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Hi all,

I am using a V570 and have a Binary Image which shows an off/on switch (uni_R_off, and uni_G_on). There is also a text box behind it. I am using VisiLogic v9.3.1

When conditions exist that I don't want the operator to be able to use this switch I want to hide the binary image and have the text behind it visible. I use a hide bit on the binary image. This sort of hides the image, but a blank grey block still sits over the text where the image is. I have checked the transparent background box, but that doesn't make the grey block disappear and allow the text behind to show through.

Is there a way to completely hide the binary image?



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Hi Dan,

I do not think that there is a way to make this not happen. I use hide all the time to hide switches or notices but I have never stacked items on top of each other. I do not beleive that the system will allow you to stack items an I am always careful to make certain that I never oveloap items on the screen.

If someone else can tell us how to do this (if it is possible) I could use to know also.


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