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  1. Hi to All, I've short question. Did anyone use the Unitronics Vision Controller for an IoT application with the MQTT protocol? I think the Unitronics OPLC will fit very well to the Internet of Things. Best Regards Thomas
  2. Buen día. Soy integrador de Automatización. Un cliente intento actualizar el OS de un OPLC V350 pero éste se bloqueo. Ahora cuando se energiza, solo se oye un sonido intermitente y luego deja de sonar, pero la pantalla no enciende. Como puedo desbloquear el OPLC para actualizar el OS. el Serial del OPLC es LM00F10V7 V350-35-R2. Gracias.
  3. Hello Everyone. Hello everyone I am having a problem with my Vision V350, in the company where I work there are two PLCs, a V350 and a V1210 that communicate by MODBUS. We have a screen that alerts us when a communication problem happen and when we check our V350 it shows us an error that is: O.S. (Stop Mode - Fatal Error) Enum: 0x00001740 IP: 0x00250000 00076A2C Ldr: 0x000000DE Desc: Undefined Opcode Some changes had been made to the program and then this error arose so it went back to the previous program, but the problem is still happening. Does any
  4. Hi all! I have a problem with Protocol TCP/IP SCAN module. In my project I can connect this PLC (V350) with my computer through TCP/IP protocol. I use PROTOCOL TCP/IP SEND module for send information to PC and Scan module for receive it and that part work fine, with this, connection modules problems are discarded. My next step is connect the PLC with a server (same way). In this case I send a GET petition from PLC, when server receive this petition send another get petition to PLC with the valor of a variable stored in a data base, this petition must be read it by SCAN module and update
  5. Hai Guys, I have add Ethernet module(V100-17-ET2) in my V350 controller in order to communicate with one additional HMI . It is working fine with a short cable (2 to 3 metre). But when i connect long cable, more than 5 meter, even LEDs for indication itself not working. The same cable is working fine between my PC and HMI. But not working between my PC and V350 Controller. Please advise me to solve this ASAP. Thanks Regards Abilash Singapore.
  6. I am very new to using PLC’s and HMI’s but for my current project I am tasked to have an E3X-HD sensor sense parts moving across a conveyor and increment a counter on the PLC (V350-35-R34). I was told I would get training for this PLC+HMI but it was not provided. I would appreciate it if someone could help me even just get the PLC/HMI to even talk with the sensor if it is at all possible. Thank you!
  7. So I ordered a V350-J-R34 controller to input a couple analog signals from a couple pressure transducers. I'm reading the installation guide, and I don't know if I'm just reading it wrong, or legitimately confused here. It says this controller has 2 analog inputs, and that terminals 14 and 15 may be used as the analog inputs. However, when I scroll down to the analog input wiring diagram, it shows the positive end of the signal wires landing on terminal 4. HUH?!?!?! Can someone shed some light on this? It's making me feel stupider by the minute. image hosting free upload image online
  8. Hi Having used the V350 - TRA22 for a number of years successfully on a variety of projects and now I have a new project that unusually for us needs a RTC. I'm struggling with this, I want to be able to enter or update the RTC on the screen and basically every thing I try fails dismally. The clock runs, counts down, I can update via the tools, but not update via the HMI screen. The Help files are at best vague on this subject and none of the examples seem to have the feature I need which is press the RTC on the screen , enter a new value, HH,MM that's all we need. Sounds simple, and
  9. I've seen a couple of examples explaining using the .net library to read/write multiple MI's/MB's during a single call is it possible to read discrete I/O, Counters, Timers as well as MI/MB/DW/MF/ and SB in one call to the PLC using the .net library? Could you provide an example of the function, and then is there detail of the array structure that's generated on the PC side. Thanks -a
  10. Hello, For a new project, I’m actually trying to establish a Profibus communication between a V350 (slave) and a Siemens PLC (Master) S7 315-2DP. V350 (Slave - Address 3) -Profibus card is installed (V100-17-PB1) -OS is up to date (comprises a Profibus card) -Connected with a Profibus cable with Siemens connectors (terminating resistance connected) -Profibus configuration block on the main routine with SB2 (power-up task) -Status message = 0 -Error message = 1 -Profibus card detected : SB178 = 1 Siemens PLC (Master - Address 2)
  11. Hello, For a new project, I’m actually trying to establish a Profibus communication between a V350 (slave) and a Siemens PLC (Master) S7 315-2DP. V350 (Slave - Address 3) -Profibus card is installed (V100-17-PB1) -OS is up to date (comprises a Profibus card) -Connected with a Profibus cable with Siemens connectors (terminating resistance connected) -Profibus configuration block on the main routine with SB2 (power-up task) -Status message = 0 -Error message = 1 -Profibus card detected : SB178 = 1 Siemens PLC (Master - Address 2)
  12. Hi all, I have hit a roadblock and am asking for guidance. I have a V350 with an Ethernet module connected to a wireless gateway (RV50). The RV50 uses Modbus (socket 2, port 502) to connect to the PLC and port forwarding to allow remote communication (socket 1, port 20256). This communication is great and has been successful for several months. My challenge begins when we want to control the outputs on a separate wireless gateway (GX450) with AT commands from this PLC by using the Protocol TCP/IP Function. The catch is that the GX450 will be in a remote destination and we will not be able
