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Sending Emails

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I am attempting to send email from a US5 PLC using UniLogic.

My first attempts were using gmail as the from address and I was aided by many previous discussions on this forum. I have since been informed by Unitronics support that gmail is no longer supported and I am now trying again using yahoo. Here are my details:

PLC panel IP configured as


Outgoing server: smtp.mail.yahoo.com:587

DNS server:

Two factor authentication is turned off on the yahoo account.

When the Unitronics program runs it displays error code -1 which states ‘General COM Error. Please check the physical connections.’

I believe my physical connections are okay because I can ping the IP address of the PLC from my phone or laptop.

Has anyone else had success sending email with their Unitronics PLC recently? Can see you any immediate problems that might be causing this error?

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It would appear that Gmail still works for sending emails with UniStream. I just needed to change the port from 587 to 465 (by using the 'Custom' Account Type).


Hope this helps other people too :)

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Yes there are outgoing mail failed since the 15june 2024 here the source:


  1. Beginning June 15, 2024:
    • The LSA settings will be removed from the Admin console and can no longer be changed. Enabled users can connect during this time, but disabled users will no longer be able to access LSAs. This includes all third-party apps that require password-only access to Gmail, Google Calendar, Contacts via protocols such as CalDAV, CardDAV, IMAP, SMTP, and POP. 
    • The IMAP enable/disable settings will be removed from users’ Gmail settings.
    • If you’ve been using LSAs prior to this date, you can continue using them until September 30, 2024"https://workspaceupdates.googleblog.com/2023/09/winding-down-google-sync-and-less-secure-apps-support.html


I don't know how proceed to fix this, i thought we need to change the mailer!

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  • MVP 2023

I thought that this issue was addressed by the method I have had in use for some time on older MFCs, and which google still reference in the link you provided, in that you get a special code.  I think the method is initially explained here:


The method is not widely promoted and I pretty much discovered it by accident.  I recall that it was not completely straightforward as some of the instructions were a little ambiguous, but I got there in the end, and perhaps the pages have changed a little since I used them.  I do recall the need to have a separate method (laptop) to connect to the relevant account during the initial setup.  I have not yet had any issues show up on the MFCs that use this to send emails via gmail.  I just checked one of the accounts used and I still have access to IMAP settings, so perhaps they remain if this special access is set up?

Or maybe I'm totally in far far away fairyland and in for some more "fun" once some further timelines expire.......

cheers, Aus

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