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PLC-Email setup & SB150 (Ethernet Soc 3 is connected)=1

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I am using a Vision 280. I try to setup the PLC to send e-mail, but I can't get the SB 150(Ethernet Soc 3 is connected)=1. When using cmd:

ping smtp.gmail.com

I got Then I setup the TCP/IP Connect Sock 3 as: and port nr= 25.

Then I tried to connect, but the SB 150 still = 0. Is there any one can tell me what was wrong.

Thanks beforhand.

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Basically when you get the IP address of the mail server you need to know also the port number it is using.

Besides of port 25 there are also servers which work on port 587 for example or other number, you can search this in google.

Anyway please note that Gmail mail server based on SSL encryption which we do not support.

We support mail servers that require authentication type login or plain and of course mail servers which do not require authentication.

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