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Problem vith RTD and digital inputs

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Hello all,

Hardware as follow

1. V350 -35 - RA22

2. 2x PT100 input

3. 2x 4/20mA input

4. 2x Digital input

Software as follow

The jumpers for RTD , analog inpits and digital inputs are sets as follow

J1=B (RTD)

J2=A (RTD)

J3=B (RTD)


J5=B (RTD)

J6=A (RTD)

J7=B (RTD)





J12 =B

If I bring 24+ to one digital input then all inputs go to logical 1.

both RTD-s works OK and also 4-20 input works OK.

If I set J11 to A then digital inputs works OK but RTD dosent work. It shows me 32767.

If I set J11 back to B and connect CM to 0V then RTD shows me negative number , all digital inputs still goes to logical 1

RTD-s are 2wire so I connect T+ and T- together.

Help Me please

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When I first read your post I thought you were talking about having multiple modules. After looking at it differently, I believe you have the following.

V350-35-RA22 only

You have two RTD inputs

two analog inputs

two digital inputs

Your jumper settings look correct, However looking at the V350-35-RA22 installation manual it could have been written more clearly. Looking at the RTD inputs diagram it shows visually that the RTD connect to terminal 5.6.7.and 8 with terminal 4 as the common for landing the third wire. The text right beside it says that it is "INPUTS" 7,8,9, and 10 with terminal 11 as the third wire landing location. Both of these statements are correct, but it would much more intuitive if the documentation keyed the inputs to the terminal numbers.

I believe that your physical wiring is not correct. You said in your post that you had connected T+ and T- together and this would be incorrect. You should have "terminals" 7 and 5 jumpered to "terminal" 4. So one of your RTD should have its negative going to terminal 8 positive going to terminal 7 and a jumper wire between 7 and 4. The other RTD should have its negative on 6, its positive on 5 and terminal 5 and 4 are also wire jumpered together.

On your 4-20ma sensors (assuming they are 2 wire since most seam to be 2 wire) the positive should be connected to "terminal" 1 and the negative connected to terminal 10 for one of them and the positive connected to terminal 1 and the negative connected to terminal 9 on the other.

You should not have 0V connected to terminal 4 in any way and your post says that you do.

This should leave "terminals" 15, 14, 13, 12, and 11 open to be used and digital inputs (Inputs 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4)

Take the 0V wire off of termianl four and correct the RTD connections and see what happens.


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Here is the two diagrams. The top diagram is from Unitronics documentation and the bottom diagram is from Walkerok if I understand his instructions. Maby I'm stupid but I see the differents betwen those two diagrams. which option is now correct.

Best regards

Marko Radman


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