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what is the easier way to read dig. input via EXRC1

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Is there anyone who can hepl me? I try to connect EXRC1 and V570, and i need to read DI inputs via EXRC1. I found the example in the VisiLogic help, but I need that inputs as a condition in Ladder programing. My PLC loks them as a Memory Integer. Is there any easy way to read them.

Thank anyway. Best reguards


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Basicall you can use the example "PLC to EX-RC1- Standard" but you will have to apply one change.

In subroutine "INN" net#2 open the struct function and instead of I160, replace it to MB with free address. This means that the vector of integers you receive from the EX-RC1 will be extracted to a vector of MBs that starts with the address you indicate in struct function.

Then you can use any if these MBs as codition in your ladder.

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Thank you very much.

I have a new question; I found the e-file on the unitrnonics.com about the EX-RC1.

And I heard (read) next:

"The EX-RC1 has the ability to auto-detect any expansion modules that are connected to it --as long as these modules are digital.

In other words, if your system includes only digital I/O Expansion Modules, you do not have to define the Hardware Configuration."

Does that mean if I have 3 or 4 IO-DI16s, I dont need to make struct function as I can find in an example? How can I read from these inputs in my PLC?

I hope that you will understand this explanation of my problem.

Thank you very much, anyway.


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