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Struct Block change request

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This came up AGAIN with a customer using the Struct block to build a data block for use with a UniCAN Send block.

Here's what he wanted to send:

MI 550 for length 3

MI 500 for length 3

MB 500 for length 8

Struct Block reports Total bytes: 13

So what length goes in the block size in the UniCAN send block?

Of course I know the answer is 7. But he doesn't have the background to know that there a are two bytes in a word and that you have to round up. Since the Struct block is designed to work with CANbus, here is my humble request to the Creators:

Add a field to the Struct Block dialog: UniCAN Send/Receive Block Size: 7 MI's. And while you're at it, force the Description of the Block Length field of the UniCAN send block to say "Block Length". It currently gets replaced with the value of the block length, so it's not obvious what it is.

Joe T.

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