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accuracy of seconds

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It depends how long are start and stop intervals. Then - what is the pecision you need.

For most of the cases using SB3 is quite good solution.

Some adevices:

- If you want to count seconds, it's better to use SB13, which is positive transition contact of SB3. It gives one scan pulse each second.

- If resolution better than 1 second is needed, you can use SB7 (0.1 sec, 50% duty cycle) or its positive transitionh contact SB15.

If thhe intervalse are long - hundreds and thousends of seconds, maybe it will be better tu use RTC and UTC functions.

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The nearest thing I want is within 8 hours 5x2 such times. Total 10

If I lose about 1 minute no problem.

But if 1 turned into 10 minutes. I have a serious problem.

The SB7 the work of another, and often have to reset.

The SB13 and SB15 at the Jazz did not work. is empty

I would be very useful one example, the best result.



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Sorry - I didn't pay attntion it's Jazz. There you have not UTC, but still RTC. Right - in Jazz/M91 you will use positive transition contact of SB3.

OK - Let's say each time you switch on or off, you can loos up to one second. In your case it seemstheoretically you can loose 10 seconds. Practically I expect this to be within 3-4 seconds total. But - this depends on the scan time of the controller itself.

I don't see any relation between SB 3 and SB30. SB 30 rises when Kyepad entry in sepcific display is completed. It has nothing ot deal with time measuring.

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