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Hi Unitronics gurus.

I am a new player in Unitronics world, just move from AB.

Need some help with my project, this is a simple three stage counter with three inputs and two timing outputs, I almost done with main counter, butch counter and just stock with Rate indicator for the main product counter. I want to get rate value displayed on the screen for the main product counter in parts per minutes.

Will be appressiated for any help, with best regards Alex.

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Hi, there.

O`k, here is more details.

As a sample let`s take an advanced hardwired Count/Rate meter from any brand, for instance RedLion PAXLCR00, here are some tech.data: http://www.redlion.net/Products/DigitalandAnalog/Counters/Batch/PAXLCR.html


The PAXLCR is a versatile meter that provides a single or dual counter with

rate indication, scaling and dual relay outputs. The 6-digit display has 0.56" high

digits with adjustable display intensity. The display can be toggled manually or

automatically between the selected counter and rate values.

The meter has two signal inputs and a choice of eight different count modes.

These include bi-directional, quadrature and anti-coincidence counting, as well

as a dual counter mode. When programmed as a Dual Counter, each counter has

separate scaling and decimal point selection.

Rate indication is available in all count modes. The Rate Indicator has

separate scaling and decimal point selection, along with programmable display

update times. In addition to the signal inputs, the User Input can be programmed

to perform a variety of meter control functions.

What I need - just to build based on V120 the application with about same functions, to count parts per day(main counter); parts per box(second counter, programmable preset with output) and rate meter/indicator for the main counter in parts per minutes. I have only one digital input from FF photo sensor to complete this application.

I complete all counters already and my problem is the lack of many function of VisiLogic software(versus of AB RSLogic, that let me complete this application in 30 minutes and get all that I need) - I stocked with Rate indicator. I don`t need to have this parameter scalable, parts per minutes is constant value, Display update time is constant as well - 3 sec, so I need to have on my main HMI screen current value of main counter(parts per day) and current value of Rate(parts per minutes)- all from one input.

Hope, now is all clear, but I was sure that meaning “Rate Meter” for counters is common alike RPM for motors.

With best regards,Alex.

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  • MVP 2023

What you're asking for is not complicated; Visilogic has a TON of functions. There's a bit a of learning curve to finding them, though. Unitronics has long integers that I use for most counting applications. They are much more flexible than counters.

I am curious why you're using a V120 instead of the newer V130. Let me know the model number so I can upload some code.

If you could do a print-out of your RS Logix program and upload it as a pdf I'll bet I could translate it to a Visilogic program in less than 30 minutes. I have RSLogix version 5.00 - you could upload your program but I may not be able to open it.

Joe T.

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Hi, Joe.

Thanks for prompt response, I was sure that my problem based on luck of my experience with Unitronics, I picked up Vision 120-22-R1 just because of low price, compare to MicroLogix 1000 with external HMI the price is about 50% cheaper.

I like your idea to convert my script in RsLogix to Vision, I just need to find PDF converter to upload my file.

Thanks again, regards Alex.

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Good day, Joe.

Attached is the sample of program for my application, just a bare-born made in RsLogix500, for C-More HMI from Automation Direct(HMI program not included, because it just a sample).

If You could convert it to Vision - gonna be grate and save me time. Or for quick suggestion, just convert the part, that belong to Rate meter.

Thanks in advance, Alex.


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Good day, Joe.

Thanks again for your help, I didn’t check your program yet, because I decide to overcome my problems by myself, so please do me favor again and review what I made, programm working fine, almost exactly how i want, only one problem that I can’t figure out - when I switched from main screen to any other, that request a upload set value for "parts per box" or "Ideal rate" and press "enter key" - my reading for the main counter on the main screen rewrite to 0???

If I press the "Enter" key when I am on thye main screen - nothing happened and counter represent current value for the main counter. I couldn’t find where I made a mistake, so hope You could figure this out.

This is my first Vision program, that I made from the scratch, before I just maintained Vision programs, that was made by other programmer. Changed a parameters, write simple upgrades, troubleshoot, e.t.c.

Attached is my program.

With best wishes, Alex.

Counter_Rate meter.vlp

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Hi, lezalex,

The problem is with the net9 of main routine, where you use SB30 to reset main counter. You need to add some logic (to use same net but only when supervisor's screen active or maybe use compare block: when supervisors entered password is = supervisor's password). because now, when you enter variable on any screen, sb30 resets main counter.. Hope it helped! Good day!

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Good day, Joe.

Just download your program and run..........

Unfortunately the Rate meter doesn’t work at all, it sets for 360/min and doesn’t change at all, even when counter is "off".

Did You have time to check my Visilogix program? Any comments?

Have a nice day and thanks again for your time and help.

Rgds. Alex.

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  • MVP 2023


Looked at your program. A couple of things-

1. You've got a positive transitional (functionally the same as AB ONS instruction) in the first network. Everything behind it will only be on for one scan.

2. Some of the system bits (SBs) have been re-labeled for your own use. DO NOT DO THIS!. The system will trigger these on internal events and not in the way you want them to. Read the Help on a particular system bit before you use it in your program (similar to AB S:2 file). Use only MBs for logic you want to control.

3. Add comments to the networks. This is general good programming practice and allows others to understand what you're trying to accomplish.

4. Use the HMI "Display Loaded" function to set a bit that you can place before calling something tied to a key. The button bits are always active. You generally only want certain keys to do certain things when the operator is viewing a particular screen. A traditional HMI shields you from this because when you program a button the operator is already viewing the screen the button is on.

Joe T.

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You've got a positive transitional (functionally the same as AB ONS instruction) in the first network

Hi Joe,

A transition contact is executed only based on the state of the memory location referenced by that contact.

The ONS in AB instead executes based on the RLO condition of the entire branch preceding the ONS intruction.

They can often be used to achieve the same result, but they really are fundamentally different.

Actually would be a good wish list item for NG. An ONS type instruction. I also wish AB would add the P and N contacts as well.

Don't want to be nit-picky but I have seen this trip up many in the past that have had to transition between PLCs that do it one way and those that do it the other.


Also in support of what joe mentions in line item #4, it is a good idea to have your screen calls triggered by transition contacts. Otherwise you run the risk of having strange phenoma happen such as re-invoking the same screen consecutively. It might be helpful to have a separate subroutine (maybe name it "HMI") that is a collection of all your screen calls in one spot.

There are definitely a lot of other issues as well. I would recommend breaking this up into smaller chunks and get each of those chunks working properly on their own before trying to tie it all together.


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  • MVP 2023

Of course you're right, Damian. To your point, AB doesn't have a P contact and my brain goes to autopilot using the ONS instruction. I used to do a LOT more AB programming than I do these days and I just wasn't thinking when I responded.

Alex - heed Damian's advice on programming in bite-sized pieces. I've been doing Unitronics for 12 years now and I still do it that way - program a bit, download and test. It's so much easier to troubleshoot one problem at a time, especially on equipment you're not familiar with. It takes a little while with Unitronics to get used to the instant control of the displays.

Joe T.

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