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DataXport can not use same modem as M90 Data Center


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In our project computer are programs M90 Data Centre, DataXport (version 3.1.0 (DB107)) and for calling out through analog phoneline APACHE HCF V.90 56K Data Fax Voice Speakerphone PCI Modem, connected to PC - COM 3 and NOKIA MOBILE PHONE 30 DATA/FAX (GSM), connected to PC - COM 1. Computer is using Windows XP.

M90 Data Centre is working very well with APACHE PCI modem but problem is with DataXport. I tried to use in DataXport also APACHE PCI modem but it wasent possible. I did all needed settings DataXport windows PC ports (COM 1, PSTN modem, type APACHE, baud rate 9600, dial type Tone), also in window Site and in window Communication PC. In DataXport window Mobile Services i choose modem type - Apache, later Other, COM port - 3, baud rate - 9600, later more, i did not change init string. I could not initialize PC-side modem, it showed ERROR. When i dialed from window Mobile service choosed number 0,,0781234, it called to another modem (its already tested and works with APACHE PCI modem, it is D-Link USB 56k Voice and Data Modem), the were handshakeing and then our PC-side modem Apache hanged up call. In window Run Project doing command Force call, was result "Modem not initalized". And thats was all!

Later, next day i used in program DataXport for calling out through analog phoneline USRobotics Sportster Faxmodem 56k x2 external modem, connected to PC - COM 1( i disabled NOKIA MOBILE PHONE 30 DATA/FAX) . And everything went well, i did get data from PLC modem.

So, questions is: is it possible that M90 Data Centre and DataXport could use same modem - APACHE HCF V.90 56K Data Fax Voice Speakerphone PCI Modem. When it is possible, is a thing with Apache PCI modem?



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