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  1. Is it possible to dynamically change the drum step time through user input? For example, link it to an MI so that the time is adjustable based on recipe, or would I need to use a 0 time step and a timer to control moving to the next step?
  2. Hi Everyone! I'm a beginner to the Unitronics PLCs and I currently have V570-57-T20B-J with V200-18-E1B. I have got a used one, and when powering it on, it displays old programs therefore I would like to: 1- Erase old programs to start fresh and, 2- Would appreciate with any help to get me started with linking and communicating the PLC with Visilogic. I assume the miniUSB port is only for the sake of reprogramming and not initialising the PLC with new IP address, what would be used to set an IP? Any help would be much appreciated!
  3. Hello Everyone, I have just started working with Unitronics equipment and now I have to put a DSF60B to operate with a V570, the problem I am having is while the signal form the encoder is high the plc keep on inrementing value instead of treating it as a single pulse signal. To solve that i am using a Positive Transition Rise as my inputs and Incremental Block to read the signal from the Enconder. I have been told, and also imagined, that might be a better solution, just couldnt find it. I would appreciate if somebody could help me out with it. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi, I have a very high speed air cylinder that uses a laser sensor to give constant position feedback to the PLC. The PLC then sends out an analog output signal to a directional control valve depending on where the cylinder is in its current stroke. The goal is to extend the cylinder to a certain set point and right when it reaches the set point I want the cylinder to stop. The issue is because of the extremely high cylinder speeds, the current cylinder position undergoes a big change after the PLC has already finished updating the inputs to memory. Also by the time the PLC updates the outputs telling the valve to shut off, the cylinder has already overshot by 10-15 mm from the intended set point. Would there be any solutions to this problem other than adding offsets to account for the overshoot? The other weird thing is the delays between when the cylinder position reaches the set point and when the valve actually shuts off are always varying. If the PLC scan time is constant why would this vary? The PLC scan time was measured to be about 3 msec while these delays are about 10-15 msec. I am using a V570 PLC with a V200-18-E3/4XB snap-in I/O module. Than you in advance.
  5. I am working with a unitronics vision 570 PLC. I am doing a burn upload project and then when I try to verify , there are two cross marks in verification. These crosses are against PLC DLU memory backup. Sp any suggestions on how to fix that?
  6. Hello, I have a school project where i was tasked to read an MI from a Slave PLC as a Master PLC. I've tried using the help fuction, but i havent seemed to make it work. Thanks in advance
  7. I am getting the following error when trying to initialize/go online for the first time with my V570. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- "Communication over TCP/IP could not be established due to one of the following reasons: - cable connections are not secure - incorrect TCP/IP settings (IP address, Protocol type, Port number) - the connection is currently being used by another application. " ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Right now the first net in my main routine is checking SB2, following by Set PLC Name, followed by a TCP/IP - Card Init, (setting IP to, and then a Socket Init (using socket 1, TCP, port 20256, and client set to server [slave]). In communication and OS I have tried my connection as both TCP/IP (Call) & TCP/IP (Listen), I am using a favorite with the same name and IP as specified above. My local machine IP is set to I am connected directly to the ethernet port on the V570 with the V200-19-ET2 ethernet com port I am trying to "stop-download-reset" to go online and I get the above error consistently. I'm sure this is a basic question but I have watched all the tutorial videos and read the help files and I believe I am doing everything I am supposed to, any advice would be great!
  8. Tengo un problema con UNIOPC, me aparece un mensaje de error '462' en tiempo de ejecución, servidor remoto no existe o no esta disponible. Que hacer?
  9. Hello, In our laboratory we have xyz table for diode laser with v570 hmi controller. After the battery go dead, I have updated the firmware and uploaded the system file. Everything is ok, but the X and Y axis display negative values after the homming. How could I fix it? I uploaded vlp file to Gdrive. Thanks.
  10. Hello, In our lab we have xyz table for diode laser with v570 controller. After the battery go dead I updated v570 to the newest firmware and downloaded the system file. Everything is ok but the X and Y axis position status show negative values while I jogging in positive direction (after homming). How could I fix it? I have attached the vlp file. Thank you. Laser Technion X Screw.vlp
  11. Hi Guys, I have a new project to retrofit a mobile (vehicle) pile driver machine and I'm now in the process of hardware selection. The machine's decentralized control system was based on an obsolete CANopen Master controller made by IFM. It is a special controller for mobile machine applications and designed for harsh environments with excess vibration. Basically the question is: A normal PLC would be a reliable solution or should i use a controller specially designed for that purpose? What I'm thinking is to use a V570 (to be installed inside operator's cabinet) along with some third party CANopen I/O modules and sensors. Does anyone have any experience with using Unitronics PLC's for such applications? (PS) There are a lot of special controllers for mobile applications out there, most of them are based on CODESYS.
