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M91 PLC name and UniOpc


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I am making test setup with the help of M91 plc and uniopc software and some basic opc client.

In opc client I am creating variabes for example I0 and MI10, witch I know has some values in plc.

In uniopc event log I see that variables are successfully created, but opc client is not receiving data nor able to send it.

So I was wondering is there special plc naming convention for M91 like for vision plc, when you need to set plc name propery, to access it form uniopc.

Any other hints are welcome!

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Check the following:

* Communication parameters. The default parameters are 9600,7,Even,1

If you did not change it then make sure to set these parameters in UniOPC Server channel settings.

* Make sure selected PLC type M90/M91/Jazz

* The PLC name you set in UniOPC server is the same name you set in in the syntax of the tag.

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