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Hello Again

I need a final piece of help regarding Positive Transition Contacts.

The problem I am having is this:

I would like a single pulse upon loading an HMI / Sub Rouine that will activate a positive trans. contact. This in turn starts my test prodedure.

I can activate this stage of the procudre manually with a tap of a push button, but I need to do this step automaitically.

The problem I am having is that when I set the contacts, they remain pressed ON and I cannot reset it. IS it possible to add an automatic, single pulse when loading an HMI?

I hope this is clear and thank you to everyone who has helped me out so far. It has been a very steep learning curve!

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Which controloler you're using?

In Vision, you have tool HMI Loaded. When a display is loaded, defined bit is active. You can use positive transition of this bit in your aplication.

In Jazz/M91, you can make compare If SI2 (curent display) = N, where N is the number of your display. Result will be coil of MB. Then again you can use -|P|- contact of this bit to activate your logic.

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