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When Inputs are 120VAC

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Thanks Joe,

In IO-DI8ACH they say that there's galvanic isolation between channels.

Just to clarify it I have 2 questions:

1 - Since inputs are isolated - can I use separate L-phases and mix different L and N input signal lines in the same unit?

2 - In case of using a single phase - does that imply that I have to use jumper cables to tie all separate N inputs together?

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You should never mix 120VAC signals between different neutrals (unless all neutrals are all bonded to the same earth ground point). The inputs in this module are all isolated from each other so that you could take all 8 inputs from 8 different devices with 8 different control power transformers as long as you bring in a neutral and hot signal input from each of the 8. or if you are reading from one device then you will need to bring in the one neutral and jumer it to all 8 N terminals and then bring in your different 120VAC signals into whatever quantity of L inputs you need to use.


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