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HSC & Encoders with IO-D16A3-R016

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I would like to use the high speed inputs on this module to connect and measure two encoders. (The reason being, it has a max frequency of 30Khz, where my snap-in module has only 10Khz.)Each encoder has quadrature outputs. When I look at the hardware configuration screen, I don't see "encoder" as an option. If I use the "High Speed Counter" option and connect my A & B outputs to the two associated inputs, how does the counter act?

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Please open a new topic for the second question and delete it from here.

This will make easiest to answer yo,u and simplify search operation for forum popics.

As mentioned in specification, each of HSI of IO-D16A3-RO16 can work as a high-speed counters or frequency measurers. Not as a Schaft Encoders.

Please see Specification Notes 2,3, and 4.

Installation Guide (p. 2) show how to connect HSI.


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