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opening an old project but I don't know the original unilofic version

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Hi, i have to change a project on a old PLC but i can't remember the Unilogic version.  Upgrading the OS is risky because it's remote and a very old PLC.

opening in 9.8.2 gives the message in the attachment

opening in 9.8.65 is upgrading the project.

it must be a version in between.

Can someone help to find the correct version?



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49 minutes ago, Jordy said:

but i can't remember the Unilogic version

As Joe Tauser said, support will be able to help you, but be sure to ask about VisiLogic, not UniLogic. Those are two different things and you appear to be using VisiLogic.

If opening in 9.8.65 upgrades the project, then it should tell you what was the last saved version in the dialog box that opens.

My guess is that 9.8.31 is the version you need.

By the way, what model is the PLC? it must be an older Vision, not the Enhanced Vision sold today, based on the database numbers.

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Adding to what Flex says, make a copy of the original project using copy/paste so you don't upset the original project....even though opening it in a newer version "automatically creates a backup". 

The open the copy in a newer version and the Version update dialogue box will pop up.  I think you need to look more closely at this as it is very easy to miss that it gives you your info.  Apart from all the Version Info at the top which shows Creation and Last Saved, about the middle of the text is "If you prefer, you can open this project using Visilogic Version xxxxxxx...which generally matches the Last Saved version.  Even if you click ok to update the copy, the original creation info is retained and can be accessed by Project/Project Information....but it will be the same as what is displayed in the initial dialogue box.

cheers, Aus



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