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Found 23 results

  1. I have a job using a V350-J-RA22 and use one of the analog inputs from a 2 wire sensor, the sensor has a 24v wire powering it and then a wire to the PLC sending 4-20mA. However a recurring issue is happening which we cannot fault find the reason why, where the analog inputs are blowing/ stop working. Our only thought is to do with the datasheet as highlighted where it says max input rating 1.1V, and were sending into the PLC around 6V or so. So if this is the issue how do I go about stopping this from happening in future/ why is it not seeming to be an issue when I've done a similar program with sensor on a unistream. And if this is not the issue, what could be causing the analog inputs to stop working from the 2 wire sensor we have?
  2. Hello All, I've got a V1210 controller and I've been using Visilogic 9.8.91 to look at an OEM program. This is on a Windows 10 box, running as admin, UAC off. I've been able to use ethernet Direct Connection to go online and view values. I've also modified the program and have been able to download to V1210. Things have worked fine. Recently I've been trying to use UniOPC Server and it has not been successful. Now, I'm unable to get online with the controller. When I go to Direct Connection, I get this error. I can ping the V1210 and others on the LAN. I've ensured the cables currently work. Is it possible I'm trying to go online with the wrong program that's currently loaded into controller? Just not sure why it was working and now isn't. I've power cycled V1210 several times, I've unplugged and plugged the ethernet cable. Checked SB 314 and it's not set. I can post the program if that will help, too. Appreciate your time and help!
  3. Hello togehter, I use a V1210 for my Visualisation Project of digital pressure transmitters. They are working with RS485 BUS and their own Protocol (Meriam Serial Protocol). In first test i tried to get the information how to Request via RS485 a new Measurement signal and in which format the transmitter is answering in a Response Frame. In this Case i already know that i have to send on RS485 Bus /11920Baud 8 Data Bits 1 Stop Bit Parity: None the following Frame(hex): 80 01 00 05 0B 04 92 00 00 00 06 10 05 80 80 0B F0 40 Answer: 40 01 20 0B 05 04 92 00 00 00 7D 9D 00 02 03 00 F9 4E 4A 41 C1 5E 58 BD 1B 3B 5E 41 00 01 01 00 E9 60 B6 41 91 DE B5 41 52 07 BB 41 0B F0 40 05 80 80 In the marked 4 Byte-little Endian Code is the Pressure of my transmitter shown. HEX: F9 4E 4A 41 Float - Little Endian (DCBA) : 12.64428 How can I implement such a Request Frame and how can I manage the Answer frame for visualisation of the pressure value? I already setted up a Protocol Config and a PROTOCOL Send - in the Protocol Send Block. But after closing and reopening the Code is missing?! Looking forward hearing from you soon. Kind Regards Alexander   
  4. Hello world, I have noticed in some older topic a mention about new 4G Unitronics modem / router. I would like to kindly ask if somebody has an experience with this device. I need to solve my long-term problem with connectivity on remote locations: Application running on Vision OPLC needs to be connected to Internet via Ethernet cable and also, time to time, send or receive SMS via serial cable. I am not able to find a device with both these features so our customer has to buy two devices - one for internet and one for SMS. I tried a Teltonika router which is equipped with both Ethernet and RS232 interfaces but it is not able to use both interfaces simultaneously. Do you think new Unitronics router is able to operate both services? Or, is there any other way (which I do not know) how to send / receive SMS via Ethernet connection? Thanks, Michal.
