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Snap-On Module V200-18-E1B

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I am wiring an analog input into a V200-18-E1B snap-on module. I look at the installation guide and it is telling me that for a two wire 4-20mA connection I should wire 0V to the 0V input and then the signal should be wired to both the I input and the V input. Why must the signal wire be in both of these inputs and not just the I input?

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You have to connect I and V together because the I input is just a precision resistor to the 0V terminal. You still use the V input to read the voltage across it. Since the module knows the value of the resistor, it can translate the value of the input current from the voltage.

This is the way all analog inputs work on all products. An A/D converter is nothing more than a voltmeter.

Joe T.

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