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I am unable to access my plc over internal network because I have the wrong PLC name. Everything else is fine.  I have  a V280-18-B20B, with O/S V5.04 (B13). I can enter the plc set up mode, but not sure where to find the name.

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When I enter Info mode, I get the following main menu options: System,  Function Block,  Hardware Configuration,  Signature Log,  TCP/IP and Data Type. 

I'm thinking I have a different software revision level.

Which one of these menus will get me to the screen that shows the PLC name?

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So whoever is in the same bind that I was, here is how you find the PLC name.

Go into Info mode (press and hold i button, enter 1111 for password)

Use the up/down arrow keys to find the menu "Data Types" and press "Enter" key

Scroll down until you get to "System Dwords" and press "Enter" key

Using the up/down arrow keys, go to address 9

The value at this address is your PLC name. In my case it was 10 numbers

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Dug out a V290  -- ( Cousin to the V280  but no buttons) -- these are older generation and do not have the Info mode like the  enhanced models V350-V1210's.

Going thru Info mode, you cannot see any info about the  PLC Name. 

Under Signatures, you can get the  Project - Program name.

I added an Ethernet Card to the V290, and downloaded a  new program  with a specific  PLC Name in it.  

But after everything,           Info Mode does not show the PLC Name.             ( Even under  TCP-IP Settings  PLC name is not shown)




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