Hello, I am working on a project that requires recording the trending data from 4 separate trends to the SD Card. They want to record the data "no less than once every 5 minutes". I based my code off of the program in the examples file in the help menu and was able to get a single trend screen to record (I did it on the v570 for testing) based on a series of timers. The code worked fine however when I used the identicle code for the v1210 (setting up a single trend screen for recording) my start->trend SD Status message reads 256 which I assume is "failed to open file". Does anybody have any pointers on getting the trends to record to the SD card for a v1210? I would export the subroutine and attach it to this post but it won't let me export due to "elements that refernce Named Constants"
  20. As has been noted elsewhere... Protective Lexan Covers are Now Available for All Vision Controllers. Even though the Unitronics Vision controllers are very economical, there’s no sense damaging them when you can easily apply a durable protective cover. We now offer a self-adhesive Lexan protective film custom cut for each Vision controller from Unitronics. This includes the V130, V350, V280, V290, V530, V560, V570, V1040and V1210. These protective covers are resistant to the following chemicals: Acetone, Methylene Chloride, Isopropyl Alcohol, Ethyl Acetate, Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Coffee, Clorox3, Vinegar and more… AMPS currently has covers in stock to protect the V130, V350 and V570 controllers.
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