  12. Hello, I have assembled a MODBUS RS485 network to communicate 2 inverters and 2 softstarters. When performing the tests of communication did not obtain success. When I removed the cable from the EX A2X or A1X module, it started communicating. I am using the COM2 port with the termination jumper.
  13. Hey all, I am new to Visilogic and I am trying to follow through tutorials. I am currently trying to interface a single EX-RC1 via CANBus to a V570. On the EX-RC1 I have a IO-DI16 and IO-RO16. I have tried to download the sample Visilogic programs to the PLC, however, I am not entirely sure if I am doing it correctly. I have flashed the V570_CAN Master for EX-RC1.vlp on the V570 successfully, however, the screen shows "COMM ERROR UNIT #2". When I tried to download the EX-RC1.vlp to the PLC it says "The PLC model selected in this project's Hardware Configuration conflicts with the model with which you are communicating." I am programming through the USB cord to the V570 with a baud rate of 115200. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Greg
  14. My end goal is to send data over ethernet using the TCP/IP protocol to a raspberry pi. I already have the pi coded in python to look for a connection to its ip on a socket that I bound to it. My problem I believe is within the V570 PLC programming logic itself. I have initialized the card with ip and my laptop with ip Those two communicate correctly over ethernet. My pi is at ip The pi is bound to a socket and currently waiting for something to connect to it on port 8888. I initialized socket 3 on the PLC as a Master on port 20257 and set the name to 'raspberryplc' Like I mentioned, the PLC and PC communicate correctly over ethernet. Lastly I have the TCP/IP config block which is initialized to socket 3 at ip on port 8888. I then use SB142, 146 and 150 to check if I'm ready to attempt a connection, all still good and expected. I get a status 0 from the TCP/IP config block which signifies an all set response. I then have my TCP/IP CONNECT block set to Socket 3 to remote ip on port 8888. At this point SB150 never goes high and I don't establish a connection. I can see something must be happening as when I stop and start the connection attempt on the PLC side, I can see the ethernet lights blinking on the raspberry pi. Thoughts? Either I'm missing something or it's correct but my raspberry pi is messed up. Thank you for any help anyone can offer.
  15. Hello, I was asked to make a new software in a company where they had a 5-6 years (not sure) old V570 PLC (the one with the black/grey & white design, not the black one). This PLC does not contain the mini-usb programming port (regular used for charging mobile phones), but the one that is shaped like a square usb port (the one pc uses to communicate with printers/scanners). Although I had the driver installed for the more common usb port I also used install usb driver option from the visilogic software, and the software confirmed that I already have the driver installed. However when I went to device manager, I couldn't find the PLC connected (via port number), nor did I find a question mark that would suggest that the driver is missing. It's my first time crossing path with the "older" version of V570, with the not so common (in my humble experience) squared usb port. The V570 had canbus port, 2 rs232/485 ports and ethernet port if that helps. I'm using the ethernet port to acquire data for dataXport to generate daily reports, so it's not a solution for me to program it with that port. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi there, I try to initialize Enfora modem PC-side. I followed all of the steps from the tutorials on the Internet. I tried different Baudrates, tried Hyperterminal... When I use Baudrate of 9600, and the AT commands defined in the Modem Services, all of the commands are successfully completed and when it comes to the end it always says: Modem could not be initialized. Do you have any advice what can be the problem?
  17. Hello there! I'm trying to drive DC Motor with PLC V570 via PWM. This is for my diploma thesis so I want to do it nice and design PID controller in Simulink Matlab. In PLC I want to do identification of the transfer function for this system with step response. This is the first order system, so it shouldn't be a problem. Than I'm going to use this transfer function in Simulink to find PID parameters. At the end, I got P,I and D parameters from Simulink, and I don't know to transfer them into PLC. For example for closed loop system with discrete PI controller in ideal form P(1 + I*Ts*1/ (z-1)) (Serial PI) I have P = 1.93, I= 1.86[sec] Ts = 0.1[sec] Than in PLC I got Sample Time = Ts = 0.1[sec] = 10 Integral time = I= 1.86[sec] = 2, because it is defined in units of 1 second, Proportional band =(1/P)*100% =51.81% = 518 defined in units of 0.1% Am I doing this right? Could anyone please tell me what is the type of transfer function for PID controller is used in PLC Vision V570 (Serial or parallel)? And how do I correctly transfer parameters P, I, D into PID regulator in PLC. Thank you.
  18. Hi I am trying to connect to a scada network on a V570 using Modbus IP. No success so far. I have attached a screen cap of my ethernet startup (couldnt get it to paste direct). Could someone please have a look and see what I have done wrong. Thanks Paul J V570 Modbus.pptx
  19. Hello, I am working on a project were I am using a vision V570 and a module EX-D16A3-TO16, the problem is that when I turn on the equipment all the inputs are active, but I do not have connecting even a single input. I am new with Unitronics OPLCs , so far I just worked with V350, and it is the first time I am using a EX module, which could be the reason for this to happen? Thanks
  20. I have attached images to this post below... Basically I haved a V570 (with the ethernet addon) which was last used about 5 years ago. When I powered it up, I got a no loaded application error. I have tried going into visilogic, with with default baud rate settings, and the settings shown on the display, but i just cant get access to it. I also am using a 4 wire RJ11 cable ( I have no programming cables left). Could this be the issue that I cannot connect? Or is it because the PLC is in stop mode? I have tried connecting via ethernet, but my lan adaptor wont let me use the subnet mask that the PLC is showing (it says that it is invalid). Many thanks, Roy.
