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V260 Bug - RTC OnScreen Variable


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I found that is a problem with on screen variable Real Time Clock that display only current date (day, mont and year).

When I change for example a year thru program (in background) - value displayed in this variable isn't changed - I must manually refresh display.

(Problem detected when debugging RTC synchronization by CAN).

Also I have an idea to add in UniCAN communication a new function - synchronize RTC. This function would be veru usefull when using multiple PLCs.

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Time synchronization really means hours/minutes/seconds update. And O/S take care to update this field as it changed (each second).

O/S take care to update date field if it is changed from clock.

You update date/month/year manually, so you have to use SB 31 "Refresh current LCD screen display variables".

This can not be defined as Bug.

You dont need a new function for CAN.

Use broadcast and send corresponding SI to update at all connected OPLCs.


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