  5. Hi! Im pretty new to Vision and I have a v1210. I dont know which expansions to use for the I/Os. I need: INPUTS: 40 analog and 80 digital OUTPUTS: 20 analog and 50 digital Which components do I need for this project? Thanks, Greg
  6. Hello to all, I am working on a new system where a Unistream B5 TR22 is a Modbus TCP master to 11 Samba PLC's Nothing to exciting but my biggest problem is a lack of knowledge. This is only my second project with a unistream PLC, with the first being a very straight forward ladder program without anything special. i do have a few years of experience with visilogic so that side is not a problem. What i already figured out is how to make the set-up on the master and slave side. the thing i don't get is addressing between the devices. In visilogic i could literally select which mb,mi,ml i wanted to read or write. Now i don't see that option. how does addressing work between these devices? At the moment i am still waiting on the unistream plc to arrive, so that i can try some stuff out, butt before it arrives i would like to make a little headway before that. kind regard's Leon Mötter
  7. Hello Everyone. Hello everyone I am having a problem with my Vision V350, in the company where I work there are two PLCs, a V350 and a V1210 that communicate by MODBUS. We have a screen that alerts us when a communication problem happen and when we check our V350 it shows us an error that is: O.S. (Stop Mode - Fatal Error) Enum: 0x00001740 IP: 0x00250000 00076A2C Ldr: 0x000000DE Desc: Undefined Opcode Some changes had been made to the program and then this error arose so it went back to the previous program, but the problem is still happening. Does anyone have any idea why this happens? By performing a reset of the equipment, the problem is solved momentarily but this is not recommended for our production.
  8. Good day, Please find attached some images with the problema that occurs at the time of oppening a Project in VisiLogic versión 9.8.65. The first error that appears is the "Load 12Type mismatch" and when you click to the "Ok" button and try to open another display it appears the second message "Run-time error '13': Type mismatch". I have read a post where the response was to put a DLL in the VisiLogic folder. I have tryed this solution but it does not work (post was from 2015 and other VisiLogic versión). Let me know if you have some solution! Thank you,
  9. Does anybody know if Vision controllers (ie V130) support Modbus TCP or do they support the Modbus RTU over TCP implementation. The difference is that the first follows the original Modbus TCP frames (ie no CRC) while the latter encapsulates the serial RTU framing sent over TCP media. Which one is supported by Vision and the other Unitronics controllers?
  10. I have outgrown the Jazz2 and wanting to upgrade to a Vision 130. The Jazz2 Ladder program has become fairly complex over years of development and upgrades. I have only moderate programming skill. Can the Jazz2 Ladder program be easily converted to run on the Vision 130? I realize the the HMI screens would all have to be created for the Vision but could the core ladder program just be copied and pasted? Are the System bits of the Jazz2 compatible with the Vision series or would they need to be cross referenced and changed? Thanks in advance, Rob
  11. JZ- EX 8Di -8Do Dear UNITRONICS users. This is my another device, which i developed, and it's used several times in my projects. This expansion module looks like EX90-DI8-RO8 expansion module from Unitronics. Our module also have 8 digital inputs which can be sink or source configurated, and 8 digital (transistor) outputs which can be also sink, source or even for AC voltage configurated with max. 0,5A current per output. This module can be connected to any OPLC from Unitronic series. The module communicating with PLC via RS485 port. In this case JAZZ series needs a RS232/RS485 Add-on port (JZ-RS24 ) Also PLC must have a short communicating software which is in attachment. It's wery short, occupies only 7 nets. The second choice of this module is standalone mini PLC, because is based on Atmel AMEGA168 AVR with a 16k of programming space. It can be updated up to 128k programming space on request. If you have a skills of AVR programming, there is no problem to write your own software (AVR studio, Arduino, Bascom ) and upload him thru ISP port. The modules can be networked via RS485. Also is possible connect some device like HDD44780 based LCD diplay to ISP port! The power supply for module is 10V to 30VDC or AC, and power consumption is obout 3W. Specification: Board size (WxHxD): 90x77x60 mm - DIN32 module base Digital inputs: 8 inputs in 1 group , pnp or npn (10- 30VDC,AC on request) Digital outputs: 8 digital outputs in 1 group , pnp or npn , max. 0,5A per output – fused (10 -30VDC/ AC) Response time (inputs/outputs): approximately 30ms Communication: RS485, 9600,8,1,N Power supply: 10 – 30VDC/AC , 3W For further information or orders, please write to : biogorilniki@gmail.com The kit contains: Expansion module with preloaded software, module base and connectors User manual Software for communication and test for JAZZ : Komunikacija JAZZ Rev. 2..1_2018.U90 Wiring procedure: JAZZ expansion wiring - source.xps Expansion board and JAZZ uploaded with test program
  12. All new customers get a free place on one of our training course's. Plus we offer the option to "Fast Track" your project with focused training on your application. 2018 schedule is out now on our website. http://www.i4automation.co.uk/training.aspx
  13. Our customer is seeking an experienced PLC and HMI programmer, training can be organised for the Unitronics range of both Vision and Unistream products. Must also have experience in project management. Please contact us with your CV and we will pass it on to our customer, no agencies and please only apply if you have suitable UK work permit or
  14. Our customer has asked if we know any suitable candidates for supporting his Unitronic's installations and future projects. Mainly Vision range on a wide variety of applications. Ideally they would have experience also on inverter drives, Modbus and even better experience with c++. If you have PLC experience but not Unitronics we are happy to train you. Must be UK based and have suitable work permits etc. No agency's please. Please contact us via our website and we will put you in touch with our customer.
