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V120_More counters in one display

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I have a problem. I am working on a project where i have one main screen, there is a picture whitch represent the current status. The picture has to be there and below the picture is a place where i show the current cycle and the counter till the end of that cycle. I have more cycles and for each one different counter. My problem is i do not know to show in the same place more counters, how to rewrite the elapsed one. It is not possible to put in display editor more counters on others.

Hope you understand my problem. If it is possible to input all counters to one variable and the one display or to make more displays, each for one counter? I would appriciate some suggestions.


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I beleive the the way you want to do this is to use a single number box on the HMI screen and then direct store the several counters data there when the appropriate time comes. So for example you have process A and Process B process A takes 30 seconds and process B thake 50 seconds to complete. Make an increment or decrement block depending if you want your number to show increasing or decreasing values. One Dedicated to Process A and One to Process B. Lets save the values in MI1 and MI2 then whenever process A is active you will direct store the values of MI1 into MI3 and whenever process B is active you store the values of MI2 into MI3. You but a number box on the HMI screen so that it displays the values of MI3. In this way you are able to show however many different time countdowns for processes A, B, ........Z in a single number box.

I hope that makes sense.


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