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New to VisiLogic and completely lost

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I am new to programming using a system like visilogic and I am at a loss even where to start.

What I am trying to accomplish is relatively simple and I could do it with no problem in C or java, but I am clueless with visilogic. I have read pretty much all of the documentation and it seems to be written for someone who already knows how to program with visilogic, so I didn't get much out of it.

Here is what I am trying to do:

I have created several HMI displays on which the user will select a part number (which may or may not work, I haven't tried them yet).

Once a part is being run, a laser will take a reading and output a 4-20mA signal which represents a distance. Then the distance will be compared with a set value and a display returned concerning that numerical relationship.

If anyone could point me in a general direction or give me some general guidelines, even a program example would be amazing.

By the way, I am running a V130-33-RA22.

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I would recommend the webinars:


I was talking to a customer yesterday who shared a similar experience to you of trying to pick up the programming by reading help files. We all learn in different ways. The webinars give a richer experience, so hopefully you get a better idea of how it fits together.

You can also look at the program examples that are supplied with the Visilogic installation - see "Help" -> "Examples..."

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