  15. Dear, Since a few weeks I started working with the Vision PLC 430 J T 2. I have three expansion modules (2 for analog inputs and 1 for load cells). Recently I've started writing down the logic of my final program. Until now I only have experience with the Siemens S7 with associated software. I want to create a sequence where the transition from state to state is based upon conditions. Only one transition can be true at any point and the sequence is always the same. I've always done this with flip flops which set and reset each other. Now I’m searching for the correct way to implement this into the Vision software. Can someone advise me on this? Thank you in advance! Nick Verlooy
  16. Hi, I have Unitronics PLC V130-J-TR20 PLC, which is a master, and two Jazz JZ20-J-T40, which are slaves. I need two of the slave Jazz PLC's to communicate with master V130 PLC. I have made configuration in PLC Program for read and write, but it's not working properly. When i set bit for request to read PLC3 (MB100), it reads it normally. But, when i try to read PLC2, it reads same value that I have on PLC3, although Communication is OK with PLC2. I have read example project, and used it to configure communication between PLC's, like you can see in the images. Regardless of what I do, one of the PLC's is not working properly, communication says it's OK, but keeps reading values from other PLC. IP addresses are different, of course, and i have typed them correctly into the MODBUS IP Configuration, like in the image. On my Jazz PLC's I have done everything like Example project in U90 Ladder says. Is there a way of fixing this? Thankful Nikola Ljubinkovic
  17. The greatest task of last year for our company was a project of replacing old control systems (mainly KOYO) on nine hydro power plants in Lithuania. Our goal was to replace old control systems (nearly 20 years) with new ones, fulfilling actual demands for operator comfort, reliability and ability to communicate with external devices. Furthermore, there was requirement for decommissioning of old equipment, replacing most of cabling, and installation of new control systems in shortest possible time in effort to minimize economic loss. UNITRONICS Vision 1040 was our best choice for that task. Finally, thanks to precise cooperation with our customer, we were able to plan the whole action for really short time, and above that, keep the schedule without time loss. Beyond the replacing of the control systems, we were able to equip the control systems with SMS ability and to connect them to the internet for future remote access. We used Cinterion TC65i modems for SMS communication; and Lenovo mini PCs with 3G USB sticks for connecting technology to the Internet. Software: There is Remote Operator installed on every PC along with DataXport for collecting data from technology. Notable fact: The whole mission took less than 30 days for only three employees: Project Manager, Software Engineer and Electrician.
  18. Hi all, at the moment i am using a Vision350 Controller for a small machine type. We think about replacing the Vison350 with the new 7 Inch samba. Now i have a few questions, because i am not sure if the memory of the samba would be enough for this program. * How can i find out the memory used in the Vision350 controller? I already looked at the "project memory map", but i did not get really useful information from there. I only see that i am using 4,9 % of the DLU capacity, but i do not find any information about how many kb are used for ladder code, hmi variables, .......... * Is there any way to export my code from the Vison350 and reimport it in Samba? I already tried to change the hardware in the project, but it is not possible to keep the hmi screens and the ladder code..... I also tried to export the ladder subroutines one by one, but also here the import is not possible, because i always get the message that some used operands are not available on the samba platform. Of course i have to re-adress some variables, but it is just not possible if i cannot import the subroutine in my samba project. Any tips would be helpful, as i think that this small project would fit in the Samba models. And using a 7 Inch display would be better than the 3,5 inch from the Vision. Thanks BR
  19. Hello, I'm just wondering what is the best way to log some informations. I will need following: Login/logout, battery low - switched to charging mode and so on. I will need to have separate display and the log should have time and thing that happened. It will probably have to be in table because it suppose to have "history" feature, like you can list back in time and see what happened. I've been searching for answers in help feature, but i still don't know how exactly do it. Any advices are greatly welcome! Sorry for my bad english. Best regards, Martin P.
