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Connect Linak LA36 Actuator to CANopen

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We are working on a project with a Unistream USP-070-x10/x08 and we want to connect a number of Linak LA36 Actuators to it via CANopen.

Now we have the NTM Commandos working and the actuator also responds.
The start procedure of the actuator is followed, but the actuator gives a Heartbeat error while it is sent from the PLC.
We have also tried several  heartbeat times in the PLC and actuator, but there is no response.

The screenshot shows error code 1, which corresponds in the PDF to ''need stop command'', but that is only possible if the heartbeat is present.
At the Statusflags bit 5 is ''CANopen heartbeat needed'' if I understand the numbering correctly.

Attached are the CANopen manual, EDS file and a screenshot of the watch that I made to monitor various values.

Schermafbeelding 2024-05-17 092453.png

LINAK-actuator-v3-1.eds LA 36 techline-canopen-user-manual-eng.pdf

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i think you need to send Heartbeat


send read status SDO

Transmit Process Data Object TPDO1.STOP command  before try to

start NMT preoperation and operation.


It is standard startup procedure for safety.

If you do not read status and do not send stop - no operation possible with networked positioning devices.

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Thank you for your answer, but unfortunately this is not the solution.
A little more info,
After system startup: NMT status= 0  initializing
Then I send ''init Node EDS'' and it gets NMT status=  127 Pre-operational and still no errors.
Then I send Transmit Process Data Object TPDO1.STOP command and nothing happens.
As soon as I give NMT-start command the error and status flags appear
The NMT Status becomes 5 and that is Operational.

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You post manual for LA36.

In this manual send SDO for "read status"  is the second step.

You must try to use this step. Set CAN addres 32 (0x20) for your drive and send "green" selected  command for test.


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