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Good morning to all and thanks for the support in so such easy way to access.

We have an V700-T20BJ installed on a machine, this morning at the switch on the screen is black. We verify the presence of 24V at the supply, but it doesn't start. The supplier of the machine think that a pick of voltage could has damage it. Obviously could be a possibility. There is no way to try to resume it? Some fuse inside it or something to open and check.

Thank for any suggest.


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Hi, unitronics forum is not official support.

Please send message to support@unitronics.com

If it is new panel - it covered by the warranty.


Please note  V700 spec below:

Power Supply
Input voltage 12 or 24VDC
Permissible range 10.2-28.8VDC
Max. current consumption 630mA@12V

Exceeding the upper voltage limit can cause critical permanent damage.

No fuse and user servisable parts inside.  All actions related to examination and diagnosis should be performed only by qualified specialists.


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