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Found 21 results

  1. Hi, Is there an funtcion that the HMI goes back to his main screen after a setted time? Normally it goes to the main HMI after powerup, but it would be nice if does also after i.e. 10 minutes no use of the HMI Otherwise I can make it in the software to set a bit to activated the main screen. But I was wondering if there is already an option that I can activate Regards Leen
  2. Hi, during operation via VNC client it's impossible to go back from screensaver screen since it's functionality is based on General.Touched Bit that is not set via VNC. This is a problem also related to resetting the timer associated to the screensaver screen loading since it's not reset when screen is virtually touched in VNC.
  3. Hello, I have a problem with using buttons - when i click on button on HMI via VNC it is pressed even if I realese touch. Changing button setting (Attributes -> Actions -> Tringger) - trigger into Press, Release or Click/Tap does not solve the problem (on Click/Tap I cannot press again to put it to 0 state) . I am using PLC USC-x10-TR22 and for VNC - VNC Viewer and I have the newest software and firmware. Am I missing something simple or is it problem with PLC/VNC? Best regards Kamil
  4. Hi, I succeded in setting a password from UniApps/Security for granting a peaceful VNC session...but when I rebooted PLC, the password was lost. It's a real pity, because I woul like to install the Unistream 7" in a remote area of the plant, prone to power failures, and control it from the technical department office. What can I do to solve this issue? Is it feasible? Thanks in advance Andrea (I beg your pardon, probably it's more appropriate in the Unistream Hardware section...)
  5. Is there a way to know if a VNC screen has been touched? We are doing a project with a Uni PLC and I’m trying to setup a watchdog timer to activate a screen saver. In a standard Uni-Stream I’d use the General.Touched Bit as the bit that controls the timer. During testing with a VNC panel this bit never activates and I have been unable to locate a system bit that indicates this. Or am I stuck going their the project and adding an action to every single button that acts as the General.Touched Bit to achieve the same result?
  6. Hi! Is there any option to increase VNC resulition size? I'm using Real VNC viewer and all of the Unistream PLC I've added have 800x480 resulition. Also the same (800x480) resulition when I'm using USP-156 which has 1366x768 resulition. It causes poor view on VNC. Any experiences with 15,6" and VNC?
  7. I can connect to my panel on my laptop, no problem (using TightVNC), but not having any success with Android Apps 9two different apps on two different devices) Returns a connection timed out each time Any thoughts?
  8. Hey everyone, I have a little issue how UniStream managing passwords. If somebody is typing his/her own password on the PLC I can see all the letters via VNC connection. I mean I can see what buttons were pressed. Also the same in opposite situation. Our projects are monitorized by several user at the same time and it is not comfortable when a user sees admin passwords. Half-Solution: Using PC's keyboard --> only works with PC. People rather use mouse clicking Any solution for this? Best regards, Balázs
  9. I have a 15" HMI and have just updated firmware and program to V1.26.90, after which the VNC screens associated with the PLC have gone from 15" to 7" and I cant see where any options are to fix it. Any info on this?
  10. I want GSM modem CINTERION-EHS6T connect to Unistream PLC via USB panel port. Will this allow me to send SMS, send email and acces via VNC, webserver, UNILOGIC etc...? What is the difference betweenBGS2T and EHS6T??? What type of cable do i need for this connection? Thank you
  11. Hi, In my project I have to do ladder logic to logout users. At this moment if a user is logged in UAC is ignoring the user's HMI changes, value changes or other operations and it logout in idle timeout. I'd like to reset the timeout timer if some operation in progress. UAC also can logout automatically during an operation or loading other HMIs. Do you have any advice to solve this? I've tried to set and reset Event update bit in every HMI changes (via HMI is active bit) with no results. Unfortunately Logout action is only able in HMI editor. Thanks!
  12. General.VNC Number Of Connections INT32 on a Unistream 15.6" is linked to an HMI numerical display and the "connection counter" seems to be cumulative instead of real time. Right now it is showing "D#6" and there is absolutely NO WAY there are six active sessions at this instant in time. UniL version 1.19 rev 19. Have noticed this for about a year. This in no way inhibits crucial functionality of the process control, just a nuisance to me. In short the VNC connection counter seems to get STUCK. A reboot will zero it back out. Sometimes it works as expected; ie showing zero, then 1 when I connect VNC and back to zero when I disconnect.
  13. Hi, How do I remote access (access my PLC from anywhere at anytime via VNC)? Can anyone explain my step by step how to use VNC (I'm using Ultra VNC or another VNC)?
  14. Hi, I am new here :-). Thanks for this great forum. Looking forward to learning and contributing. I have set up a remote connection to my UniSteam USP-156-B10 using a VNC client. So now the UniStrem PLC is accessible from the internet. It was easy, I only needed to configure port forwarding on ports 5800 and 5900 in my router, and obviously connect on the outer IP address However I have problems connecting to the UniStream from UniLogic. I have forwarded the ports (22 and 3335) in my router but I still can not connect. I did enable UDP and TCP. The configurations in the router are exactly the same for VNC and UniLogic except for the ports (5800,5900 for VNC and 22,3335 for UniLogic) Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Are the UDP and TCP protocols not enough?
  15. Hiii... I am able to do VNC connection between "Unistream PLC to PC" within same network via PC as well as Mobile. But how i can connect "Unistream PLC to PC" From remote location i.e. In different network. Please help me out of this problem. Thanks..
  16. If I already have a UniStream PLC operating - can I connect another UniStream as a VNC client as a remote display? Does the remote display need a CPU?
  17. Hi, I am able to access my unistream using DDNS and port forwarding on my router. However, how secure is this? The VNC password is unencrypted if i understand correct? Is there any way to access my unistream more securely? Thanks, Adam
  18. Hi all, We have a setup with a UniStream connected to a Secomea (VPN modem/router) via ethernet so that we can remotely access the UniStream via VNC. The issue we are having is that the Secomea doesn't like the default port (5900) for the VNC server. We've been investigating why the Secomea is having trouble, but thought it might be worth investigating the UniStream end also. So, is it possible to change the VNC Server port on the UniStream? Note that we don't mean the VNC client settings, we mean the VNC server settings as we want to connect to the UniStream. Thanks in advance, Jack
  19. If you haven't checked out the Unitronics Youtube for awhile, you may want to check out our UniLogic Tech Tidbits Playlist. The most recent Tidbit shows you how to create your own, reusable HMI Custom Controls. After you create a control, you can drag and drop it from the Solution Explorer, export/import it between projects as .uluce files, or add it to the Library. You can also define tags that are local to a specific Custom Control, these tags will be exported/imported along with the control. It's all in the link below!
  20. I am installing a UniStream PLC system on a client site, and wish to set up internal access to the PLC and its data files for users on the local network. The client IT administrator would like, for security reasons, some technical information on the PLC before being willing to connect it to his network. I quote his request: - What interests me particularly at this point are the following: - Technical details about the underlying operating system (you mentioned Unix?) and its version. - The server side (= on the Unitronics device) implementation of VNC and FTP and any other TCP/IP protocols that are implemented. I cannot find such detail on the Unitronics website. Do you have, or have links to, any information that might be relevant to his enquiry? Regards Robin Proctor
  21. I configured a VNC Client using Connection 0 and configured a password "PLC". I am able to connect, using a VNC viewer application, from both an I-phone and a desktop, but in both cases, no password is requested or required. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?
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