  21. I have 2 V570's that i would like to setup to mirror each other. i have 1 setup with 2 modbus ports (1 & 2) port 1 is connected to a PC via modbus as slave port 2 is connected to another V570 Via modbus as master the second PLC is setup with port 2 as slave I'm to receive data from the pc and have both PLC's make changes to the data and send it back to the pc the first PLC is getting MI 100 - MI 132 and MI 200 - MI 232 and MI 1000 - MI 1045 from the PC and sending the data to the second PLC at the same MI addresses the second PLC is receiving the same MI's from the first PLC and sending the same MI's back the problem I'm having is the PLC'S are sending the same data back and forth before i can make my changes to the data. is there another way of mirroring the two PLC'S together? test slave.vlptest master.vlp
  22. Hi, i have a V570 that i put a program on and it was working good until i recycled power to it and now the PLC is in stop mode with no application. i cant connect to it anymore. is there anyway to reconnect to the PLC?? Thanks.
  23. I know some people have been looking for an alternate method of accessing the microSD without opening their cabinets due to environmental and/or hazard conditions. Recently found this: http://www.amazon.com/48cm-Sd-micro-Card-Extender-Cable/dp/B007WYRO7O while researching some options. Planning on picking one up and doing some testing to see if it responds without issues and doesn't affect the SD card reliability and retention.
  24. I have a project were I am using an Enfora GPRS modem to make IP calls back to a web connected machine. This works very well and I have set it up to receive text messages via GSM. I want to use the received text to trigger a call back on GPRS to an IP specified in the text. I have found the function to convert the IP to a text but not text to IP. Is there one? If not how is the decimal storage of an IP formatted so I can do via math / string functions? Thanks in advance Andy
  25. Current big project in progress: Sequencing system to control 2 pressure sources through 5 valves, 2 fixtures through a 10 valve manifold, and control the release of failed parts without operator input for differential flow functionality and leak test on customer parts. Current system: 1) V570, No snap module installed 2) 1 - EX-A2X 3) 1 - IO-AI8, currently using 4 pressure sensors a) 2 sensors in fast mode (12 bit), 0-150 psig, 0-10V 2 sensors in normal mode (14 bit), 0-150 psig, 0-10V 4) 1 - IO-DI16 5) 2 - IO-TO16 6) 1.3 amp Omron power supply for V570 and EX-A2X 7) 5.0 amp Omron power supply for Digital Outputs 8) All modules protected by appropriate fuse blocks 9) Custom built enclosure with all IO-points through Dual Row din mount terminal blocks, color coded by IO type. Current rough outline of the program: 1) Buffered I/O on all digital and analog input 2) Two drums, with conditionals to control advancement through the drum, and prevent running certain tests when one fixture is occupied. 3) Start sequence with a full reset of all bits to prevent unintended flow Current Program performance: 1) <1ms scan time. 2) Continuous Checks 1) Low pressure tank monitor a) Monitors tank for pressurization above 1 psi above target Fast cycles vent solenoid to drop pressure Sequences Detail Program information: 1) Activation Test a) Pressurizes the part to low tank pressure Maintains flow path to low tank c) Opens high pressure path .5 seconds d) Closes Low pressure path to pressurize part for leak test e) Checks for activation indicator f) Isolates part from high source 2) Leak Test a) Time based test, calibrated against a standard At the start records the part pressure value from the sensor c) After test sequence time <n> records the final value d) Calculates pressure drop per minute and compares to known calibrated leak standard and rejects or accepts based on standard 3) Reset sequence a) Vents part to low tank Extends reset cylinder c) Repeats activation test sequence to allow indicator to push back in d) Isolates part from all pressure sources e) Opens test fixture if part passes f) Maintains closed fixture if part fails until operator inputs Operator Display: 1) Tank pressures a) Gauge style Green/Red band for quick reference Digital readout of sensor reading for diagnostic purposes 2) Test Sequence running a) In Progress, by Fixture Leak Test c) Activation Test 3) Drum Step (Primarily for diagnostic purposes) In Progress: 1) Calibration sequence for the leak testing 2) Verification sequences for valves 3) Additional digital sensors for part presence and safety Future State: 1) Electronic regulator control of the pressure sources, currently manual regulators 2) Additional tanks and valves to allow both fixtures to run simultaneously 3) Improved Pressure transducers, current versions, while analog are limited to about 11bit of accuracy.
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