  20. Something I would find, and hopefully others, would be a way to print out the Drum configuration(s). I was unable to find a method for printing it, unless I'm looking in the wrong spot.
  21. Hey folks, new to PLCs and new to this forum. ---- Ok, so this is my issue: Boss wants me to hook up a 350 to an IRC5 ABB controller, preferably through an ethernet cable. No fieldbus adapter on the controller. No devicenet on the PLC. ---- I'm looking at modbus, but I do not really know where to start. ---- What's the recommended protocol for this situation? What kind of programming is involved? ---- ANY help at all would be awesome. Thanks in advance!!
  22. OK - This post is hard for me, because my english isn't good. I programmed many functions using SD card, and i've found some bugs: 1) Write Delimited Line to Excel Nobody using this function?? Really? OK - first useless thing - writing all 512 bytes to SD Card. OK - some O/S limitation. OK - I create buffer, fill this buffer with data using Create Excel Delimited Line, and bum! - 2 hours of debugging !! V1020 can't write all 512 bytes to SD Card, if there is no null value at the end of buffer - but I'dont want to have in CSV file null bytes, because Excell and other software go wild Then I ask - what is for "Write Delimited Line to Excel" because now is useless. I must used SD File Utilities (Open, Write and Close SD File). 2) Changes of Write Delimited Line to Excel Write to file not all 512bytes of data, but specific amount of data without zeros (null values). 3) Create new Excel functions would be nice: a) write/read trends to/from CSV file write/read data tables to/from CSV file 4) Create new function of Folder Report - list existing files. I want to create custom SD File Card Browser because originally isn't pretty, but i can't because i don;t have any possibility to list files in folder.
  23. Having analyzed our 2010 sales, looking particularly at areas of dynamic growth, we are increasing our inventory of Unitronics products. The increases will be seen mainly in the Vision Series of OPLCs but Snap I/O modules and Expansion I/O modules will also be increased. 2010 was a great year for us, in no small part due to the growth we saw in Unitronics sales. This is nice to see because it comes as a direct result of the strategy of increasing our presence on the web and emphasizing the quality, features and value of the Unitronics products. The control system design and electrical control panels side of the business has also been partly responsible for the growth so it is accurate to say our 2010 sales were balanced very well between standard control system components and electrical control panels. The Unitronics product line will continue to be one we emphasize in 2011 so we are in the process of ramping up inventory levels. This may take several weeks but shortly we will have a broad representation of V130, V350, V560, V570 and V1040 PLCs along with a good assortment of I/O modules on our shelf. Our goal is to fill orders for our OEM customers directly from our inventory and have all the most common PLCs available even if it’s not one currently used by one of our regular customers. Unitronics Vision, Jazz and I/O items we will stock include… V130-33-R2 V130-33-RA22 V130-33-T2 V130-33-TA24 V350-35-R2 V350-35-T2 V350-35-TA24 V560-T25B V570-57-T20B V1040-T20B V200-18-E1B V200-18-E3XB V200-18-E4XB V200-18-E5B V200-18-E6B EX-A1 EX-RC1 IO-AI4-AO2 IO-ATC8 IO-D16A3-RO16 IO-D16A3-TO16 IO-DI16 IO-DI8-RO8 IO-DI8-TO8 IO-RO16 EX-D16A3-RO8 EX-D16A3-TO16 GSM-KIT-41J V100-17-ET2 V200-19-ET1 JZ10-11-R16
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