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Vision 570 FB PROTOCOL by binary way

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Hi Everybod

Please can you help me with the following.

I have a vision 570 OPLC which must command an adjustable voltage Power Supply through of serial port on RS232.

The Power Supply has its own proprietary protocol, so I'm using FB protocol, to send through the block, to assemble the frame

Exactly I need to send is F1 00 36 10 10 01 47. Before checking Power Supply - PLC communication, I have verified PLC-PC communication and PC get exactly what PLC is sending... F1 00 36 10 10 01 47

however when I try to communicate PLC-Power Supply , it is not responding (I'm sending the command to put it in remote mode).> I consulted the provider of the power supply and I responded as follows:

"The PLC or a PC can send data over COM port either binary or as ASCII. I think you are sending ASCII.

It means, F1 00 36 10 10 01 47 is sent as a string of ASCII bytes, not binary bytes. In ASCII, the value 00 for example is sent as two binary bytes 30 30, so the number of bytes in the message actually doubles"

Anyone know how to do that in UNITRONICS.? how to send data in binary form in UNITRONICS PLC.?

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