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Vision 130 RA22 Initialization problem

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Hello, i have a ice cream batch Freezer with vision 130 PLC ! IMG_20240604_180351.thumb.jpg.eddd63dc7393f222320518bc1e9c57aa.jpg

but when I turned it on to start my ice cream production, I came across this screen IMG_20240604_181151.thumb.jpg.15a7cec4065ab098811020f1c84f1d84.jpg

Anyone have a solution for this problem ? 

When it works fine I should see the menu like in the photo below ! IMG_20240604_181131.thumb.jpg.904d9d30e3795040e2dd7b4cdf0a875b.jpg

Thanks you in advance for your answers

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The PLC has an internal battery to hold   RAM memory when the PLC is turned off.

If the program was downloaded   and stored in the eprom  it would boot.

If the program was NOT Burned into the eprom, and left only in RAM, and the battery has failed, then the program is lost.

It appears that the battey may have finally died  ( they are good for 7-10 years ) and memory is lost - along with the program.

The PLC appears to have an old OS ( Operating System) - 2012 - How old is the machine ?


Contact the   machine builder and inquire if they have a replacement PLC , or can provide the program for upload.

The V130 does have a Micro SD Card slot and there is a way to have a program  restored via a Micro SD Card..

Also  obtain a    Battery   CR2450 -  reputable brand  - and install it in the PLC.         PLC has to be taken apart to install the battery.


Note to any programmers reading this :   Have a line of code in tha ladder to monitor the Battery and a Message on the display when the battery is failing ( SB 8   -- VisiLogic)




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Hi Dan and thanks for your response ! 

The machine is 11 years old !  The PLC have a Micro SD Card in it ! 

I contacted the machine Builder and they will back to me soon ! 

I will replace the battery today . 

I will inform you further. 

Best regards 


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