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Welcome everyone,

I need to have eleven V350's as stand alone plc's on our electric furnaces, except when we have an electric cutrailment. during the curtailment i need the master V350 to turn on two outputs to two of the slaves at a time, if we have more than two furnaces on during this time we will exceed our KW limit. i have the slave programmed to work just fine by them selves and have tried all of the help file examples to no avail. the problem is i need to implement this by June 1st. any help would be great. all i need is to get the Master/ Slave thing going. i have attached my slave file. the master file is so messed up even i'm confused. dont have time to fix it today the boss says i need to go we are off for easter weekend.




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The PLC DataCOM block can be a little flaky. I recently spent all day at a customer trying to make this block work and wound up tearing it out and using Modbus IP to push the data I needed. It was much more straightforward and reliable, as you have control of what gets transferred and when.

Joe T.

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Thanks' Joe and Linxchas for your reply.

I have also tried udp_raw and was able to get to work some what but had to manually toggle the FB while on line to get it to go? ( R ) with none for control on power up as the example had shown, I aslo tried reset and set on power up. do i need to do this via manual bit set in the program? the program examples show you how to send from touch screen but i need the Master plc to just tell two Slaves to turn their two outputs each for ten minutes then go to the next two plc's and so on till all eleven have completed their cycles the repeat till the curtailment is over. this curtailment period can last for up to ten hours and has to go with no user input, during this time everyone gets to go home except maintenance personnel. sorry if i'm rambling on but to much information is usally helpfull over not enough. I also need to have the Master ignore plc's that are not on because we work on furnaces while the curtailment is going on and have to lock them out.

Thanks' again


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