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Red squre insted of pictures


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Hi, Remote Operator and Remote Access work differently for each PLC family.

For V120, V2xx, and V130 it is reading the PLC display memory and draws what is reads in the PC.

In Color PLCs we no longer have 1 Bit Per Pixel, but 16, which means that communication and Frame Rate will be much much slower. For that, we don't read the whole screen memory, but rather read data a data that is being used by the PLC to know what variables are on the screen... So if the PLC can understand that binary data, so can Remote Operator.

Now for your question: for drawing images and fonts, Remote Operator/Access needs to read it from PLC.

You should have an option to Read Fonts and Images Cache from PLC (once you read it, it will be saved locally on your machine for future use, so you don't need to read it every time you run Remote Operator).

After reading the cache from the PLC, you will no longer see the Red X's instead of pictures, and the fonts will also be drawn better (WYSIWYG).

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