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RemoteAccess vs. RemoteOperator

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Hello @ all,

just something our customers made us aware off:

there are some differences between RemoteAccess and RemoteOperator.

Why is this ?

Might someone of the staff may explain it to me (technical background)?

The speed of both is very low (10 to 15 sec over Ethernet VPN for HMI refresh), that's something that bothers the customers, but is not really a problem (but faster would be appreciated by the customers and us)...

But why, as an example, is RemoteAccess able to show a Trend at a V1040, but RemoteOperator is unable to do so?

I would love to hear an answer, (and maybe a hint if in future versions of visilogic or with the help of a different connection method the speed could be increased).

best regards and greetings


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Remote Access and Remote Operator are two totaly different tools.

Remote Operator is older one, writen about 8 years ago under VB6. It enables opening one communication session at a time and the diplay is 1 to 1 the dimension of the real one. When using Zoom, this affects more or less the resolution and the quality of the image.

Remote Operator is much newer tool. It's writen under .NET. It has more modern interface, but in my opinion, the main advantages are, that:

1. It can open and handle many sessions at a time. Having more powerful PC and bigert display, one can view and operate 4,6...10 controllers in the same time, in the same display and this way to avoid use of SCADA in some small and medium control systems.

2. Each session is in fact window, which can be changed and arranged in te best way - practically without affecting the quality of the immage.

Some functions in Remote Operator are not supported yet. They are "under construction"...

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Hi Emil,

thanks for the answer.

In fact, at the moment the Remote Access seems for us the better tool, as we have difficulties with the resolution at the RemoteOperator.

Towards the connected question: any hints on how to speed up the refresh of the hmi after clicking to go to another screen? Or will there be something in the future that will help us increasing the speed? See, the customers ask us, why do we install the fast internet connection when a session with the remote tools look like browsing was with a 28.8k modem ? What should we answer to them? (The speed with visilogic for the ladder and so on is fine, but the hmi screens...)

Thanks in advance for your time,

best regards


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