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Week timer with about 10 Relays

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I used for a few years a Unitronics M-90 PLC and have a little experience.

I have a new project. In my company, actually we have many simple clock timersto witch heater on or off.

I like to make a small box with about 8-12 relays and to have a central switchcontrol.

For that I like to use a Unitronics PLC.

My question: with on should I use? : I saw two types, the V120-33-R34 orV130-33-R34

are both using the same software?

I need to program every output with his own timer.

Like Monday Relay 1 from 01:00 to 14:00, etc. and a validation flag if we needit or not.

It would be nice if I can make a remote control with the help of a web page tomake change from my home.

Later, I like to check if the heater works correctly by measuring the Amp consummationlike a Amp Clamp Meter.

Many thanks in advance for your help.


PS: Sorry for my poor English.

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Personally, I would use the V130 because it has the Micro SD card for data logging storage and more screen memory than the V130. They both use the Visilogic program and from what I can tell program the same way. The big differences are:

Compared to the V120 the V130 has:

1) SD card Storage

2) 1024 screens (as compared to 255 on V120)

3) Full up/down/left/right keypad

4) Ability to add a Com port including ethernet (V120 has 2 232/485 ports only)


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Hi Otto,

As you describe the application, it seems to be quite easy task both for V120 and V130. As Keith mentioned, V130 is newer model and has its advantages. They are described perfect by Keith and I have nothing to add!

About programming - both controllers support Time functions, which - as I understand the need, will make programming easy!

Let us know if you need some further help.

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