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Faster way to read Structure and Values (Datatables.dll)


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Hi, I'm using the datatables dll to read in datatable information instead of the proposed way in the unitronics documentation. Before(with the old method) it would take a few seconds to read the datatable. With the Datatables dll it takes 10 minutes to read the structure and values.

This is the code I'm running.

DataTables tables = new DataTables(plc, DataTablesReadOptions.StructureAndValues);

If I just specify structure it will read it in a few seconds. With structure and values it takes a very long time.

Thanks for any help.

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How big is your DT?

(How many tables. Do you know the total size of the Data Tables including Data on flash?)

using the way mentioned on the documentation, you probably read specific data (specific rows, or specific cells)... Now you are requesting to read the whole thing which in your case, might be big.

You can get only the structure (which you say it is fast for you), and then read the data of specific cells.

Your DataTables object contains a list of tables where you can access by either index or key, for example tables[0]

You can request Read/Write on specific cells: tables[0].Read(..........

Then iterate the cells that you read in order to get it's values

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