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Bug in PTO Max Speed limit

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I would just like to share the finding here... it might help someone.
There is a bug in PTO FB used with UID-0808THS module.

When defining HS block functionality you set Pulse/Units ratio and Min/Max velocity.
Min/Max Velocity is defined in user units.

In ladder, you have PTO function block (PTO Change Units) where you can change Pulse/Units ratio.

Example of the bug:
- Max velocity of HS Block1 on the photo is set to 300 (200pulses x 300  = 60.000 pulses per second so 60kHz) .
- In ladder PTO Target Velocity set to 300. Request PTO move is sent. PTO will run correct .
- In ladder we use "PTO Change Units" function block and change Pulse/Unit ratio to 201 : 1 
- In ladder PTO Target Velocity set to 300.  Request PTO move is sent. PTO won't start. - Target Velocity Setting did not violate Max velocity setting at HS Block1

After ladder Pulse/Units ratio change (201 : 1) PTO output Frequency (at Target velocity value 300) is 60,3kHz (201pulsesx300) which is higher than default setting in HS block1 (60kHz) - PTO won't start.
If Max Velocity in HS Block1 is adjusted to 302 (200 pulses x 302 = 60.4kHz), PTO will run normally with new pulse ratio 201:1.

Bug PTO Max Velocity frequency is not updated (internally) when Pulse/Units ratio is changed in ladder FB.

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