  13. So after a bunch of trial and error I'm happy to say I've made some good progress on teaching myself how to program decently complex things, but a few things elude me so hopefully the questions I have aren't too obvious. 1. I have 2 sensors that I need to hook up to the PLC and I'm having trouble figuring out exactly what I need to do for it, I've looked up some posts on here about it but none of them seem to apply. It's a 4-20mA analog input that reads pH levels, but I'm not exactly sure what the linearization inputs (X1, Y1, X2, Y2, Y) should be. If there's a guide or example program abo
  14. Hello all, I just recently began my job programming PLCs for a custom welding manufacturer, so there will be many different types of programs to brainstorm and create. I am VERY new to programming itself let alone Visilogic and PLCs in general, no past experience aside from a few linux classes before coming into this job(unrelated just my only programming experience prior). That being said, I'm learning ladder logic and Visilogic from the ground up and was hoping a few of you gurus could point me in the right direction to make my learning process a bit smoother than it'd be with just goog
  15. Greeatings. I need some help , i use v350 T38 and i have problems . On my touch screen i need one button with two screen, function of this button is , when i press first time i activate my output , when i press second time output is off . Can someone help me how can i do this on v350
  16. So I'm currently in the process of adapting an old program to fit our current needs for my work, but after adding things to it it's giving me an error saying there are 18 fonts when only 15 are allowed. I've manually gone through and counted and there are only 3 that I can see, but I'm at a loss as to how to go from here. Is there any quick fix to this or am I going to have to redo the HMI completely?
  17. My main confusion right now is when I'm setting up the IP address and all of that for the PLC wouldn't I need to get the information of where the PLC is going to actually be used instead of the information from the production facility? Currently the PLCs are going to be sent out with the product they're attached to and used to control them but also send emails whenever alerts are triggered, would it be easiest to use the HMI and let the people plug in all their info for it instead of whatever workaround I would have to figure out or am I misunderstanding how the whole email thing works? I unde
  18. So I just want to preface this all by saying that I am very new to PLC programming and I'm currently trying to self-learn it for work. My current puzzle is that I want to send emails to a select email address when there is an fault in the system that the PLC is connected to, but right now I can't figure out how to send an email at all. I've looked at the help setup for doing this and I've plugged in most of the information that is pertinent but I'm running into two issues, I don't know how to test it and I'm not sure if the IP addresses and all that are correct. I'm currently working on a la
  19. Has anyone tried the Virtual PLC sold at PLC-apps.com. I am using V350 and need to simulate logic and test it for the client. I need to know if this simulator is trusted or not before buying. https://www.plc-apps.com/collections/apps-for-pc/products/virtual-plc-simulator
  20. I have a project that requires me to use FTP to send and retrieve .csv files from an FTP server. I know someone has written a program to send files via FTP for Visilogic, and I am currently working with the example that tech support sent me (still have to work out some bugs) but has anyone here used FTP to retrieve files via FTP and put them on the SD card? Thanks for your help Kurt
  21. Vision V350 has a good trend display library but I could not find a ready to use library to plot XY graphs where X does not means the time axis. Sometimes you might need to relate two values like temperature X pressure in a graph form in order to make a better process analysis for instance and proposed solution shows a method to create a cursor and move that cursor in a plot area in accord two distinct values like shown below: These two links below are about how to control the fan cooler PWM signal using a PLC (theory and practice) and the second one approaches the graphic design
  22. Hi all, at the moment i am using a Vision350 Controller for a small machine type. We think about replacing the Vison350 with the new 7 Inch samba. Now i have a few questions, because i am not sure if the memory of the samba would be enough for this program. * How can i find out the memory used in the Vision350 controller? I already looked at the "project memory map", but i did not get really useful information from there. I only see that i am using 4,9 % of the DLU capacity, but i do not find any information about how many kb are used for ladder code, hmi variables, .........
  23. Hello everyone, Did anybody solve FLAYING SHARE application with V350. Any idea is wellcome. Thank you all Best regards, djordjedjkgrs
  24. Hello, I have a house project and at the moment air exchange is not working properly. Ventilation system has 7 three-phase electrical motors, which are connected with belts to the rotors. Current system is very old and my aim is to improve it with Unitronics V350-unit which I already have. I would like to do following: - To control RPM of the motor with proper inverter. - Measure temperature-, humidity- and CO2-levels. If possible, measure particles (smoke detector). - Change settings based on current time, day and season. I would expand system with remote control and monitor
  25. I have a PLC V350, I made a new project but when I download it to the PLC buttons and numeric inputs are not active in the HMI, let down the screen 5 seconds and activates the subruitna to calibrate the TOUCH but does not respond to buttons, probe with other projects examples downloading them coming in the software but no active buttons, I think something is wrong with the PLC. Or I need to activate the screen wil otherwise?
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