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I don't think you will find this to ever work. Since the Unitronics PLC email is a self certification only and does not have any of the third part certificates available to it, I would suspect that you can only send to a server you have control on to allow the acceptance of the email from that specific address (or IP if it is a static IP). Unitronics would have to pay to have the certificates available and integrate them into the equipment before a generic mail site would take them.

You could find a public mail site that would take them, but these would all be sites used heavily by spammers and you would create even more negative issues by doing that.



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Hi TIm,

What do you mean by "I can reach the internet but the LAN servers are off limits"

What ISP are you using to access the internet?

I recommend people use the SMTP server that belongs to their ISP. Other servers can sometimes work, but this seems the safest bet. Someone got this working recently based on that advice. But as I said to them, this is determined by forces outside our control.

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