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I have a V1210 PLC that has failed. When powered up it immediately begins chirping at exactly 1 chirp every 2 seconds. The screen is black. If I touch the screen it stops chirping and doesn't begin again unless I power cycle. I've tried various things such as removing the battery for a few days (I don't think the last program was burned in), holding my finger on the screen at power up, etc. Any thoughts on what I might do next to troubleshoot?

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Some steps...

Open the back cover by unscrewing the screws.

Examine the board with a magnifying glass. Pay special attention to the transitions between the upper and lower layers of the board.

Look for chemical corrosion. If it is, unfortunately, the PLC will have to be thrown into the trash.

If there is clearly no corrosion...

For the test, try to turn on the power by pressing your finger on the video chip,

as far as I remember - it is manufactured by Epson - it is near the connector for the display cable.

If the image appears on the screen - give the board to people who know how to reball for this chip.

If nothing helps - try to connect through Visilogic - see what is visible in the identification of the PLC.

That's probably all.

Investigating power supply voltages and chips is for specialists from breaking computer electronics.

However, after repair, such a PLC can only be used as a test sample on the table.

P.S. I occasionally buy cheap PLCs with a cracked screen. They come in handy as a source of spare parts when corrosion occurs. This is a frequent phenomenon.



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Thank you, @kratmel, I was hoping you might see this and provide some of your expertise. These are all good suggestions and I'll check them out.

By the way, this is an old PLC that I use on my test bench, so no worries about reliability if I do get it back in service.

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